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Wii Fit - It will fit you!

Updated on August 5, 2012

The Wii Fit Hardware

The Amazing Wii Fit Board!
The Amazing Wii Fit Board! | Source

The Wii will Fit you!

WOW! this "game" is truly a revolution and I'm not just saying that!

This game actually gets you in shape! it strengthens your body while tracking your progress.

The more you play the better and more diverse your gameplay becomes. You actually earn credits that you can spend on different games. After a half hour of working out you can spend your time credit on other games in any of the categories : balance, strength testing, yoga, aerobics or cardiovascular.

Wii Fit Trailer

Starting out

When you start your profile the game takes you though the normal stuff like your name and height. It then calculates your balance using the step pad you stand on. It also weighs you. When it is done it is able to tell you your weight, your BMI, and your wii fit age.

Your wii fit age is how old your body is. I am 22 but my body's age is 45! AHH! By working out and getting better at the various games you will be able to decrease your wii fit age and thus, your body's health.

The Hardware

While the pad is very responsive I found that it sometimes was not as good as I thought it should be for the price. It is sometimes slow to react and can sometimes affect your gameplay.

On the other hand it is a new piece of machinery and is quite extraordinary for what you need it to do.

The Games

I love the choice of games on this system. they aren't boring and you often feel like your just playing a fun game and not working out. some games include:

Hula Hoops - Where you twist a virtual hula hoop
soccer ball bash - Where you shift your weight and lean over to hit the soccer balls with your head.
Ski racing - Where you crouch down to speed up and shift your weight to turn through the flags
Ski jumping - Where you lean down and jump up at the right moment to perform a huge jump
Running in place - You can run or walk in place and keep track of the distance you travel

Final Thoughts

I really do love this game. It gives me the ability to stay in shape while having a lot of fun. Aside from the usual Wii problems with response times, the platform and remote are great fun. I think the creators definitely made a unique game that many people will enjoy. With all the choices in games you will always have something fun to do and take part in!


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