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About Windows Movie Maker, Filming, And How To Make Movies

Updated on September 27, 2014

Making Movies With Windows Movie Maker

Many of us don't bother to explore the programs that come along with our Windows Operating System. Many of us know nothing about most of them. Some such programs remain on your system forever hardly ever noticed.

We never even bother to check the "how to" part of even the simplest of programs that we use often. One of the several programs that remain untouched by many users is Windows Movie Maker. Filming, making movies, something to kindle your interest.

Well, do you know something about it? Since we are on the subject of making movies, let me tell you that learning how to make a video is simple if you have a computer and access to the Internet. Step by step instructions are available in abundance and these are easily accessible to just about anyone. Filming can never be boring rest assured.

You really need to get to know about them, one at a time. The "how to" part always is the most interesting as you will experience a sense of accomplishment whenever you get to learn how to do this or how to do that!

For starters, I would strongly suggest that it would be wise to explore all the programs that come along with your operating system and attempt to understand their features as you would never know what they have in store for you until and unless you start exploring them ...... or would you like to get cracking on that movie making thing and start filming straight away?

How To Make Movies At Home

All About How To Make Movies Using Windows Movie Maker - A Do It Yourself Guide
All About How To Make Movies Using Windows Movie Maker - A Do It Yourself Guide

About Filming, The Modern Way

Having mentioned Windows Movie Maker, those who are involved in graphics, web designing and other similar applications are the ones who are more likely to get involved in hobbies like movie making. Know the difference between movie making and filming?

It does not matter at all here. You need to pursue your interests, and that's all! Filming certainly is fun. Do you wanna know out how to get involved in it the modern way? The best way of filming is when editing is made so very simple. It's all about mastering the "how to" part of it. Just like the learning process involved in any other skill.

If you are one such person and whether your involvement in movie making is as a hobby or for commercial purposes, movie making is really fun as it requires a degree of creativity and also such hobbies have the capacity to even boost your creativity.

If you are not already involved in graphics and movie making, and if you are interested in taking up a new hobby, which also has the potential to later on bring you monetary gain some way or the other, I suggest that you explore the opportunities of making movies on your computer or laptop.

While we are still on the topic of movie making here is your opportunity to have great fun making your very own movies! You could start straight away and create your own movies all by yourself.

Yes, it's Windows Movie Maker that I am continuously talking about! The great opportunity to utilise Windows Movie Maker and to have loads of fun making your very own home movies!

Your Windows Operating System

Of course you may wonder what exactly you need in order to start.

You already have a computer, so the first part of the pre-requisites for making your own movies using this software has already been fulfilled.

Now all you need to do is to grab Windows Movie Maker and then you are set to create your own movies!

If you have installed a windows operating system in your computer or laptop, click on the start menu and look for windows movie player.

If you do not already have it there, which is very unlikely, you could watch the video on the right which will guide you on how to download it.

Once you download it and install it in your computer you could watch the instructions on the videos here as to how you could start making your movies.

Follow these instructions and start making your own movies. There are six videos that you could watch right here and learn the basics of making movies with Windows Movie Maker.

You can also edit them all by yourself just like the professionals do.The video which shows you how to edit follows the one which shows you the basics.

What more do you need when it comes to making movies at home? You are the creator and you are in total control with Windows Movie Maker.

How To Make A Movie On Windows Movie Maker

Movie Maker Video Editing Tutorial

Making Movies

Right in the comfort of your very own home, seated at your work station, using your laptop or PC and of course the versatile Windows Movie Maker, you have the opportunity to edit your home made movies as much as you want.

With Windows Movie Maker you could delete, add, modulate, well that's what editing is all about, isn't it?

Editing will certainly be loads of fun. You could edit to your heart's content and even more if you want to! Grab your favorite scenes and introduce them in between, like a real professional film director!

Simply drag and drop, think you can? You certainly can. Become an instant star with your very own home made hit movies. Let Windows Movie Maker be your tool, the most versatile of all movie making tools.

Share your movies online, e-mail them, burn a CD or two. Save your project on to a high quality video file.

Do you want to turn them into DVD's? Sure you can! Using third party software you can even do this.

Sure enough you can watch this DVD in any standard DVD player. Share movies with everyone, and invite them to join in the fun.

How To Make A Simple Slide Show

Watch Your Movies On Your TV

Save your movies and watch them on your TV or even on your camera. Windows Movie Maker is here!

Just check out everything it can do! Import and edit footage, make your own titles, credits, captions, create scene transitions, add soundtracks and voice overs.

Then burn your movie to a CD or even a DVD. With Windows Movie Maker, you are the movie making master!

The effects that you see in your favorite movies and on TV can now be created by you, along with Windows Movie Maker!

How To Repair Windows Movie Maker

Having More Fun With The Application

You can really do fascinating things with this amazing software! Windows Movie Maker is a highly versatile software for video creating and editing.

Found in Microsoft Windows Me, XP, and Vista, Windows Movie Maker can also be used as a basic track editing program for audio.

Even for audio tracks the features of fade in and fade out could be applied. This could then be exported as a sound file too.

Effects, transitions, timeline narration, audio track, auto movie, titles, credits, are the other important features of Windows Movie Maker.

Effects and transitions can also be created and existing ones can be modified using XML.

Windows Movie maker is the fun movie making software that can bring you hours and hours of fun and excitement.

Make movies of kids playing, pedestrians on a busy day, domestic animals at play, funny incedents that you come across in your day to day activities, you could even make videos of marine life and the fascinating world under the waves!

Video Creating - An Absorbing Hobby - Learn How To

Especially if you are a newbie to the world of computers, like many others you are likely to start off by exploring the resources on your computer one by one and are bound to grasp quite a lot by experimenting with the various programs that come along with the operating system that is installed in your computer.

Often you will start by clicking on accessories and exploring the programs within.
Some will begin by checking out the games that every newbie to computers will want to explore. You are likely to move on to check out the workings of applications like word-pad, the calculator, and MS Paint.

For kids who are new to the computer, MS Paint would generate hours and hours of fun. Even adults find it interesting as it provides an opportunity to sharpen your creativity. There are lots of things you can do with MS Paint.

Of course for those whom graphics are the main interest, the need to install other appropriate programs may arise as your requirements will call for. Programs like Microsoft office which are needed for day to day office work will need to be installed separately.

Exploring all these programs including the ones that you will need for the work that you are involved in, will definitely bring you hours of fun.

Apart from the work that your profession calls for, you will also make use of your computer for some kind of recreation like music, watching films, playing games, and so on. Filming is something you have not been involved in, and would like to if you knew how to. Getting to know about filming is now within your reach.

If you are thinking of taking up a hobby as well in order to bring out the full versatility of your new computer, making movies should interest you and I would suggest that this is a wonderful opportunity for you to take up filming as a hobby especially if you are undecided on selecting one. Windows Movie Maker is already installed in your computer and is ready to start serving you.

Check it out!


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