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How Call of Duty: Black Ops is a Fail/Win? In Do Zombies Mode + You More. cod

Updated on January 17, 2011

Call of Duty: Black Ops, is expected to be released a week from today. With all this anticipation in the air, you may find yourself, start to wonder if Black Ops will really be that good at all.

Rewind to a year ago today, and you would see many gamers anxiously waiting for the release of Modern Warfare 2. All most all thought it would be the greatest game ever made. Modern Warfare 2 is fun and many people still play it today, but, it wasn't the greatest game ever made.

You see the problem with us gamers is that, when game developers release trailers for projects they are working on, we build the game up in our mind into something amazing and flawless, then when we actually play the game, we realize it's just like every other game.

Developers are also guilty of building a game up to something bigger then it really is. Have you ever noticed that in trailers for upcoming games, often they do not show game play. Instead they show new features being overused. For instance in Modern Warfare 2 everyone was excited for the ac130, which is rarely used today.

It's not really the game we are excited about, its the new features that we get to try out we are excited about. I for one am excited for the new Zombie maps and game-play in Black Ops, while I am hardly excited about the Campaign or online play.

I am excited for the new Zombie mode because I had fun in Nazi Zombies in COD: WAW. COD:WAW was a success in my eyes and hopefully Black Ops can live up to it.

Modern Warfare 2 was expected to be good, but nowadays hardly any hardcore gamers still play it. Many people bought it because they thought it would be an improvement of COD4, which technically it was, with all the new features and crap.

But the problem was, it had too many new features, that really weren't all that good and affected the game-play in a bad way.

In conclusion, Black Ops will most likely be a win, because although we are only obsessing about new features, those new features sure do look promising.

Black Ops will be a fun game, but I don't think it will be as good as we all expect it to be.


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      azer 6 years ago


    • tylerkalr profile image

      tylerkalr 7 years ago from Melton

      I expect a revolution in the way people judge what makes a good FPS. weather it be the new benchmark or the new thing to avoid, the monetary system in Black Ops will change the way people think concerning FPS.