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World of Warcraft Faction Grinding for Rogues: Levels 80-85

Updated on November 16, 2014
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Danielle Lopez is a published author, freelance health and medical writer, biochemistry student, and certified doula.


Levels 80-82

Personally, I recommend that you and your rogue begin questing in Mount Hyjal. Grinding with the Guardians of Hyjal will get you the best gear starting off. Quest there at least until you hit honored, at which point you should be close to level 82. At honored, you can purchase a 333 item level chest piece called, Sly Fox Jerkin. If you decide to continue questing in this zone through to revered, you can purchase a 346 cloak piece called, Acorn Tree of the Daughter.

It isn't a bad idea to complete most if not all of the quests in Mount Hyjal. Upon hitting level 85, Hyjal will be the zone in which almost all your major Cataclysm dailies will be located at. However, in order to unlock these dailies you must be 85 and have completed almost all the quests within the zone.

If you're worried about missing out on Earthen Ring rep at Vashj'ir, I wouldn't worry too much as a rogue. Grinding with the Earthen Ring gets you an epic ring (Signet of the Elder Council) at exalted and a different cloak (Softwind Cape) from the revered one with the Guardians of Hyjal. The only difference between the cloaks is that the one from the Guardians of Hyjal has Mastery and the one from the Earthen Ring has Hit. If you're a Combat rogue, the hit cloak might be more appealing than the mastery, but I personally don't see it being worth it to drop questing in Hyjal for Vashj'ir. The epic ring is decent, but can only be obtained at exalted. You WILL NOT hit exalted with the Earthen Ring by doing all of the Vashj'ir quests. I have tried to on 4 different toons and have not succeeded in doing so. You will need to complete the Earthen Ring quests in Deepholm and most likely wear a tabard during dungeoning to hit exalted.

A Night Elf Rogue
A Night Elf Rogue | Source

Levels 82-83

Levels 82-83 should be spent in Deepholm. Deepholm provides two factions to earn rep with, the Earthen Ring and Therazane. Earthen Ring are the people you quest with when you first enter Deepholm. After some time, you will be given a quest to help the rock elementals from the faction Therazane. From this point on, you will be grinding with Therazane to go from Hated to Exalted.

Some of you may remember a somewhat similar looking rock elemental back in Maraudon. At the end of Maraudon you kill a rather curvaceous rock princess named Theradras. Theradras was the daughter of Therazane, the plump rock chic you're trying to gain as an ally in Deepholm. Hence why you start off hated...

After several quests, you'll eventually hit honored with Therazane, which will award you with your first shoulder enchant (Lesser Inscription of Shattered Crystal). If you're a Scribe (Inscription profession), then you really don't need to worry about rep grinding with Therazane. However, if you're not, you really need to try to hit exalted with Therazane or you can consider your raiding career over.

At revered, Therazane offers you a 346 ring called, Terrath's Signet of Balance. At exalted you receive access to the epic shoulder enchant called, Greater Inscription of Shattered Crystal.

Completing all of the quests in Deepholm will not get you exalted with Therazane. However, once you've completed the majority of them, you can unlock a series of dailies from Therazane and her rock buddies to help you rep grind along.

Levels 83-84

Every rogue needs to quest out in the lovely desert of Uldum. Why? because this is the place with the faction that you'll obtain your helm enchant. The faction in Uldum is known as Ramkahen, a bizarre looking group of Egyptian myth horsie-people guys. The quests out here are rather cheesy in their effort to portray an Indiana Jones film, but it's tolerable.

Rogues will not receive any gear perks until they reach revered with Ramkahen. Upon hitting revered, the rogue will be able to access his helm enchant (Arcanum of Ramkahen) and a 346 item level belt called, Quicksand Belt. After hitting revered, there is really not much point for the rogue to continue on to exalted, unless they want access to a camel mount.

Note that once again, completing all of the quests in this zone will not get you exalted. In fact, they do not even get you to revered. There is only 1 daily quest in the entire zone, so don't count on being able to do dailies to get your rep up. The best way to do so is to simply purchase the Ramkahen tabard and rep grind through dungeoning.

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Levels 84-85

When you hit 84 you can go to Twilight Highlands. This zone isn't exactly necessary for the rogue except for a chance to hit 85 a little faster. It's also an incredibly hard zone to quest in for rogues, because these NPCs hit hard! If you still have quests needed to be completed in Deepholm or Uldum, personally I would recommend you go complete those instead of worrying about Twilight Highlands.

If you do decide to quest in Twilight Highlands, do not leave the zone until you have completed the quests to open a portal back to your faction's major city. If you leave prior to completing this quest, you will have no way of getting back to the zone other than flying all the way out to it.

The factions that are located in Twilight Highlands are the dwarven Wildhammer Clan and the orcish Dragonmaw Clan. If you are Alliance, you will rep grind with the Wildhammer Clan and if you are Horde you will quest with the Dragonmaw Clan. I've completed quests with both clans and the quests are pretty much identical, just one has a more orcish touch and the other a more dwarven touch. The gear received is also exactly the same, just with different naming.

Upon hitting honored, you will have access to 333 item level legs (Leggings of the Impenitent from Dragonmaw and Swiftflight Leggings from Wildhammer). There are no other gear perks until you hit exalted, which will give you epic gloves called, Stormbolt Gloves from Wildhammer and Liar's Handwraps from Dragonmaw.

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    • Daniella Lopez profile image

      Danielle Lopez 5 years ago from Arkansas

      That's very cool! By the way, you're never too old to enjoy WoW. :P

    • Lilleyth profile image

      Suzanne Sheffield 5 years ago from Mid-Atlantic

      Most people would be surprised to learn that I have a level 85 ally rogue, 85 ally mage, and 85 horde mage on Ravenholdt server, that I have a guild on each realm, leveled my crafts to 525, and have the Sea Turtle. Lol. I'm going to be 63 in May. Which proves you can never be too old to play WOW. I PVP, no hours and hours in raids for me, I like leveling my crafts, fishing, going to the Faire.