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WoW Faction Grinding for Death Knights: Levels 80-85

Updated on November 16, 2014
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Danielle Lopez is a published author, freelance health and medical writer, biochemistry student, and certified doula.


Levels 80-82

Guardians of Hyjal

Mt. Hyjal is an excellent place for you and your Death Knight to quest in. Lots of mountains, lots of trees, lots of things to Death Grip and kill. Oh, what bliss! The faction for which you obtain reputation with in Hyjal is excellent for tanking and dps Death Knights alike. For tanks, the Guardians of Hyjal offer, Wrap of the Great Turtle. For dps Death Knights they offer, Belt of the Ferocious Wolf. Just reforge some of the crit off the belt for hit rating and you'll be good to go!

The Earthen Ring

If you plan on going main spec tank, you might want to put a few hours into leveling out in Vashj'ir. At the very least, gain enough rep to become revered with them. Once revered, you can purchase, Arcanum of the Earthen Ring, which is a tank helm enchant. Other than the helm enchant for tanks, there is very little use for earning rep with this faction for Death Knights.

Levels 82-83


Deepholm is a fun place to quest in for the mindless, somewhat dead, Death Knight. The scenery is filled with a vast array of rocks and rock people that your zombie Death Knight will never grow tired of smashing. The faction for which you will eventually, after a long string of quests, begin to grind for within Deepholm is known as Therazane. Now Ms. Therazane is a plump, and rather grumpy, "Queen of the Rocks", you might say. Through all her bitchiness and whining about her dead rock daughter (who you killed in earlier levels), she eventually offers her aid to you and gives you the current shoulder enchants for Cataclysm. For dps Death Knights she offers, Greater Inscription of Jagged Stone. For tanking Death Knights she offers, Greater Inscription of Unbreakable Quarts. Note: These particular enchants can only be obtained once exalted with Therazane.

Death Knight
Death Knight | Source

Levels 83-84


Uldum is a place filled with sand, pygmies that try to beat you up, and Indiana Jones spoof humor. The faction of note within Uldum is called Ramkahen. Ramkahen consists of interesting looking Egyptian horse/human "people" that have a great love for pyramids and giant statues. The quests are long and arduous and you'll most likely not be exalted with this faction once you've complicated every single quest in the zone, so it's best to pick up their tabard. Once exalted, the faction offers lovely items for dps and tank Death Knights alike. For dps they offer, Gift of Nadun. For tanks they offer, Sandguard Bracers. Your Death Knight will love the feel of the sand between his toes and the pygmy gnawing on his ankles that he just wont be able to get enough of this place!

Levels 84-85

Dragonmaw/Wildhammer Clan

Dun, dun, DUN!!! You're almost there! But first, Blizzard Entertainment decided they should make your final questing zone one of the most annoying, RP filled quest zones in the whole game. Yeah, seeing Alexstrasza beat up on Deathwing is a little cool, but the quests to get to that point are long and tedious. Twilight Highlands is definitely one of my least favorite quest zones in the entire game. Despite all of this, Blizzard was at least kind enough to give our lowly Death Knight a reason for questing here. It depends upon your faction (Horde or Alliance) from whom you will obtain your gear from. For Hordies, you will deal directly with the Dragonmaw Clan. Dragonmaw orcs are a little grumpy, so be sure to not tickle or poke any of them while you're out there. For Alliance, you will deal with the Wildhammer Clan. Wildhammer dwarves are like any other dwarves, they love their ale, their gryphons, and to kill as many orcs as they can. Upon reaching exalted, Alliance tanks can purchase from the Wildhammer, Gryphon Rider's Boots. Upon reaching revered, Alliance dps can purchase, Arcanum of the Wildhammer. Upon reaching exalted, Horde tanks can purchase from Dragonmaw, Boots of Sullen Rock. upon reaching revered, Horde dps can purchase, Arcanum of the Dragonmaw. These items are exactly the same, just different names and factions.

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