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5 Things I'm Hoping for in Dragon's Dogma II

Updated on September 14, 2012

Before you start getting too excited, Dragon's Dogma 2 has not been announced yet. (edit 6/25/12: Get excited because Dragon's Dogma is in the works!) Although Dragon's Dogma wasn't overly successful in sales, I believe a sequel is coming. I've never heard of a person who played the game and didn't like it. This article is merely a wishlist for things I and many other fans would like to see if the sequel is made.

If the DD team displays a strong meaty sequel at conventions followed by a good marketing campaign, I believe DD2 can earn higher scores and double global sales of its predecessor.

_____ _ _ __ _ ___ _ __ ___ __

Larger Map

Gransys was bittersweet. Ads promised us a massive map. Exploring it for the first time was glorious, but in the end I wish it was 3-4 times larger. I've traveled through the "Tis a grand structure, a Waycastle, perhaps?" my fair share of times. The routes became quite repetitive after a while. Gransys was good, but I'm looking forward to something larger and truly open-world in DD2. Hell, if I see a mountain, I should be able to get to the top. One thing that should definitely be transferred to DD2 is the underground caverns. They make the overall exploration process rewarding and fun.

LOSE: In-map barriers. Let us explore it all!

KEEP: Caverns, Tunnels, and other hidden locations.

ADD: More space!

_____ _ _ __ _ ___ _ __ ___ __

More Monster Species

I'm happy with the amount of monsters in DD. It was a new IP, and it delivered way more monsters than I expected. That being said, I've fought every monster numerous times now. I know how to kill each monster as soon as I approach it. DD2 needs to modify the monsters that currently exist, and on top of that, add a LOT of new ones. There's plenty of options out there. See this list of mythological creatures to see which ones you would like to see featured in DD2. A monster that could be drastically modified, especially with next-gen hardware, is the Hydra. According to Greek Mythology, hydras have 9 heads and grow 2 new heads for each 1 lost. Which ever monsters the DD team decides to add in the sequel, I hope they are well done and large in quantity.

LOSE: Nothing!

KEEP: Everything!

ADD: Modifications to the old monsters. Lots of new monsters!

_____ _ _ __ _ ___ _ __ ___ __

Random Monster Spawns

The monster spawning system in Dragon's Dogma is pretty simple. Each monster spawns in the same location over and over again. It makes travelling through the world of Gransys very predictable and a bit unrealistic. DD2 should adopt a new system that allows monsters to spawn anywhere at any time. This simple step forward would create a new original monster fighting experience every time, and the Arisen really would have to 'stay wary.' I wouldn't mind fighting more than one monster at once either. Imagine walking through the forest and encountering multiple Chimeras and Drakes at once. This new system will add a lot of replay value because you may not see that combination of monsters in that location again.

Dragon's Dogma Chimera Locations
Dragon's Dogma Chimera Locations
Dragon's Dogma II Chimera Locations! (Hopefully)
Dragon's Dogma II Chimera Locations! (Hopefully)

LOSE: Same-location spawning.

KEEP: Awesome monster fights.

ADD: Totally random monster spawns with occasional multi-monster encounters.

(To see a full list of monster locations with maps, visit my other hub- Gransys Monster Locations)

_____ _ _ __ _ ___ _ __ ___ __


Without fast travel or something to ride, travelling from one destination to the next grows tiring after a while. Horses would be a great addition; especially if the map is enlarged. I hope we will be able to ride tamed Griffins or Saurians. We need something to help us save some time and patience.

LOSE: Travelling by foot everywhere.

KEEP: Travelling by foot as an option.

ADD: Mounts to ride. Quick travelling between cities.

_____ _ _ __ _ ___ _ __ ___ __

Online Co-op and Multiplayer

Online co-op: we all want it. Fighting monsters with friends DD style would be a gaming sensation. There are a few things that will need tweaked in the game. For example, real-time players are 100 times smarter than pawns, which means monsters will lose health A LOT faster. To make a Chimera fight exciting for 4 real-time players, Capcom is going to need to give it 10 health bars. Every monster will need more health, or the online multiplayer won't be that fun. Also, the detail of how the multiplayer will work needs to be decided. I think the best option is to drop all single player quests during co-op mode (obviously you can't have 4 players' single player quests active at once). Adding an Online Notice Board would be awesome, where you can go as a group to see what sorts of quests are available for parties.

Maybe Capcom will consider Player vs Player. 1v1's probably wouldn't work, but anything from 2v2 to 4v4 could be interesting to experiment with. Something that would be really unique and interesting would be a multiplayer mode where 1 player is randomly selected to control a powerful foe with extra health bars such as a Drake. Then, he/she has to battle 4 real-time players. I would personally be excited to be the monster or a member of the hunting party. There's unlimited potential for Dragon's Dogma Online, and I hope we see some well-tested, highly-replayable multiplayer modes in DD2.

LOSE: Nothing

KEEP: Single Player storyline with online Pawn System.

ADD: Well-tested, highly replayable multiplayer modes.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      instead of multiplayer a simple two player splitscreen mode would be enough...........but i agree with the rest

    • profile image

      Abdul Aziz Al- Belushi 

      5 years ago

      I so agree with you 100% specially not only having a Gryphon/Griffin as a mount is what i would die to see in that game but also to be able to customise replace his savage teeth/fangs like beack with a smoother beack resize the eye to make it bigger choose different colors for it to be able to pet it ^_^ i just love Gryphons/Griffins.

    • OtakuTom profile image


      5 years ago

      Agree with you completely although the sauriens have a kingdom so I don't think that'd be taming them more like slavery or something. they should also fix that weird lip syncing and romancing characters

    • profile image

      Dias Eesha 

      6 years ago

      The only thing I can't agree with is the multiplayer. I frankly don't want it at all. Im not saying all games suffer from having it added but I honestly feel like this is one that would suffer for the extra work that would be put ahead of other things.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I definitely enjoyed Dragon's Dogma. I also liked the amount of choices you are given to complete quests and all the jobs and skills you can learn. You are definitely spot on with all these suggestions. One thing I would add would be more blood and more decapitation. Yes, the game was good with the blood and the decapitation of heads, but I did expect more. Walking around Gransys all the time was definitely a killer. Lets have mounts! My pawn always said "if only we could ride a harpy..." I think it would be cool to tame a harpy, or a griffin, or even a drake to fly all over the place! Maybe that should be a skill the advanced level jobs could all learn...

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I like the ideas of larger maps, creatures to tame for riding but forget the MMO crap. Lost Planet series was ruined by making the world dependent with online playing format. Keep the RPG setting for the story and make some online arenas in the Everfall.

    • Jazzy Quicksilver profile image

      Jazzy Quicksilver 

      6 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      I enjoy Dragons' Dogma, but I thought the game play got a bit repetitive. That being said, I agree with most everything you said. Especially the mounts.


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