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Will We See LOTR & Hobbit Squinkies?

Updated on November 6, 2012

On this page we are going to look at the possibility of us seeing either Hobbit or Lord Of The Rings Squinkies. If you are a fan of Squinkies and love to find out what new ones are coming out then this should interest you. If you are wondering if you will ever see you favourite LOTR characters and Hobbit heroes turned into these popular little figures then this page should shed some light on the issue.

Squinkies have been around for a few years now. They are small soft little figures that come in gum balls. The toys are sold in bubble packs which usually consist of around 16 figures. These are cheap to buy and very collectable. There are now thousands of different characters to collect both for boys and girls. The company who make these are called Blip Toys and they are always looking for new themes to base their creations on, so at some point in the future will we see some Tolkien characters hitting the shops?

The Hobbit Movie

The Hobbit & LOTR Squinkies

When these toys first came out the characters were simply ones that the toy makers had dreamed up. But since the company started doing well that have often based their figures on characters and themes that we are already familiar with. So for girls there are Disney characters, Hello Kitty and Barbie. When it comes to boys we have Simpsons, WWE Superstars, Power Rangers and Spongebob Squarepants. In the last year Blip Toys have jumped on the super hero bandwagon and we have seen toys based on Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Marvel comics, DC Universe and a line of Avengers Squinkies. The current plan seems to be, work out what films are going to be big and then release characters that people will be familiar with.

In December of 2012 the first Hobbit movie ‘An Unexpected Journey’ get it’s big screen release. This is a huge deal as fans of the Lord Of The Rings movies have been waiting ten years for this to come about. With the massive hype that will surround the film it would be the ideal time for Blip Toys to get involved and bring out some Tolkien characters. They could start with a line of Lord Of The Rings toys, there are lots of perfect names you could draw on to turn into Squinkie form. Just imagine your own Fellowship of The Ring and a little Gollum as well. Then they could bring out a set of Hobbit ones, a bubble pack of dwarves and of course Bilbo himself, maybe we could even see a Smaug figure.

It would make perfect sense for Blip Toys to get involved with The Hobbit. People all around the world will once again have Middle Earth fever over the coming years. There are three movies coming out so the hype will run for a few years. But how likely is it that we will see our favourite characters from Middle Earth turned into Squinkies?

Popular Squinkies

Will It Actually Happen?

The reality is that we can not give you a definitive answer. There has been no word on this from Blip Toys so we will just have to wait and see. It is worth noting that many other big companies have gotten involved with The Hobbit, for instance Lego have released a range of LOTR sets and later in the year they are going to be bringing out six Lego sets based on The Hobbit. They have had massive success in doing this so it shows exactly what would be possible for Blip Toys.

One thing that is worth noting is that many of the companies who wanted a piece of The Hobbit pie applied for licences early. Getting involved with Warner Bros is not an east task but if you can get the licence sorted then you can really make some serious money. The fact that currently we are unaware of any agreement over the rights to use Tolkien characters suggests that maybe fans will be disappointed. However, the reality is that with lines such as The Avengers Squinkies these were not released until the film actually came out, so it could be possible that negotiations are taking place behind closed doors and we are simply not aware of it. Chances are if this is going to become a reality it might not happen until nearer Christmas.

Now though we have made it to November and still no word on Hobbit Squinkies. Remember though that there are three Hobbit movies coming out and these will run over the space of a few years. So there is still plenty of time for the people at Blip Toys to get involved and sort things out. They may wait and see just how successful the films are before they invest time and resources in bringing out toys that are based upon it.

The thought of seeing Frodo, Aragorn, Bilbo, Gollum and Gandalf turned into Squinkies really is very exciting. Chances are that an older generation may also get involved in buying these as there are so many Tolkien collectors out there. If Blip Toys did pull this one of and make some LOTR and Hobbit Squinkies we are pretty sure they would be massively popular and go down very well with fans all over the world.


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