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Witch hunters warhammer 8th edition empire overview

Updated on March 8, 2017

In the game

In the game witch hunters are a hero choice character for the force of the empire in 8th edition warhammer fantasy battle. They are a cheap hero choice that comes with three unique special rules accusation, grim resolve and tools of judgement, they also have magic resistance 2.

The accusation special rule basically grants the witch hunter the ability to snipe at range and reroll to hit in close combat against a specific single model in your opponent's army that you nominate at the beginning of the game (referred to as the primary quarry). All attacks against this model (including shooting) also gain the killing blow special rule.

Grim resolve makes the witch hunter immune to the effects of fear, it also reduces terror effects to only fear for both the witch hunter and any unit that they accompany.

The tools of judgement special rule allows the witch hunter to re roll to wound against undead and daemons models. This synergises well with the accusation rule allowing the witch hunter to re roll both to hit and wound against their primary quarry if they are an undead or daemonic.

Witch hunters come equipped with a pistol and light armour, they can upgrade this to a brace of pistols or take a great weapon. They can also take magic items though this can effectively double their points cost if you are not careful..

Pros and cons

Pros are witch hunters are a cheap and characterful hero choice, they have a fair chance of killing their primary quarry especially if they are an undead or daemonic. Magic resistance 2 is a great boon and makes the witch hunters worth it for just this alone, this is particularly effective when combined with the 6+ ward save granted by a luminark of hysh giving their unit a 4+ ward save against magic missile and similar attacks. They also add a few extra attacks to the unit of state troops that they accompany.

Cons are that witch hunters are not particularly hard to kill and have a mediocre initiative of only four. This means higher initiative enemies will have chance to kill them before they can strike. Witch hunters can only be taken on foot so limiting how fast they can pursue their primary quarry and limiting the effectiveness of their magic resistance. As witch hunters are on foot it is often easy for their primary quarry to avoid them should they wish (of course this may actually be your plan).

Tactical uses

Witch hunters can be used as would be character assassins and although relatively easy to kill can often deter expensive characters from engaging them "just in case". A small group of 3 or more witch hunters together can be a serious threat to any wizard, undead or daemonic character, this gives them more attacks and also makes them more difficult to deal with as your opponent must divide attacks against them. More attacks (particularly re rolling to hit and wound) means more chance of killing blow.

They can also be used as wizard hunters and should be easily able to make short work of most wizards should they get to them. Alongside warrior priests, witch hunters make a good addition to units of state troops deterring powerful enemy characters and offering protection against magical attacks whilst adding a smidgen of combat prowess and immunity to terror tests.


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    • profile image

      Witch King 

      4 years ago

      Shame those Witch Elves would make short work of them!

    • profile image

      Count Jondi 

      6 years ago

      The solution my friend is to have enough of them, so that your opponent can't possibly be rid of them in 1 combat phase

    • Arioch profile imageAUTHOR

      Gordon D Easingwood 

      6 years ago from Wakefield, United Kingdom

      The pair of them really buff up blocks of infantry (my personal favourite is halberdiers) and are pretty cheap. Only thing to watch out for is higher intiative enemies who may try to bump them off first.

    • profile image

      Count Jondi 

      6 years ago

      The witch hunter is great, an Hero-killer that helps the unit He's with survive hostile spells, an empire player friend of mine always has these two huge infantry blocks, and keeps a tag team of a witch hunter and a warrior priest in each one, making both a deadly and sturdy combination.


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