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Wii Fit Plus - Optimize your BMI

Updated on October 22, 2014

The Wii Fit by Nintendo

The Wii fit plus which is an $99 bundle is one of the latest releases from Nintendo Wii. The Wii itself is still the top-selling gaming console of this generation. While the Wii fit attracted millions to Nintendo Wii, the Wii Fit plus itself will definitely attract more since it possesses new features and upgrades that will re-energize users during work-out yet providing fun and satisfaction all the way.

Players can now preset workout routines and choose different time interval for their workout routines improving their individual fitness and meeting certain set targets.

Wii Fit Plus, the DVD

Upgrade from Wii Fit

The Wii fit plus which is an upgrade of the previous Wii fit is every bit better than its predecessor. It possesses a good number of new exercises and more mini games. It is also bulkier but still not as strong as users would have loved especially if Nintendo had taken cognisance of the limitations of its predecessor.

Furthermore, Rhythm Kung fu and skate boarding have also been added as accessories to a variety of pleasure and fun activities.

Wii Fit Plus Trailer

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Great Features

Some of its extra cool and exciting features are listed below

  • Users can now combine selection and Wii fit actvities from the new array of balance games and new strength training actvities
  • It is now even possible for users to mix and match which yoga and strength activities they prefer on a given interval thus making it easier for users to keep up with their regular workout routines.
  • Users can also input the length of time they are willing to spend on their exercises or select a particular area for improvement. This infact shows the flexibility of the new Wii fit plus.
  • The customization options and the ranges of the game will be so exciting for players and they will not realize how much time has been spent on their daily workouts.
  • It is now possible for users to get a rough estimation of the number of calories burned and can even take the weight of their domestic animals
  • Wii fit plus also comes packaged with all accessories and balance board thus making it possible for owners of Wii fit to purchase the Wii fit plus disc separately

Although the Nintendo Wii fit plus possesses some handy enhancements such as its calorie counter, pre-defined time intervals e.t.c yet it has some undesirable features worth mentioning.

There is a likelihood of imprecise calculation of Successes or Failures since Nintendo has decided to rely solely on (BMI)Body Mass index as a primary factor of this measurement.This can definitely lead to errors since it considers only the weight and height,then decides if you are overweight or underweight.So it doesn't take your muscle to fat ratio into consideration,and this can undermine the efficiency of the whole process.

Also worthy of note is the absence of an online functionality which would have made it easier for users to compete against themselves and track progress of friends and family members alike.

Despite the negatives, I will commend Nintendo for addressing some issues on fit in fit plus. Users can now create custom workout programs and also pick from a handful of preset workout plans.

If you already own a Wii fit or are completely new to fitness games, I will definitely recommend Wii fit plus as it is a great way to lose some calories while having fun. It also possesses new balance board games, exercises, calorie tracker, customized workout plans, multiplayer mode and above all, the ability to weigh your pets.

The Fit plus is in itself cheaper than being a member of a gym and infact more eventful and If used right,users can have fun while losing weight.


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