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Wizard In Diablo 3 : Lore, Gameplay And Male And Female Names

Updated on November 29, 2012

Wizards are the rogues and outcasts of the magical world and they don't have permanent home.The word itself "wizard" is used by scholars, sorcerers and magi to describe one of their kind that are reckless and disobedient to the greater rules of magic. Wizards are very curious and intelligent same as all magi but their spirit is rebellious. They disobey the traditions and rules of magical practice and use their magic according to their own beliefs. It sometimes happens among magi that a young, talented apprentice is joining their academies and magical studies and instead of practicing standard academical arts of magic, they are caught searching in the forbidden libraries for rare and dangerous magics. Wizards are viewed as careless, rude and undisciplined exiles of the academical world of magic.

 The Wizard In Diablo 3
The Wizard In Diablo 3

Some people think that the famous scholar and historian And al-Hazir is also a wizard and actually practicing magical arts but the truth is he is just an observer and is completely against those who use magic to achieve their own wicked goals while ignoring ancient traditions and laws. He knows a story about a young girl who was an an inspiration for a lot of young students to rebel against the magical authority. The 19 year old girl from Xiansai island was sent to study at Zann Esu mage clan but her rude attitude was too much for the small clan to handle so she was sent to more powerful Vizjerei to deal with her anarchic ways by forcing her under harsh discipline. However, her curiosity couldn't be stopped and she was caught in the Ancient Repositories where the most powerful spells were hidden. She was confronted by an academical mage Valthek. The young wizard shamelessly attacked him and left him unconscious in the area that was damaged by her reckless spells. And al-Hazir strongly opposes such rebellious wizardry and says that certain schools of magic are too destructive to be practiced by inexperienced adepts.

f you feel that intelligence, curiosity and a rebel spirit is the key to practicing destructive and dangerous magic that can hurt multiple opponents, the Wizard might be the best class for you.

 Diablo 3 Wizard Character Creation
Diablo 3 Wizard Character Creation

Wizard Names

There are a couple of inspiration sources you can use to choose the right name for your wizard. The most common is the mythology, legends and literature of the actual world. You can name your wizard Hekate, Merlin, Gandalf, Morgan le Fay or Doctor Hate.

Other way is sticking to the lore of Diablo where wizards and sorceress are often associated with Eastern cultures and call your character Hazar, Hulya, Yasmine, Safira, Akin, Kiril, Nadir etc. Most of male names can be made feminine by adding the endings -i, -e. or -a.

 TheWizard in Diablo 3 Conceptual Art
TheWizard in Diablo 3 Conceptual Art


The Wizard is a caster class in Diablo 3 that utilizes arcane and elemental magic that is so powerful it can hit multiple targets at once and can even freeze, burn or poison them. Most of the attacks are ranged and they are performed by using staves or wands. Only wizards can equip special magical orbs and wizard hats. Wizard is also the best crowd control class in Diablo 3 which make them very good at surviving while dealing great amount of damage.

Wizards in Diablo 3 are designed very similar to the Sorceress in Diablo 2 both in graphics and concept. Both are spell casters that use fire, ice and lighting skills but the Wizard has a little bit wider range of magic skills. He can slow time and disintegrate which doesn't really fit pure elemental magician type.

The best stats for the Wizard in Diablo 3 is Intelligence and weapon damage.

Playing a Wizard can be easy because their elemental power resource - Arcane energy replenishes very quickly and there are plenty of low cost spells to choose from when fighting. It is almost impossible to run out of the energy when using these spells. However, the most powerful spells have long cool-downs and the Wizard has to wait before he can use them again.

Elemental Proficiency

Form all the Diablo 3 classes Wizards have the widest range of different magical attacks available. They can command all the elements - fire, frost, lightning, earth. Enemy resistances mean little to the Wizard because he can always choose another spell that hits right where the enemy is weak.

Area Damage

Blast attacks, cone attacks, fire from the sky, icy traps on the ground - wizards always play it big. They have the best AoE attacks in the game. If the enemies group up together, the Wizard will make sure they all suffer at once.

Defensive Magic

Wizards don't have much armor and they don't need it because the magic they master can offer enough protection to avoid incoming damage. They can make their skin diamond strong if they have to, they can slow enemies and fool them by creating mirages.

Neverending Arcane Power

The arcane energy is virtually pulsing in the veins of a masterful Wizard. Arcane power they possess replenishes incredibly quickly so they never stop casting.


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