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WoW Dungeon Gold Farming Guide : Halls of Lightning

Updated on June 30, 2017
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I've been playing World of Warcrat since 2008 with the launch of The Burning Crusade. I enjoy gold-making and achievement hunting.

Halls of Lightning is a dungeon located in Stormpeaks. It can be found all the way North, near Ulduar.

The good thing about Halls of Lightning is that it drops a couple of useful items that can be sold on the Auction House for quite some profit.

Another good thing about it, it's that it has a vendor NPC right outside of the dungeon, thus allowing you to vendor the trash drops and keep farming for longer periods of time.

In this dungeon we will farm the following:

  • Crystallised Water / Air / Fire
  • Green BoE Items
  • Relic of Ulduar
  • Frostweave Cloth

These are the prices for the items mentioned above on my realm, Argent Dawn - EU.

  • Crystallised Water ~ 4 gold
  • Crystallised Fire ~ 7 gold
  • Crystallised Air ~ 2 gold
  • 1 BoE Green Item ~ 13 gold disenchant value
  • Relic of Ulduar ~ 50 silver
  • Frostweave Cloth ~ 1 gold

Before you want to start running this dungeon, you should check your Auction House to see if it would be profitable to farm on your specific realm.

Gold Breakdown - Heroic Version

Time of Completion - 7 minutes

Gold Looted ~ 10 gold

Dungeon Completion Bonus ~ 30 gold

Trash (Including BoP Blue/Epic Items) ~ 78 gold

71 Relic of Ulduar ~ 35 gold

4 Frostweave Cloth ~ 4 gold

4 BoE Green Items ~ 52 gold

11 Crystallised Water ~ 44 gold

8 Crystallised Fire ~ 56 gold

18 Crystallised Air ~ 36 gold

Total Gold ~ 345 gold

Gold Breakdown - Normal Version

Time of Completion - 7 minutes

Gold Looted ~ 10 gold

Dungeon Completion Bonus ~ 7 gold

Trash (Including BoP Blue/Epic Items) ~ 90 gold

80 Relic of Ulduar ~ 40 gold

6 Frostweave Cloth ~ 6 gold

11 BoE Green Items ~ 143 gold

21 Crystallised Water ~ 84 gold

3 Crystallised Fire ~ 21 gold

10 Crystallised Air ~ 20 gold

Total Gold ~ 421 gold

Read below for some tips before you start farming.


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Tips before you start

As you can see the amount of gold you can get per run is quite good and it does not include rare drops that might happen in this dungeon. There are certain BoE Blue Items that can drop, Jewel Crafting Recipes or RP Gear.

For the Green BoE Items part, I recommend getting the Trade Skill Master add-on, combined with LootAppraiser. These two add-ons combined will alert you if any RP expensive item drops.

While I ran Halls of Lightning to calculate the averages, I got a Green BoE Cloak which apparently was part of an RP set. When I got it, LootAppraiser told me it was worth 2500 gold but I was skeptical since it was a common item with nothing special about it at first sight.

I decided to look it up on WoWHead and I found out that it was part of an RP set and I managed to sell it for 2300 Gold in less than 24 hours.

Now, this is most likely due to the fact that my realm (Argent Dawn) is an RP Realm and there are a lot of opportunities for gold in the RP Gear section. It never hurts to try and do this as well on your realm since there might be a RP Community there as well that needs cool gear.


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    • Dreamhowl profile image

      Jessica Peri 

      6 years ago from United States

      I love how you break down approximately how much gold can be made each run and how much over 30 minutes. It really simplifies things. Might have to try this - I'm a little short on gold. Voted up and shared!


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