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Call of duty Black Ops sucks? Zombies game? How save Cod?

Updated on February 7, 2011

BRAaaains! LOL jk im a vegan

My Rant:

Face it, online multiplayer in Modern Warfare 2 sucks. The perks and kill streaks are overpowered, the guns are not balanced, hackers and boosters rule the leader-boards and Infinity Ward has done nothing to fix it. With gamers buying games mainly for online play, game developers better shape up with the way they do things.

I mean don't get me wrong, it was fun at first but, it's just a noobpocalypse, you have hackers and boosters in every game. Half of the time you get teammates with little or no skill. You have moronic 12 year olds always screaming on the mic, and you can't even go to party chat. Then you get the annoying marathon, lightweight, commando freaks that refuse to use a gun. These are the things I think about when I think about Call of Duty, because of Modern Warfare 2.

The original was GREAT, everyone loved COD 4, same thing with COD WaW, but Modern Warfare 2 nearly killed both of them. I will never buy a game from Infinity Ward again!

COD: Black OPS has a lot to prove, I will give Treyarch a chance, because MW2 wasn't their creation. However, if Black Ops fails, I will never buy a Cod game again, and I know there are plenty of gamers out there who feel the same.

If you have an opinion, leave a comment! I dare you.

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    • Angelic92 profile image

      Angelic92 6 years ago from Belgium

      All the CoD titles have a superb single player and only Modern Warfare 1 has the best multiplayer.

      They claim that MW3 would have both.

      Altough i don't believe much of it.

    • profile image

      Jake 7 years ago

      What? I agree the whole knife thing in mw2 was bs, but you've got it backwards. The two MW's were awesome, WAW and black ops blow except for the zombies. Infinity Ward ftw. And those overpowering kill streaks were great because it actually took skill to get them.

    • profile image

      Joel 7 years ago

      You must be pretty stupid considering Modern Warfare was rating the best COD out of them all, even after Black Ops was released, not to mention it sold a shitload more than World at War, i thought WaW sucked balls besides the Zombie Mode feature, the storyline was pathetic, nothing compared to the MW1,2 and Black Ops, who the hell wants to use weapons from "Back in the day"