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Wii Fit Plus Balance Board versus Xbox 360 Kinect Your Shape Fitness Evolved

Updated on August 23, 2014

Wii Fit Plus with Balance Board

Wii Fit made a huge splash when it came out a few years ago. It was really the first console video game to offer a real interactive workout. It didn't just instruct people to do things and then enter in what they did, it used a balance board and based the exercises around that board. It's basically like doing a workout on a bathroom scale. The game knows what you're doing based on the way your weight is shifted on the board.

When Microsoft introduced the Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor last year it created an interesting dilemma for Nintendo. The Kinect is more advanced than anything the Wii has to offer. It doesn't need a balance board to track a users movement, it sends out invisible beams to "see" how a user is moving. It can not only track weight shifts, but the movement of individual limbs, something the Wii Fit Balance Board can only guess at.

The best fitness game out for the Kinect so far is Your Shape Fitness Evolved. There are also a few other games, such as Zumba Fitness, EA Sports Active, and The Biggest Loser Workout. All of the games other than Your Shape Fitness Evolved are crap, in my opinion.

While Wii Fit Plus offers a variety of fun workouts and yoga exercises, I can't say that it's as good as Your Shape Fitness Evolved. If you own a Wii and you own an Xbox 360 Kinect, go with Your Shape Fitness Evolved and forget about Wii Fit. The thing is, everything for the Xbox 360 is more expensive. The Kinect itself will cost a lot more than Wii Fit Plus with the Balance Board. YSFE will cost another $35 on top of that.

If you own a Nintendo Wii, you can't go wrong with Wii Fit Plus. It really is fun and you can turn it into a good workout. I would not advise buying an Xbox 360 and a Kinect Sensor just so you can get the better fitness game. The difference in cost is just way too much.


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