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Will Resident Evil 7 Live Up To Its Expectations?

Updated on December 31, 2016

Resident Evil 7 Demo Feels Good and Looks Promising

Recently, the final update for the RE7 Beginning Hour demo was released and introduced combat, guns, enemies, and two new endings to satisfy out question. Also, that dreaded dummy finger might have a significant reason now, one I have yet to find.

To summarize, the single enemy and the room you fight it in is terrifying in more ways than one. Its got itself huge teeth, huge claws and a black body oozing all over. It's incredibly hard to kill (wasted an entire magazine and it still munched on my forearm), and menacing to look away from, the creature begs for you to stare at it. Thanks to this little confrontation I now know how this combat will be, like the back of my hand (or so I think). If I recall correctly, during IGN's playthrough, they stumbled into the basement and were greeted by four of the same monsters found in the demo FOUR. If I couldn't beat the first, how am I going to bring down another four of these man-sloth hybrids?

That brings me to my next issue.

P.S. The video below is from my personal YouTube channel.

It is Going to be Immensely Difficult

In the video below, you see that after taking four shots to the chest, Mr. Baker collapses to the floor after one of the most disturbing death animations I've ever seen. The player then walks forward a few steps and after a moment, Jack gets back up and taunts the player inferring that he will come back harder than before. Now, mix that in with a few mind bending puzzles (literally, both at the same time perhaps) and you've got yourself a hard game. Not to mention panic-inducing (Alien: Isolation anyone?). That's not even including the confusing layout of the mansion or the claustrophobic corridors you'll constantly be shoulder to shoulder with Aunt Rhody in. The only enemies you can kill, are almost invulnerable themselves. The black man-sloths take a clip a piece and in another one of the teasers provided to us, there are FOUR of those suckers! Prepare your fear to succumb to rage.

It seems you'll also be tasked with holding onto key items meant for much later uses, taking up your already small, but precious, inventory slots. However, there also seems to be the graceful item box making a return along with a safe room where you can take a breather... unless Jack decides to smash the door down.

The Silent Hills That Never Came?

Within the first two hours of the demo's release, I downloaded it and fired it up. Instantly, I felt like I was playing the P. T. (which I'm sure all of us miss immensely). As time progressed, however, people started coming up with theories, mysteries, clues, ideas, or secrets that were even more reminiscent of P. T.

I just hope Resident Evil tries to stick to its own routes and not try to be something that it isn't. Silent Hill is a psychological horror and Resident Evil is more of a survival horror and I hope the team behind RE7 knows that and doesn't take the game out of proportion because of that void so many gamers are feeling.

It Will Be Difficult to Introduce a New Story, New Characters, and a New Problem

This is a bitter-sweet deal. Of course, in the demo, the voice on the phone is more-or-less Ada Wong. What else is there though? You're not a S.T.A.R.S member armed to the teeth with weapons and body armor, you look like an average guy caught up in a really, really bad situation. Sure, we'll miss Leon's one timing butt and Chris's overly strong physique or the Jill sandwich, but I think those characters need to retire. They've jumped out of enough windows, blown up enough monstrosities, and knifed enough barrels to to get an honorable discharge from duty. Resident Evil deserves a vulnerable character to launch the series into a new age.

With Six or so games revolving around the same people and the same crisis, how will Resident Evil take itself to a new situation all together? Will we see nods to older installments of the series? What about the Baker family? Are they a much more powerful version of the enemies from Resident Evil 4 or 5? What about the man-sloths? Are they failed experiments? Will Umbrella try to put a new lab in another mansion? So many questions. We can only hope that the Resident Evil team does us some justice.

At this point, Resident Evil NEEDS a breath of new life. It NEEDS to have a groundbreaking game in the series. Resident Evil 7 WILL make or break the series.

Oh, don't give me that look Leon.
Oh, don't give me that look Leon.

Going Back To Its Routes

With the enemies getting back up after their supposed deaths, the immense amount of mystery surrounding this game, the tense atmosphere, puzzles, and confusing layout of the setting, it seems Resident Evil 7 is bringing the series back to its original, survival-horror glory. Ammo looks to be very limited, herbs look hard to find, and key items, used for much later puzzles or locks, taking up your already limited inventory space. Even the save station is a typewriter in an isolated room.

Will those damn dogs come bursting through our window again? Maybe not dogs, but Jack? Well, he already goes out of his way to break through a wall at an unexpected time.

You also feel vulnerable again, instead of Rambo running around with RPG's and Bruce Lee kicks.

No bathroom is safe, no poop is sacred.
No bathroom is safe, no poop is sacred. | Source

The Graphics are Breathtaking.... Literally

Not to mention the mechanics and physics seem to flow really smooth as well. The RE: Engine seems to be a powerful one. But we all know how the final product could look like a polished turd (it's still a turd, people).


Most Gamers Hate Anything New

And that could prove to be a major problem for Resident Evil. New has never worked out in the gaming industry (just look at the Wii U). Too many games have tried to do something NEW and it ended up flat-lining the game series before it even started. Not that "new" makes a game bad. It's just harder to ask gamers, or any consumer for that matter, to step out of their comfort zone and try something else, to take a chance with their hard earned $60+. Chances are, the new Battlefield or Call of Duty will probably out sell RE7, unfortunately, but that's just statistics. Maybe the gaming community will prove me wrong and RE7 will be a chart topper across all platforms.

Verdict: I'm Taking the Chance. Why Don't You?

"Because, Kyle, $60+ is a lot of cheddar to drop on a game I'll hate."

Well, that's true. But this game looks and plays like a very promising installment. I enjoy innovative mechanics and gameplay and anything horror in general. I've always been open minded about the Resident Evil games, I can find anything good out of any game in the series and grow to love it.

Just remember, this series has been going strong for 20 years now and for good reason. They've always been pretty good with keeping up with the times and delivering to its fans something always lovely.

Resident Evil 7 comes out January 24th, 2017. Are you going to be picking it up? Leave a comment below or take the survey!

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