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WoW Faction Grinding for Shaman: Levels 80-85

Updated on November 16, 2014
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Danielle Lopez is a published fantasy author, freelance health and medical writer, finance author, and certified birth & bereavement doula.


Shaman are one of the oldest, and complicated, classes in all of World of Warcraft. While no longer a tanking class, they can still call upon the element of water to wield the powers of ranged attacks, melee attacks, and even heal their allies.

With the recent Cataclysmic events, new factions have arisen to aid adventurers in their journey to defeat Deathwing. Listed below is a list of new World of Warcraft Cataclysm quest zones and appropriate factions for level 80 shaman reputation grinding.

  • Levels 80-82: Guardians of Hyjal

Hyjal is the best place for a Restoration or Elemental Shaman to begin questing in due to the helm enchant, Arcanum of Hyjal. This enchant provides 60 intellect and 30 critical strike rating to any helm enchant. All the resto shaman needs to obtain this is to become revered with the Guardians of Hyjal, which should happen once the shaman has completed the majority of the quests in Mt. Hyjal.

The Guardians of Hyjal is a good faction for the Enhancement Shaman to grind to exalted with due to the epic boots they can purchase. Treads of Malore are an excellent purchase for Enhancement Shaman or Hunters until they begin running heroic raids.

These items can be purchased from Provisioner Whitecloud, Quartermaster for Guardians of Hyjal, located in Nordrassil within Mt. Hyjal.

  • Levels 80-82: The Earthen Ring

This water world zone isn't the funnest questing zone for casters, but melee appear to have very little problem questing here. The Earthen Ring does offer nice epic gear for Restoration and Enhancement Shaman. For the Enhancement Shaman there is an epic ring called, Signet of the Elder Council, which can be purchased once exalted with the Earthen Ring. For the Restoration Shaman, and even the Elemental Shaman, there are epic boots called, Earthmender's Boots, also purchased once exalted.

  • Levels 82-83: Therazane

Therazane is the best place for any class of levels 82-83 to quest in due to the shoulder enchants. Unless the player is a Scribe, Therazane is an absolutely necessary faction to become exalted with. For Elemental and Restoration Shaman, the best shoulder enchant (once exalted) is, Greater Inscription of Charged Lodestone. For the Enhancement Shaman, the best enchant is, Greater Inscription of Shattered Crystal. These enchants can be purchases from D'lom the Collector, located within Therazane's Throne once the quest hubs have been unlocked.

  • Levels 83-84: Ramkahen

Ramkahen doesn't offer any epics for the Elemental or Restoration Shaman, however, Enhancement Shaman should become at least revered with this faction due to the helm enchant. Blacksmith Abasi, located in Ramkahen, sells the agility/haste helm enchant called, Arcanum of Ramkahen.

Elemental and Restoration Shaman may want to continue questing in Deepholm instead of Uldum, but overall, this is a fun quest zone.

  • Levels 84-85: Dragonmaw/Wildhammer Clan

Twilight Highlands is a fun quest zone if the player enjoys the fight between Alliance and Horde, or if they really enjoy the lore behind the game. However, as far as reputation grinding for epic gear goes, these two factions are really only worthwhile for Elemental Shaman. Craw MacGraw of the Wildhammer Clan sells an epic neck called, Lightening Flash Pendant. He is located in Thundermar. Grot Deathblow of the Dragonmaw Clan sells an epic neck exactly like the Wildhammer one called, Yellow Smoke Pendant. These neck pieces can also be useful for Restoration Shaman with a little bit of Reforging.

All of these factions offer something for a shaman of any spec. If the player is unable to get the reputation maxed out (especially Ramkahen), they can always pick up the faction tabards and rep grind through dungeons.


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