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Are Words With Friends Players Wealthier Than Angry Birds?

Updated on August 16, 2014

Words With Friends


What's Your Preference?

According to a new survey released by JumpTap, Words With Friends players tend to make more money while players of the Scandinavian sensation, Angry Birds, tend to vote Republican.

The findings from this survey shine a bright spotlight on the buying habits of mobile app users and can also help explain the popularity of cheat sites such as Words With Friends Cheat and Angry Birds Cheat.

Other statistics from the survey show that the sleuths in Words With Friends are more likely to have an annual household income, greater than $100,000 and prefer the game on their smartphone, on-the-go. Their Angry Birds counterparts are twice as likely to use a tablet

Words With Friends Strategy Tip

Which iPad Do You Have?

From a market perspective, one factor that is sometimes overlooked is the fact that while the new iPad 3 has far exceeded Apple and Wall Street expectations, the overall traffic levels are lower than the previous incarnations of the tablet.

The iPad 1 and iPad 2 both maintained a 45% stake of the total traffic, during the initial launch week of the iPad 3 and now you have a whole series of iPad Mini and iPad Air devices that have retina displays and more bells and whistles than I can do justice.

As the digital revolution continues, laptops seem to be gobbling up desktops. Even more interesting is how tablets, like the iPad, are even starting to gobble the laptops. I'm even looking at the feasibility of getting a Macbook Air or iPad versus my current Macbook Pro.

The allure of a lightweight mobile device that can do everything my current 10 pound bowling ball of a laptop can do is very appealing to me. Do you have a laptop or tablet? Which do you prefer?

Mixed Signals

Initial thoughts on the first week traffic and sales indicated that iPad 3 was stealing traffic from iPad 2, which was inferred that iPad2 users would be more likely to switch to the newer tablet, as opposed to the original iPad 1.

Traditional wisdom is thrown out of thewindow, as it was widely believed that the new version of the popular tablet would actually attract the original owners, as opposed to the owners of iPad 2.

Rovio Mobile Survey

What Is Your Favorite Rovio Mobile App?

See results

Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Success Story

You can see when a mobile app is a global phenomenon, simply based on the number of products available in the marketplace. Rovio have ambitions of turning Angry Birds into a series of theme parks. Their ambitions are lofty and inspiring. Proving my point, you can see the insane number of different Angry Birds Blankets available online. The selection is staggering! This does not include any of the plush dolls, clothing apparell, backpacks, school supplies, gummy birds and other snacks that they have had their hands in creating. I have not seen a mobile app pull off this marketing prowess, well.......ever!

Angry Birds Star Wars 2

Which Game Do You Prefer?

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