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Wizard101: How to craft the Watchtower Hall

Updated on November 3, 2014

Does the idea of crafting the Watchtower Hall make you want to pull a Humongofrog? It may seem like a daunting task but knowing what reagents you need and where to find them makes it easier. This guide shows what recipes you'll need to buy, where to farm for gold, what reagents you need to buy, and which reagents you can find and where to find them. You can start by going to Torald Wayfinder, sitting in one of the market stalls in Northguard, who sells the recipe. And if you've never heard of Wizard101, go check it out here. It's a MMORPG that the whole family can play (I play with my 12-year-old sister), with combat based on trading card games like Magic: the Gathering. You play as a wizard student at the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts and you learn cool spells and fight against Malistaire, the former death magic teacher who has betrayed the school and is unleashing undead monsters on Wizard City for an unknown purpose. There are many fun activities you can do in game besides play through the storyline, like crafting houses like this, battling other players in the arena, racing pets, and fishing. I've got a grandmaster balance wizard that was really tired of being a hobo, so let's show you how I crafted it!

Buying Recipes

First off, the recipe for the actual house is 60,000 gold, and you need to be a master artisan to buy it. You need to buy or trade for 10 blizzard treasure cards and buy 20 ghost fires to start with. The ghost fires are sold by Balthazar Dragonthorn in the Atheneum. The recipe also requires you to craft these housing items: 4 wooden water towers, 4 carved stone towers, 8 grassy mounds, 2 water fountains, 15 ornamental stepstones, and 30 stacks of wood planks. So where do you find the recipes for these housing items? The recipe for the stacks of wood planks is sold by Eudora Tangletree for 138 gold. In Krokotopia, you can find the recipe for the ornamental stepstones; it is sold by Wul'yahm for 595 gold. The carved stone tower recipe is sold in Mooshu by Toshio for 1900 gold. And finally, the recipes for the wooden water towers, water fountains, and grassy mounds are sold by Balthazar Dragonthorn in the Atheneum for 2150 gold, 2700 gold, and 2370 gold, respectively.

It looks like a rather daunting recipe, but if you think about it as a bunch of smaller components it doesn't look so bad.
It looks like a rather daunting recipe, but if you think about it as a bunch of smaller components it doesn't look so bad.

Treasure Cards and Purchased Reagents

There are also a number of reagents that can't be found in the wild that you'll need. Besides the 20 ghost fires, you'll need 20 glass vials, 45 simple vials, 90 black coals, and 142 shadow oils. You'll also need these treasure cards: 4 seraphs, 8 locust swarms, 32 nature's wraths, the 10 aforementioned blizzards, and 16 evil snowmen. So the total price of the things you absolutely have to buy comes up to around 93453 gold, give or take a few thousand (they didn't really teach me any math in wizard school). You may end up having to craft the nature's wraths because they seem to be kind of rare in the bazaar. I used my life wizard for this, but you could ask a life friend if you don't have a life wizard.

Here is the recipe for Nature's Wrath. Only life wizards can craft this card, so use your own life wizard or ask a friend.
Here is the recipe for Nature's Wrath. Only life wizards can craft this card, so use your own life wizard or ask a friend.

Farming for gold

"But awesomesauce grandmaster artisan, where did you get all that gold?", you ask. Well, I have several bosses that I like to farm. One of my favorites is Shattertusk, the boar in Savarstaad Pass. I actually prefer farming him over Halfang because he is much quicker to kill (all it takes is 1 or 2 gargantuan 4-pip AOEs and he's down) and the amount of gold the drops sell for is only about 200 less on average. More gold for less time! Another boss I like farming is Calypso, in the Crustacean Empire over in Celestia. She has a nice little lever next to her that makes her respawn every time you kill her, so you don't have to leave the instance and come back. Her drops sell for about 1000 to 5000 gold, but she takes a bit longer to kill. I'd farm her with a friend or two or three. Plus, it's more fun to farm with friends, unless said friends are pigs, in which case it'd be better to send them to a farm. If you have access to Wintertusk, Erling the Unready in Austrilund is good to farm because he drops the Wyrm's Curse Charm, which sells for 10000 gold, and some other good stuff. Or you could just sell everything not nailed down. That works too.

Shattertusk is a quick and easy boss to farm, which is good because you'll need a lot of gold.
Shattertusk is a quick and easy boss to farm, which is good because you'll need a lot of gold.

