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Wind of Luck and What It Offers

Updated on September 22, 2014

What Is It?

This game is centered around naval combat. Players sail their own ships and search for other ships to destroy. Since combat is the main focus, the game's content is solely PvP based. It is a multiplayer game, and players are placed in a match against others. Although this seems like a simple concept for a game, the amount of details and features is impressive.

The game is a realistic representation of naval combat. Most of the features are what one would expect, given the concept, even though it is only a game. The graphics and sound are also realistic, giving the game a true feeling of being on the sea.

The Ships

With a naval combat game, players would expect some cool ships. This would be most appealing to some who like the aesthetics of a game. Fortunately, there are many appealing ships to choose from in this game. However, at first, one can only choose from a few starter ships, but new ships can be bought along with upgrades with money gained from winning matches. There are many types of ships, including Asian, Mediterranean, and Caribbean. Each of these types are built in different ways according to their regions.

What comes with the ships? Of course, with combat, there are offensive weapons like cannons. There are catapults, which throw various objects such as barrels. There are sails, and the player can raise or lower them according to how they wish for the ship to move. There is a crew, whom you can command to put out fires on your ship among other commands. The ships offer various stats, including speed and durability. Different ships offer different specialties, and the player choose which he or she prefers.

The movement of the ships is very realistic. One cannot simply turn the ship on a whim. It takes time, and the ships make wide turns, especially when the sails are raised. The sails do govern the movement of the ship. There are oars available to increase the ship's speed. This is very helpful when needing to escape a bad situation, such as when the ship is taking a lot of damage in battle and needs to move away before being destroyed. In the bottom right hand corner, there is a tool that shows the wind direction and its speed. This also affects the movement of the ship, making this game more realistic. If the ship is facing the direction the wind is blowing, it will move slower.

The Battles

Players wait in a queue for a match to begin, which is typical of a PvP game. The teams can consist of 3-10 players per team. There are a few areas where the matches take place, but in each area, there is a map to help players see the obstacles, such as icebergs, mountains, and islands. Each team begins on opposite sides of the map. At first, the controls may seem a little confusing, but once the player fiddles with the options available for the ship, it is easy to catch on. This is for the players who prefer to jump into a game before watching tutorials. With this game, if anyone wants tutorials, there are videos available to give tricks to playing effectively.

Doing damage to other boats is as would be expected. Players sail around looking for the opposite team, while still keeping an eye on the position of their own team members. The most used weapon for doing damage is the cannon. With the starter ships, the cannons are located on one side of the ship. Typical of the cannon, it cannot simply aim anywhere and shoot. It can only be raised or lowered and shoot where it is facing. One can change the ammo as well. With this realistic limitation, the player has to position their ship where it can hit the opposing team's ships.

The video above is the promotional video of the game but gives an idea of the gameplay and the battles.

Another Ship

Another Gameplay Video


PvP games usually need some form of strategy. Any game with a PvP feature are generally more appealing if there is strategy involved. There is the possibility for strategy in this game. How strategy is used is up to the players. With communication, all of one team's ships can rush a single opponent to destroy their ship. If an opposing member is discovered, one can tell their team about his or her position to take them down. This could be just the basics for battle, but there are different types of battles in this game:

  • Lost Treasures - Search for the treasures and be the first to take them.
  • Royal Caravan - Protect the caravan from pirates.
  • Port Siege - Be the first to siege the port.
  • Pirate Bases - Seize the enemy's base.
  • Fleet Battle - Destroy all the enemy ships.

With each of these battles, communication is needed. Teams with communication are more likely to succeed in the mission than those sailing around with no idea what the other team members are doing.

The Crew

Every captain needs his or her crew. In this game, the player can give out commands to the crew, which they will then execute. The commands are as follows:

  • Put Out Fire - For putting out fires on the ship
  • To Cannons - Reload the cannons
  • To Sails - To increase the speed of the ship
  • Help with Rudder - To maneuver the ship easily
  • Take cover - Protect the crew members

The crew helps players the most in the game when something urgent is needed. Along with all the commands, there are specialists among the crew members. These include:

  • Senior Gunner - Reduces all cooldowns and cast times of cannons
  • Ship Doctor - Increase defense of crew
  • Carpenter - Fixes some amount of damage
  • Navigator - Helps maneuvering the ship
  • Boatswain - Also helps maneuvering the ship

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The Damage

There are repercussions to having battles. Players must watch how much damage their ships take and be sure to take care of them. Ships do not start anew after a match has ended. The damage remains, and players have to make repairs. This adds to the realistic factor of the game.


The game takes practice. This is clear after the first few matches, but overall the game is impressive. There are many features, but the game has to be played to understand the real fun.


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