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Wizard Class Achievements Guide - Diablo 3

Updated on June 15, 2012

This guide will cover the various achievements players can earn relating directly to playing as the Wizard class of hero in Diablo 3, listing them along with their description and information on how to unlock each. These are typically handed out for passing certain milestones in the game, completing a difficult or out of the ordinary task.

**WIP** This guide is still being worked on, expect to see additional info and pictures until this message is removed.

Wizard Class Achievements

All of the achievements for Diablo 3 contained on this page relate directly to playing through the game as the Wizard class, performing special feats through the use of that class' abilities like equipping it's class' special items, killing enemies under the effects of a Wizard's spell or making out of a dangerous situation by the skin of your teeth..


Diablo 3 Character Class Achievements


  1. Live to Fight Again
  2. Nightmare Scenario
  3. To Hell and Back
  4. Prophecy Fulfilled
  5. Sanctum Savants
  6. Magical Mystery Couture
  7. Time Takes Its Toll
  8. A Forceful Rebuke
  9. Death's Cold Embrace
  10. A Cut Above
  11. I Must Be Going
  12. Armor Plated

Live to Fight Again

Complete Act IV with a Wizard on Normal Difficulty.
Unlocks a sigil accent.

Nightmare Scenario

Complete Act IV with a Wizard on Nightmare Difficulty.

To Hell and Back

Complete Act IV with a Wizard on Hell Difficulty.

Prophecy Fulfilled

Complete Act IV with a Wizard on Inferno Difficulty.
Unlocks a banner sigil.

Sanctum Savants

Reach level 60 with 2 Wizards.

Pretty self explanatory here.

Magical Mystery Couture

Equip a wand, a source and a wizard hat all at the same time.

Each one of these items is one of the class specific groups of items which are for Wizards. All of these items can be found early on, either as loot, crafts or vendor goods, so you should have little problem unlocking this by the end of Act I.

Time Takes Its Toll

Slow 20 projectiles with one Slow Time.

There aren't any runes you can equip to make this task any easier, although the cool down reduction from Perpetuity will make it easier if you need to try again. Just equip the skill and look for areas where there are lots of ranged attackers, then make liberal use of Slow Time while trying to stand in spots that will cause as many projectiles as possible to get caught within the bubble. If you find a condensed enough enemy group, you can try casting the bubble right on top of them so all their shots are fired into the bubble from the start.

A Forceful Rebuke

Reflect 8 projectiles with one Wave of Force.

Again no real runes here to make this easier outright, however a good time to grab this achievement is while you are messing with Slow Time for the previous task. You can use the slowing effect on projectiles to essentially stack them in a small space and use your repeling Wave of Force to best effect.

Death's Cold Embrace

Kill 1,000 frozen enemies.
Unlocks a sigil accent.

The Wizard has a nice helping of various cold based abilities such as Frost Nova or Blizzard, which can either freeze their enemies with the regular attack or be modified todo so with runes. Just make liberal use of these skills through your playthroughs and this one will pop with time.

A Cut Above

Cast Spectral Blade as the killing blow on the following enemies.

Probably best to find these enemies in an area far lower in level than you are.

I Must Be Going

Use Teleport while at less than 5 percent of your maximum life.
Unlocks a banner sigil.

This is definitely a tricky achievement to pull off considering you have to almost die in order to earn it. Equip some armor and damage reduction skills and abilities, and try to run towards enemies or place yourself in dangerous situations ready to teleport out at a moments notice. Standing in certain environmental damage effects would probably be preferable here since it's easier to control the damage they deal to you. More details and video coming soon.

Armor Plated

Keep the same armor spell active for 20 minutes.

Ice, Storm and Energy armor all have 120 second cool-downs, which means all you need to do is recast it once every minute and a half or so (to be safe in case you get distracted) for 20 minutes and you will have unlocked this achievement. One that is quite likely to happen during intense play sessions naturally. Suggest you take the Galvanizing Ward passive ability to increase the duration up to 4 minutes to make things even easier on you.


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    • profile image

      Matdra 5 years ago

      I Must Be Going : easy trick, go to a lower difficulty, then uniquip all your thorn effect from amor ans such. go find one monster and let yourself hit. if you donc take anough damage fast, remove more armor and bait a few more monster with your delicious ass (they can't resist)

      When the screen is "finally" flashing red, teleport.

      if it really too slow (because of your natural dex for exemple) go find some stronger monster (later quest or harder dificulty)

    • profile image

      Senko 5 years ago

      Easiest place for me to get I must be going was act 2 endgame in the palace. Clear out the enemies and stand on one of those green poison vents. They lower health fairly quickly bit offer a lot of control over what's around and what happens, worst case just step off. Had a couple where I left to early, 6+% health then got it with .9% health.

    • profile image

      anon 5 years ago

      I did Time Takes Its Toll in Act II Desolate Sands, just find a bunch of hornets.