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Witchery in The Sims 3

Updated on May 26, 2014

How to become a witch

There are three ways to become a witch:

  1. Choose for the witch Sim in the Create-a-Sim at the beginning.
  2. Check daily at the alchemy store / potion shop (present in the supernatural town or you can add it from the community lot tab through “edit town”. In the alchemy store they will sell the Witches Brew, if you drink this you will turn into a witch.
  3. Reach level 9 of the alchemy skill to learn how to make the Witches Brew potion.

Once you have become a witch you will have a magic power bar in the below screen above the moodlets, as well as a basic wand to cast spells. You will also be able to use a broom for transportation (automatically unless you choose to use another vehicle as "preferred"). If you want you can buy a better and faster broom in buy mode as well as a broom stand to put your brooms in.

Lifetime wish and job

Lifetime wish
Being a witch you can choose out of two lifetime wishes that are available, one for good witches and one for bad witches. The good wish is that of the “Mystic Healer” where you have to cure 12 Sims from Zombification by either a potion or a spell. The bad wish is that of the “Zombie master” where you have to turn 10 Sims into zombies using a spell or a potion.

A witches’ job
The career that fits best with the witch is the alchemy career which is a self-employed career. Being a witch you can use the potions and spells to do good or bad things. You can sell any left-over potions at the elixir consignment store to gain some money.

Gaining levels and spells

In the beginning you cannot perform many spells, but the “play with magic” option can always be used to level the skill. As it is a low level spell you will not level fast though. There are three ways to level your witch skill faster:

  • The higher the spell and charm levels the faster you will gain skill, although remember that there is always a chance that the spell will misfire and have the opposite effect.
  • Having a familiar near you while you perform your spells and charms will raise your skill with 20% faster. A pet cat can be a familiar but also smaller pets such as rodents or lizards can be familiars.
  • Using a skill boost elixir will help raise the skill faster. Drink the elixir and then perform spells and/or charms. The skill boost can be bought in the elixir consignment store or can be made once you reach a certain level in alchemy (around level 4 or 5) .

Spells and charms can backfire
Spells and charms have a chance of backfiring once performed. This is depending on the level/quality of your wand and the skill level that you have as a witch. When a spell backfires/fails it will have the opposite effect (a good luck charm will become an unlucky charm). Through buy mode you can buy several wands with several qualities. The best wand will cost around 1,000 Simoleons and will both have a good efficiency and a better success rate when using them. You could always buy different wands for different types of spells. You can set a certain wand to be your “preferred wand” by clicking on it in your inventory. Once you gain 20.000 lifetime happiness points you can buy the “Magic hands” reward. This rewards lets you use your hands to cast a spell or charm and your spells will never fail with that.

Witch levels and abilities

Each level will let you gain one or two more abilities and some of them are very handy. In the beginning (level 0) you can “conjure an apple” (either a good one you can eat or a poisonous one that makes you fall asleep) and you can start “playing with magic”. This is the basic skill that cannot backfire but it raises your skill level slowly.

Level 1
At level 1 you get the “conversion ritual” spell which enables you to turn any collectible (seeds, metals, fish, etc) into a different collectible. You can also give yourself a bit of luck for 24 hours or another Sim with the “good luck charm”. Should the spell backfire, you can expect to get some bad luck though.

Level 2
The second level enables you to use a “fire blast” or “ice blast”. They can be used on objects and Sims alike. When using it on Sims or yourself it could have dangerous effects, but in some occasions it could be handy to use either one of them.

Level 3
Once you get to level 3 you will be able to use the “upgrade appliances” spell. You can cast them on different objects to upgrade them to not break, not get dirty, etc. It basically works the same as the handiness skill but much faster. Try casting this spell on a wardrobe to get a surprise effect. You will also be able to ask another witch to get into a spellcasting duel with them. Since it might be difficult to recognize a witch (especially if they are not wearing a witch hat or broom), you can always click on a Sim and see if the spellcasting duel option is available. The winner gets a +10 moodlet, the loser a -10 moodlet.

Level 4
This level gives you the “love charm” and you can cast it on yourself or another Sim. If you cast it on yourself and then talk to another Sim your relationship with that Sim will increase (into a romantic interest). Very handy when looking for a partner. When feeling a bit mischievous, use the “toadification” spell to turn another Sim into a toad. You can change them back by kissing them or using a potion from the alchemy station.

Level 5
Your magical animations will look better now. You can now opt to become a bad witch when you decide to use the “haunting curse” on another Sim, causing them to be haunted by a ghost.

Level 6 and 7
The spell learned at level 6 is very useful as you can charm yourself or another Sim with the “ hunger, bladder and hygiene charm” which increases the relevant bars into the green. Level 7, however, will teach you to drain the same hunger, bladder and hygiene into the negative and is a curse instead of a charm.

Level 8
The “sunlight charm” can be used to remove the zombification curse from a Sim turning them back to normal. With the “pestilence curse” you can let Sims become ill and get a -30 moodlet for 2 days. This can be cured when you use the sunlight charm on them in the first day as the curse only starts to take effect after 1 day.

Level 9
Household chores have just become easier with the “restoration ritual” which cleans the entire house and fixes all broken objects. When the spell backfires, though, it will leave a big mess and broken objects in the house so be careful.

Level 10
Want to raise someone from the dead, then use the “reanimation ritual”. Use it on a grave where the Sim has not moved on yet to the afterlife. They will raise as zombies though, so perhaps use the sunlight charm to cure them and turn them back into their normal selves.


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