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Word Jumble Online – A New Way for Time Pass

Updated on October 5, 2012
Word Jumble
Word Jumble

Word Jumble Online

Surfing the net is sometimes having fun and sometimes pain. You may come across various sites which throw a carpet of infinite games to be played online. Though you might be confused which one to pick, here are a few games that become the best of the pick.

Word Jumble Online is game based on your skill to make words with scattered alphabets. You have in front of you a square which has 16 jumbled up alphabets. You are supposed to form words out of those given, provided they should be next to each other. One cannot choose an alphabet which lies at a gap of a block or two. You have a limited time frame and you have to score big to win cash, just by playing online.

Double up your speed, prepare yourself and get ready for the ultimate showdown. Operation Wipeout is a cool shooting game where you play a soldier who is on a mission to rescue a captured scientist. All you have with you is a gun and your stealth skills to eliminate all the incoming enemies and reach to the captive. Crawl through the jungle, shoot enemies at point blank and make your way boldly. This game satisfies your hunger if you are the devil's son and like to make justice by drawing blood. You can play in tournaments and score high, thus winning yourself cash rewards.

Want to see how fast can you think? Try Word Wisdom where you are challenged by time. You are provided with 8 jumbled letters and you have to construct as many words as you can with the given alphabets. The challenge here is to form the maximum to get to the top where cash rewards await you.

Chirpy learns to fly is a complete package of skills like balance and concentration. You play as Chirpy who has just felt the air in its wings. But ahead of him lies a clutter of obstacles waiting to sabotage his flight. You have to guide your way through the treacherous and deadly path to allow yourself through the tunnel. The pace starts picking up once you cross a good amount of hurdles but so does the extremity level. It is a grappling game if you have a knack for flying and controlling under challenging circumstances. You can also participate in tournaments and score the highest scores to win Cash Prize Online.


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