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Best Nintendo Wii Carry Case Bag

Updated on November 11, 2010

Buy Wii Travel Bag

Because you've already spent a good amount of money on your Nintendo Wii, Wii accessories, and games, you want to make sure that you keep it protected when you travel with your console.

A good thing to have is a travel bag, so that you can take your game console on long vacations and to a friend's house. No matter what you may use the travel bag for, just make sure that it has all of the features and options that you're looking for.

You will find that there are many options to choose from ranging from style of the travel bag to the color to the number of pockets. And, depending on what you're looking for and what options you want, you may find that you'll spend a different amount for different bags. Just keep the Wii travel bag in your price range, and try to find discount Wii cases online for the best and most economical way to spend you money.

When shopping for a Wii travel case, make sure to consider the different options:

  • What is the exterior and interior material?
  • Will the bag have a handle or strap? Do you want it to be adjustable?
  • What pockets and how many pockets do you want? (This is a great way to keep your controllers and accessories safe during travel.)
  • Do you want a protective strap for your console so that it doesn't slide around the inside of the carry case?

Depending on what you're looking for, check out the following cases for Nintendo WII.

Premium Messenger Bag Carrying case for Nintendo Wii Console
Premium Messenger Bag Carrying case for Nintendo Wii Console

he bag holds the Wii Console, Games, Wii Remote, Nunchuck, Wii Sensor Bar and AC adapter. Main pocket holds Wii console; padded middle pocket holds AC adapter and Controllers; zippered padded inside pocket for Sensor Bar; front pocket holds games and additional Controllers.

Wii Multi Function Carry Bag
Wii Multi Function Carry Bag

This carrying case is the perfect form of transport and safeguard for your Wii and its accessories. Made with a sturdy nylon fabric, offering best protection. he interior is designed to compliment the size and shape of the Wii so that there is no room for it to slide around. There is also a built in strap that secures the Wii to prevent it from falling over when the case is opened. Also included in the case are five CD pocket slots that hold the corresponding number of your gaming CDs. Located on the facade of the case is a pouch in which you can store your many desired accessories or the 50 inch adjustable should strap.

Wii Console Back Pack
Wii Console Back Pack

With your console back pack, you get the ultimate storage for you wii and all your accessories. What better way to transport your Wii console, Intec Wii system cradle, 2 Wii remotes, 2 Nunchuks, all of your cables, sensor bar and game discs. Each compartment is labeled for easy packing.



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