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Women and Video Games

Updated on July 25, 2011

Move on over men! Video games are not just for you anymore. It seems with the new technological age, more women are now not just nagging at their men to get off of video games, they are joining in!

A recent scoreboard for MW2 FFA
A recent scoreboard for MW2 FFA

Women And Video Games

For me, it all started when I got married. My husband loved playing his video games. He would get so focused in, I'd be begging him for help with the kids. I finally decided to pull the, if you can't beat them, join them. I was horrible to say the least. I started off playing Halo. A few weeks later, I started actually getting better. It didn't take long before it was a hobby that my husband and I did together. Finally after months of playing Halo, my brother and husband decided to get me playing Modern Warfare 2. I was horrible but stuck with it. After months of playing, I found what classes worked best for me.

It is funny getting into a game and you sometimes will get men telling you to go to the kitchen to make them food. I just laugh and tell them it's sad you can't make it on your own. Then I have fun beating them at the game they thought they would never have a girl beat them at. I have quite a few friends that have realized that girls can play and would much rather us be on their team than not.

Girls, just keep working at it. Naturally, it does take us longer to pick up on a game but after some practice, you will get good. Now with Halo Reach and Black Ops getting ready to come out, it's not just men getting excited, but women to. Watch out, because more of us are joining in, and be careful what you say, you might just lose to us too!

For those out there worrying about my children, don't worry, they are well taken care of and are asleep once I get on. My house is clean, and my husband is fed :).


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    • profile image

      Thomas Tucker 6 years ago

      Been gaming sense i was little am a male and have no problems with you all joining in the community! Is sad and usually comical the comments that get made when a female joins the game but I've played on Battlefield and there is a strictly female clan on SOCOM that mops the floor with most...

      Good for u joining the AF im already in the DEP we have a couple girls in aswell!

    • profile image

      Cuz im Taylor 6 years ago

      So i absolutely love this! Its so true. Im 17 and a girl. I play the Xbox a lot and there are a few girls that I run into but they DON"T talk at all. I got Gears of War 3 today and played online and all i heard were little kids cussing or men yelling. Us girls need to stick together! You get to meet some very cool people when there are people playing that actually want to have fun!!!!

    • profile image

      Paperymonsterz 6 years ago

      Well, I'm 14, a girl, and I have been playing videogames all my life. I started gaming before my brother did (partly because I'm older) but I pwn at Halo and COD. I like racing, FPS and some RPGs. I don't like nerdy games like World of Warcraft or DragonAge, or lame crap like dancing games (no offense to anyone). Don't worry, my studies aren't abandoned (straight A's and all AP classes). You should see my scores in SOCOM Confrontation, I'm a beast. And surprisingly, as much as I'm on xboxLIVE, I have never said a cussword in my life. Sorry if this sounds braggy, but I'm just trying to prove a point that not only can girls play video games, but they can pwn! I know that the amount of female gamers is rising, but it still disappoints me how few there are. And please don't think that my life is going nowhere because of the amount of time I play videogames, I plan on joining the Air Force (my joining the military has absolutely nothing to do with playing COD or Battlefield). Once again, sorry if it sounds braggy. Pageantgirl, I salute to you for playing videogames (and anyone else, really).

    • korculablue profile image

      korculablue 6 years ago

      WOW With you all the way here pageant girl. My family find it incredibly amusing that I play Call of Duty games and I'm a pretty good player though my language has deteriorated since I've played against all those swearing males.LOL.I'm a 74 years old widow and I'll have a go with the best of all these young cocky lads. (Only teasing lads)

    • tasksgirl profile image

      tasksgirl 7 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      haha I know exactly what you mean