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Will the PlayStation Phone be a Reality? Can Sony Actually Deliver?

Updated on December 12, 2010

It's the question that we've all asked since the Sony PSP was first released. Will there be a Sony PlayStation Phone? Would a PlayStation phone be a success?

Well. The answer is maybe.

Supposedly sony has been playing around with the idea for some time. Especially now with the huge push towards smartphones lead by the Iphone and Android platforms, gaming is becoming ever more popular on phones. Increasingly, Sony and Nintendo (the 2 big handheld game console makers) are finding that their traditional devices are losing ground to smartphones when it comes to gaming.

The logical answer then would be to create a phone that's also a dedicated gaming platform. Enter the Sony Play Station Phone.

Fortunately for Sony, it already has a huge advantage when compared to Nintendo. Although nintendo saw greater success with it's DS and it's iterations, Nintendo is fundemantally not a phone manufacturing company. Nintendo is a dedicated gaming company. Sony on the other hand does a little bit of everything. This has gotten Sony in trouble in the past, but could actually give Sony the edge.

Sony makes phones, Mp3 players, movies music, and makes them well. It also makes the psp and ps3. So why not combine all this expertise together and make the "Master Phone." (I hope I coined this term)

This has been attempted numerous times before (think of the Nokia N-gage), but now the technology exists to jam everything the consumer wants into one completely delicious entertainment filled smartphone most likely powered by a sexy version of Android.

Sony Says the PlayStation Smart Phone is on the Way

Sony say it's going to deliver on the longstanding desires of every Sony fanboy and finally release the Play Station Phone sometime in 2011. 

But beyond that, Sony is being pretty tight-lipped. The device will run the newest version of Android 3.0 known as "Gingerbread." A special sony marketplace will be built into the phone allowing purchase and download of Classic Playstation and PSP games. 

The onboard hardware sounds pretty standard for current generation smartphones and will include the 1GHZ Snapdragon Processor, 512 mb of Ram and 1gb built in Memory with space for more to be added via micro SD cards. All this according to what engadget has dug up. 

Is this what we've been waiting for?

But based on the picture (see top), this PlayStation doesn't quite look like what we've wanted. It will be a nice novelty, mobile gaming device, but not the next gen leader in mobile gaming we all want it to be.


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