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Wooper Evolution Chart

Updated on March 31, 2012

Wooper Evolution Chart

In the Wooper Evolution Chart Wooper Evolves into Quagsire at Level 20
In the Wooper Evolution Chart Wooper Evolves into Quagsire at Level 20

Shiny Wooper

A Shiny Wooper
A Shiny Wooper

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The Wooper Evolution Chart Explained

Thankfully the Wooper evolution chart, much like the Mankey evolution is simply a casse of levelling the Pokemon up - which is done in the normal manner (see below).

This is by massive contrast to more complex evolutions that you can find in the Pokemon world. Both the Tyrogue evolution chart and the Duskull evolution chart explain how things can be far more complex than simply levelling up your Pokemon.

How to Evolve Wooper

So how do you go about completing this Wooper evolution chart? As we said, Wooper evolves at level 20 (into Quagsire), which means simply getting him to level 20 and ensuring that you don't cancel the evolution (evolution is cancelled by pressing B as it evolves), or letting it hold the everstone (a hold item that stops a Pokemon from ever evolving).

To get it to reach level 20 one of 3 things needs to happen

  1. You get it involved in battles. As opponent Pokemon are knocked out Wooper gains EXp points, when it reaches enough experience points it raises a level.
  2. Let it hold the Exp Share item. This gains it 50% of the experience points from a battle, even if it didn't take part. It still needs to be in your team of 6 Pokemon though.
  3. Use rare candies. Rare candies are items that raise the level of a Pokemon by 1. If you have a level 1 Pokemon you will need 19 rare candies to get it to level 20, and so evolve Wooper into Quagsire.

How to find a Wooper

Want to catch a Wooper?

Catching a Wooper in Pokemon Black and Pokemon White

There are 1 of 2 ways of catching a Wooper in Pokemon Black and Pokemon White

  1. If you own Pokemon White it is one of the Pokemon that are exclusive to the White Forest
  2. You can get it in Sparkling sea in the Dream World. It is available from the start, no extra dream world points are needed to be gained


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