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Wii MotionPlus - A great device for Wii!

Updated on March 30, 2013

Wii MotionPlus

The Wii MotionPlus is a great add on to the Wii Console.
The Wii MotionPlus is a great add on to the Wii Console.

New Wii Add-on, Ultimate Control? (MotionPlus)

Awww Wii! Yes, the Wii game system, the joke of SouthPark, the envy of the kid next door or the Number One Weight Loss Tool in America! (kidding) Anyway, the Wii system is really filling up it’s plate, the Wii alone has more props (guitars, mats, rackets, light sabers) then any other gaming system out there. But has anyone noticed that you have to overswing the Wii-remote or Wiimote for short? Well, Nintendo also saw this problem. Using common sense, Nintendo set off to fix the problem, and it’s name is MotionPlus.


The Wiimote with the MotionPlus attached.
The Wiimote with the MotionPlus attached.

What is the MotionPlus?

The Motion Plus is a new add on for the Wiimote. It will be sold stand alone for $20 and will significantly enhance the precision of the Wiimote. It attaches to the bottom of the Wii. This will be for players who want more precision for there games. There is a catch though, only games with the code for Motion Plus will feel the change, meaning all your current games will have no effect by it. The peripheral will also effect the feel of you Wiimote, it attaches to the bottom of the device and it adds a significant amount of weight and length to the tool. The whole set will have a feel like the hilt of a sword.

It’s odd overall? Not really, just new…

Imagine when you see a virtual hand on the screen move exactly with your real hand. This is the 1:1 aspect ratio anyone can expect with the new impressive add on. Feeling like a hilt of a sword, a sword fighting game will come out with the Wii Sports Resort. The only other odd thing about this is Nintendo will be releasing this as a stand alone hardware without games that can be used with it! The release date of the Motion Plus is JUNE 8th and the release of the Wii Sports Resort is July 26! Seems odd that the Gameboy-Proven seller of hardware would allow it to be sold so early before anything else it can work with is out. What I expect is that Nintendo will come out with some game demo games to use the new hardware before Wii Sports Resort.

Wii Console

The Wii Console is a great idea for a gaming platform allowing many real world actions that involve the user to get into the game!
The Wii Console is a great idea for a gaming platform allowing many real world actions that involve the user to get into the game!

Wii Nunchuck



The MotionPlus hurts the value proposition of the Wii a bit. Each Wiimote is $40 to start with. Most games need add ons, so lets add the add ons.

$40 Wiimote
$20 Nunchuk
$20 Motion Plus

$80 = Wiimotes Full Loaded.
X4 Total Remotes


$320 = ALL 4 Full Loaded!

Add the price of the Wii and the game…
Your looking at a grand total of about:

$250+$280+$40= $570

(System Price+Fully Loaded Wiimotes(-the one that comes with the system)+game cost)

Wii Light Saber

Remember the Wii has other games with other devices to add to the total cost, like Dance Dance Revolution Mats, The Will tennis set, the Balance board, and the Wii Drum set. With so many things added on with software the whole Wii Set would be around $1,000 or more.

Personal Assumption: I believe introducing true 1:1 aspect ratio will allow the Wii to have better games with better graphics. It will also hit the market of kids who like swords/fighting by accurately simulating a swordfight. The system with all the props are very expensive though! In order to get the full experience of the Wii system you will need all the add-ons that are required for the games. I personally believe Wii should include these devices for cheaper then they are, with all of it adding up to be such a cost. For the price of all 4 fully loaded Wiimotes, you could have your own laptop computer or a whole other game system!

That’s just my personal view on it. I love the Wii system and the idea behind it. It is very entertaining! If you wish to get your own Wii or Wii add on’s, then there are some listed right next to this paragraph. Thank you for spending time to read my articles. I have many more articles that you might find interesting if you like my writing style. Don’t forget to add me as a Fan if you didn’t to get updated when I come out with new Hubs, you can also join my Rss feed by clicking Here or you could be old school and just bookmark my Profile Page Here. Don’t forget to check back!

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      Sam B. 8 years ago

      Awesome and very helpful hub, sweetie. :) Keep up the good work!

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