Where to harvest your reagents

The rest of the reagents needed for the house are harvestable, through finding them on the ground, fighting monsters, or gardening. In total, you will need to obtain 268 water lilies, 370 ores, 80 diamonds, 544 deep mushrooms, 90 nightshades, 100 frost flowers, 160 parchments, 144 scrap irons, 168 stone blocks, 380 mist woods, 300 ectoplasms, and 544 bronze gears. I ended up buying most of the ectoplasms and bronze gears, though, because they only drop from monsters and I'd rather save time and not fight. Gardening every day helped out a little bit, I made a giant field of dandelions, fickle pickles, orange dandelions, frozen fly traps, and helephant ears. It took out all of my energy though, so if you're planning to train pets at this time I would just find reagents. You could also buy them from the bazaar if your wizard is in the mafia or you REALLY like farming bosses. Some reagents can now be bought in sets of 100 for crowns in the Crown Shop. Finding them, however, was easier on my wizard's wallet.

So as for finding the reagents, I had six main harvesting routes: the Baobab Crossroads in Zafaria (had to ask a friend to take me here because I'm still in Celestia), the Grand Arena in Krokotopia, the Necropolis in Dragonspyre, Mirkholm Keep and Nidavellir in Grizzleheim, and Hrundle Fjord in Wintertusk. Maps of the routes are below. To get most of the rare reagents, I transmuted the common ones with the card crafting station. You can get all of the transmute recipes from Avery Templeton in the Celestia Base Camp. It's usually 15 common reagents make one rare, like 15 cat tails for 1 water lily. Without the transmutes by the time you finished you would be older than Ambrose. Sorry, Headmaster, please don't look at me like that.

"You're pushing it, young wizard."
"You're pushing it, young wizard."

Baobab Crossroads

This is my favorite place for cat tails and mist wood, because the reagents spawn back instantly. Only one will show up at a time, and when you get it it will reappear instantly in a different place. This way you don't have to change realms, you can go back and forth between each spawn point. Cat tails are the red dots and mist wood is teal.

Grand Arena

This is the best place for parchment. It also has some deep mushrooms and wooden chests for spare change. There are a few spawning points for silver chests too, but these are rare. Be careful though, many spawn points are in the middle of the street, so it's easy to get pulled into a battle you don't want. On this map, parchment is tan, deep mushrooms are light blue, silver chests are silver, and wooden chests are brown.

The Necropolis

This is my favorite place for stone blocks and deep mushrooms. The Atheneum is way too crowded with fellow crafters, so it's hard to find stone blocks there. Nobody seems to farm here, people avoid it like hair avoids Cyrus Drake. And now I have detention again. I like this for deep mushrooms better than the mooshu streets, because it's more compact so it doesn't take a whole minute to get from one mushroom to the next. Stone blocks are yellow and deep mushrooms are light blue.

Mirkholm Keep

This is the best place to find ore, and a good spot for frost flowers. Just start by the catapult, work your way up one side of the road and down the other, then go back into the village and use the teleporter to get to the cave, then change realms and repeat. All of those orange dots are ores (so much better than the Atheneum!), and the purple dots are frost flowers.


Nidavellir is excellent for finding frost flowers and stone blocks. Because of the compact size of the area, it's easy to find the reagents quickly. Stone blocks are marked in yellow and frost flowers are marked in purple.

Hrundle Fjord

This place is a crafter's dream. Nobody seems to know about it, which works for me, although now you do too, so maybe I'll run into you (Or run you over with my pogo stick. Kidding!). It takes a bit to go around, but it has a decent amount of the things you need to craft this house. This is my favorite place to get scrap iron in particular, since everybody hangs around Chelsea Court now. Orange is ore, teal is mist wood, green is scrap iron, frost flowers are purple, wooden chests are brown, and silver chests are silver.

The Part Where You Actually Craft The House

So now that you have all your ingredients crafted (It will take three days for cooldown even if you are a reagent klepto and have all of the ingredients waiting in your backpack. And if you did, you have amazing foresight. Wait, why are you reading this then?), it's time to actually craft the house. To do this, go to Northguard. The grizzleheim crafting station is in the Hall of the Ice Forge, over by Imric Gloomlight, near Mirkholm Keep. Congratulations, and enjoy your awesome house!

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© 2014 Lissa Clason


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