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Wii U's Virtual Console and Why It Is Fun

Updated on May 17, 2014
By RarityLuver214
By RarityLuver214 | Source

Nintendo would start the Virtual Console, it seems, to make users of their games systems nostalgic. This of course would only be possible if all of the users would play games like Excitebike, Ice Climbers or F-Zero on their previous systems.

Nintendo instead would release the Virtual Console service, a classic games service, to a world of individuals of varying ages. The Virtual Console is of course a series of games Nintendo, and soon to be other companies, will re-release, from their past systems and services, in order for all Nintendo players to gain new experiences. Yes, I do mean new experiences.

But first

1) What is a game you did play and enjoy in the past that you would like to see Nintendo bring back?

2) What is a game that you did not play, on a Nintendo system in the past, that you would like to try now?

Please comment below.

The Virtual Console is important. I found myself the other day at a place, Dave and Busters. They carry a brand of amusement, food and fun unlike any available locally, in my opinion. While I notice in this place an influx of video games that are touch screen games, massive multi-network games and other amusements, I notice in a dark corner of the establishment some of the best arcade games, from yesterday.

There is, in that corner, an older version of Donkey Kong, Jr., Mario Brothers and Galaga. The games' cabinets are clean. The joysticks on the games are stiff and ready for action. However, I would find out the games are in fact leaving the Dave and Buster's establishment. New games will be brought into the place for customers to enjoy.

In some ways, the company is right in doing it. These video game games, in cabinets, had their time in establishments before, anywhere from corners stores, to earlier arcades, to supermarkets and even pizza shops, and should be at best reminders of video game excitement from the past.

The Virtual Console, on the Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo current generation home console, and Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo's portable console, can reinvigorate just what earlier video games mean for this generation and almost any generation, going forward.

For example, people who like to program can look at these games, look at their code, online possibly, look at their gameplay and even talk to people who did play these games previously and make new games with these nostalgic classics in mind. That is an easy use for these classic games.

Individuals, who are more mature, might want to get these classic games to remember the classic games. However, the games can also give new gameplay experiences to young people who never got play these games.

The games can provide a new perspective on just how younger players approach video games going forward. Donkey Kong, Jr, a baby gorilla, is challenging to play in one way. It is a process of scaling vines and obstacles to save his father, a much larger gorilla. If the child plays Donkey Kong Country, a game generation after Donkey Kong, Jr, seeing these same vines and obstacles can allow players to find a way, a thinking method, to prepare for a game like Donkey Country. These thinking methods can allow these younger players to use patience, to plow through or even experience the many difficulties, and joys, of a new game, with a nostalgic touch.

Though, this same thinking method can apply to almost any game. The Virtual Console can be the place to experiment with games in order to make them better than their previous versions. While Excitebike is a great game, as it is, the game was brought back to the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo's portable video game system, as a three dimensional game.

I often wish Nintendo would take a game like Double Dragon, a game where players beat up the video game's characters, and make it into a multiplayer game instead of leaving it as the single player experience. Double Dragon, in the arcades, was in fact a two player experience. It was a game where players would join forces and beat up their many enemies. This is great to add in earlier 8-bit or 16-bit games but this brings me to another great use for these games.

Nintendo can hear, through services like the Miiverse and purchase the virtual console games, or can take the initiative and recreate these games in new forms for their new consoles. Why not bring a new but nostalgic Double Dragon to the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS? Why not make these games multiplayer? I feel this same feature could apply to game like Final Fight, a game where you the player beat up other people and Ninja Gaiden, a ninja game.

If players draw to certain types of games, purchase certain games on the Virtual Consoles, Nintendo can possibly use this momentum, in a way that applies to this generation of Nintendo players. They could create demos to allow players to test games Nintendo could bring to the systems. They could just create new games with the same feel as these older games but with a new look and appeal.

For example, I did play a game, Ducktales, on Nintendo's Entertainment System, in the past. I had the game. I could not believe I would rent the game, enjoy it, finish it, return it but would never see it in the rental store again.

The game remade, as Ducktales Remastered, for Nintendo's new console and other consoles. It is crisp looking, looks sharper and seems like a lot of fun. While it is a game from the past, it has gameplay elements and lessons for players to apply to any game going forward.

These games do and will have many uses for many different people. These games do have use and they do have purpose for anyone who crosses them. Below is an image of Nintendo's previous consoles.

By Original uploader was Wuffyz at en.wikipedia Later versions were uploaded by Shawnc at en.wikipedia. (Originally from en.wikipedia; description page is/was here.)
By Original uploader was Wuffyz at en.wikipedia Later versions were uploaded by Shawnc at en.wikipedia. (Originally from en.wikipedia; description page is/was here.) | Source


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    • W1totalk profile image

      W1totalk 3 years ago

      Yeah but would you salivate over a Castlevania where 1 player is a Belmont and the other player creates obstacles and controls Dracula, along with a single player campaign, Contra HD with multiplayer online or Strider, F-Zero, Streets of Rage or even Final Fight with HD updates and customization options for online play?

    • tommylop profile image

      Tommy 3 years ago from Colorado.

      NES remix is a good start

    • W1totalk profile image

      W1totalk 3 years ago

      I just wish the virtual console could be a breeding ground for ideas.They could use the past to create reboots and inspirations, with HD graphics, online play and solid game play. Nintendo can make improved classics and not just classic games redone.

    • tommylop profile image

      Tommy 3 years ago from Colorado.

      The reason I keep my wii around is the virtual console feature