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WoW Fast Leveling Guide-Cataclysmic

Updated on April 9, 2011

Don't get left behind

this can be achieved in 1 week
this can be achieved in 1 week | Source
Use this cataclysmic fast leveling guide to get to the top and become a wow god
Use this cataclysmic fast leveling guide to get to the top and become a wow god | Source

Ill be your Guide to fast leveling guides

Why would you want a fast leveling guide?

Lets start at the beginning, why would you wan't a fast levelling guide?, Well lets bullet point some reasons why you may want to get one.

  • Levelling up is taking far to long
  • Losing battles easily
  • Getting lost on quest's not finding the best way to go
  • No Gold
  • Taking to long to level up profession

That is just to name but a few, There are so many more reasons that you might want to get a power leveling guide, but the list would take over the whole hub page. So let's look at the reasons above.

  1. Not leveling up quick enough - I managed to level up my mage to level 85 in one week
  2. Losing Battles - When you and your guild is level out to the Max, losing is unheard of.
  3. Getting Lost - With the guide it tells you the fastest and best route to take to level up fast.
  4. No gold - Fast leveling guides come with wow gold guides - get rich quick.
  5. Level up professions - all profession easy level up to new level cap 525.

What features come with a Fast levelling guide?

Well here I thought I would just list out the Top really hot features so you can really appreciate the quality that I am providing you here.

I use the Cataclysmic WoW blue print due to the latest expansion of WoW Cataclysm.

Cataclysmic features right here:

  • Complete Leveling Path Through The Game – Including Maps And Screenshots For Both Worgen & Goblin To Blast You From Level 1 To 85 FAST!
  • Full Guide To All New Zones, Areas And Locales!
  • Master And Beat The Biggest Instances – Halls Of Origination, Grim Batol And Lost City Of Tol’vir Exposed!
  • Level All The Professions – To The New Level Cap Of 525 With Ease!
  • Master The Archaeology Profession Fast!
  • Detailed Guide To All Changes In WOW! – And How It Affects You And The Gameplay!
  • Full Changes To All Classes Explained!
  • New Races – Worgen & Goblin Ripped Apart! Which Is The Best?
  • Full Gold Making Guide – Up To Date Strategies For Cataclysm That Will Make You Rich!
  • How To Be One Of The First To Level 85 On Your Server!
  • Get The New Flying Mounts And Ground Mounts – Be One Of The First To Take To The Skies!
  • Full Guide To The New Battleground And Outdoor PVP Zones – Dominate PVP
  • Complete Walkthrough For ALL The New Instances!
  • Get All The Latest Gear First And Master Reforging!
  • Master The New Talent Tree Mastery System To Make The Ultimate Toon!

There the top main features and if you would like to read my full review on this fast leveling guide then just click here

Ctataclysmic Video Review


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