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Is Order And Chaos Closing Down In 2016

Updated on August 15, 2016

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Update 2016!

Every now and again rumors surface that Gamloft might be shutting Order and Chaos 1 down. Even before Order and Chaos 2 came out, this was a phenomena. Gameloft usually doesn't pay attention to those rumors.

However, understanding that people are concerned they released a statement on their Facebook page on July 25 that dispells the rummor. Gameloft is NOT shutting down Order and Chaos. The game still gets regular maintnece an updates.

I have the feeling it will only get bigger and better.

The rummors first began after a post that Gameloft made on July 18, 2014. They had stated they were going to focus on fewer high quality games rather than many low quality games. Since then Gameloft has made many changes, but Order and Chaos was not, and is not on the chopping block.

There was a period where hacking was a concern. On July 9th and 10th of 2014 Gameloft appealed to hackers and trolls. However, Gameloft rises to the top, and consistently attempts to keep the game, and players, safe.

Looking at the big picture we have to ask ourselves. Are the cheaters going to hack, exploit and troll us right out of a game? No hackers can not win.

The real reason for this is the real truth that Gameloft reveals to us in the post from July 25, 2016. Brace yourself if you are squeemish, but the truth is this:

"Of course implicit in some of these rumors is the idea that any denial from official sources is just "part of the plan" and further confirmation of the rumor itself. If that's what you'll be thinking after reading this announcement, then you are ready for the ultimate truth: Gameloft is actually a front company for our Reptilian overlords. Just think about it: we are about to introduce a new NPC race based on lizard-like creatures! Coincidence? We don't think so!" -Order and Chaos Staff Via Facebook.

I know you probably think that I am making this up, but that is a real quote from Gameloft. It makes no difference to me who they worship. As long as they continue to provide regular support and updates for Order and Chaos Online 1, then I am happy.

Although, I do have a ton of cookies to eat from the 5 year anniversary boxes, and my least favorite is the reptilian. Still, even the reptilian is fun to eat over at the starting zones when new players appear.

I for one will remain vigilant against cheaters and trolls. For it is they who will take our world, disturb our friendships and could bring an end to our virtual world. If worshiping the reptilians helps then I'm in.

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Hackers Fear The Reptilians

I will not appeal to those of you who hack, troll and cheat. I will challenge your humanity to that of our reptilian masters. Are you brave enough to look at yourself and admit that it is you who have no glory? It is you who have no compassion? It is you who will not be a real hero?

Can you be brave enough to see that you are cheating? Can you be brave enough to care? Are you as evil as you act? Do you want to know real glory?

This game will carry on, and Haradon will remain our home. Of course, I do recommend staying on the populated servers, such as AF. Mute global if you are easily offended.


A Challenge to Cheaters - Open your eyes

It is only the real players who know glory. It is only they that become true heroes. Together real players create the community. Through trials and tribulation they earn their place on the server.

It is these people who fight together, die together and become victorious together. Only cheaters, hackers and trolls get an empty and hollow victory. Real players get real victory.

It is real players that have formed real friendships. It is they who who make the game fun. It is they who are human. Hackers I challenge you. I challenge you to be brave. I challenge you to be strong. I challenge you to change your ways. I challenge you to stop hacking, cheating and trolling.

I challenge you to discover the true meaning of glory and friendship. Can you accept my challenge, or are you to scared and weak to become a real player who makes real friendships, and discover the meaning of real victory?

Can you become one of the truly victorious? Can you face your own weakness and fears? Can you be Sparta? I challenge you to join us, join the real players and learn the rewards of achievement through hard work.

If you can change your ways, the real players are waiting to show you what true success means.


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    • profile image

      soloman 2 years ago

      There is no honor in cheating. Hacking in a game takes the game out of video game you'll win every time. Its like playing monopoly by yourself. I don't see any profit in risking your freedom to win in a game. I can see risking it for actual money and gain but MMORPG gaming is not worth the risk.

    • profile image

      Tom chappell 2 years ago

      I agree. I think though if they made a way to earn runes it may help curb hacking a bit. I have not not will I spend money on this game. It could end up costing well over what a really great console game would cost. If they sold the game not the 6.99 but more and made it so you could earn some of the stuff that you could now only get with real money I would buy it. But I think they would have to give like a one free month thing to get people hooked first.

    • TheDragonBringer profile image

      Jade Griffin 2 years ago

      Tom, that is a brilliant idea!! I wish they would give people a way to earn runes in the game!

    • profile image

      idonthaveaname 2 years ago

      Well, started playing about two weeks ago and for a f2p it's a great.

      Imo, they don't even have to give players an opportunity to earn runes but a slabstone tablet for foundry, from time to time, would be nice as the mineral farming is killing me softly :).

      Anyway this is a great place for advice, hope you keep it up.

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