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Words of Wii-sdom

Updated on February 11, 2009

For those of you who live in a cave, the Wii is Nintendo’s new generation of home gaming console, featuring a revolutionary controller. The “movement sensitive” Wii controller is not completely innovative, and has been around since the days of shooting game arcades, but putting it together in a clean design for the console is still a good idea – in theory. 

Wii is reinventing the wheel with its controller. (Photo:
Wii is reinventing the wheel with its controller. (Photo:

Control Freaking Issues

Calling the Wii controller gimmicky would be like calling a skunk stinky. The Wii simply IS that way, and let’s look past that and see how it fairs. The Wii had a good idea and vision in mind, but falls short of accomplishing its goals.

The controller has a severe case of manic-depression, where one moment you have to swing your arm like a mad man to move the cursor an inch; at times you move a fraction and the Wii controller freaks out. The sensitivity issue might be fixed in the future, but I bought a console expecting a finished product.

The idea of the Wii controller is to use your imagination, but Nintendo keeps coming out with new accessories. Some DO make sense – I can’t really play guitar hero with just the Wii controller, but at the same time, I could easily imagine it to be a wheel, or a bat/golf-club/racket.

Online Gameplay (the lack thereof)

We are the generation of the Internet, and a lot of times we play games online. So the PS3 and Xbox360 have made it easy to connect to your friends online (Xbox360 being the easiest.) The Wii, on the other hand, is like a jealous lover that doesn’t want you to have friends online at all. 

This selection is pretty much it for the Wii - they're still terrible games.
This selection is pretty much it for the Wii - they're still terrible games.

The Wii Selection of Games

Obviously, the Wii plays games, but the games that are around for the Wii are true disappointments if you like to play alone. The Wii has the usual Mario, Zelda and Metroid franchises, but these are tested and true series. Who has owned a Nintendo console in the past and doesn’t know those three? The few notable games that feature solo-gameplay would be Okami, No More Heroes, and World of Goo. These games have some true innovation to them, and the others are just following the paths of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

I remember having more fun playing the pre-loaded games on the Wii, and later the Wii Sports with friends than the games that are intended for this console.

Oh... The pains of being a reviewer... *twitch* (Photo:
Oh... The pains of being a reviewer... *twitch* (Photo:

To Buy or Not to Buy?

After much intense research on the Wii, both with friends and an experimental technique of sugar-overdose to simulate the mindset of the Wii’s target audience, I have found the Wii lacking. The lineups of games are simply reruns of the ancient franchises, and many of the games designed for the Wii simply try to show off the Wii’s new control – disregarding gameplay… 

You could easily be spending that time on board games and you would have just as much fun and much less frustration with a gimmicky controller and lack of games and the severely annoying online friends system.

Besides, most likely you have a friend who was a sucker and bought it. Go and play it at his/her house since you need people to play with for most of Wii’s games anyway.


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    • profile image

      Rick 8 years ago

      Totally agree about what you said about the wii. The wii is trying to fit every niche at once without being successful in any. Sure it's innovative and that's where most of the hype stemmed from but the wii is nothing more that a "one size fits all" approach to gaming. The result: same sort of feeling you get when you've forgetten your own swim trunks and are forced to borrow your friends. The uncomfortable controls and lack of focus for long time fans and the constant bombardment of wiiware (crap games) has made this system nothing more than a money sink for those that consider themselves "new age hip". Couple this with the fact that you should be doing more than half of the actvities on the wii in real life (aka actually exercising and cooking) and you get a system that is making more money for nintendo than they're actually worth.

    • Proud Mom profile image

      Proud Mom 8 years ago from USA

      No chance of busting your tv that way, anyway... :-)

      A friend of mine had to take some time off of work for some type of injury. She finally had to fess up when she got back that she had pulled a butt muscle with her Wii fit. That was ironic, because I had just read about a similar incident here on hubpages!

      No chance of that for you either. Hmmm.....maybe I'll rethink my stand. :-))

    • ethanol2323 profile image

      T Chan 8 years ago from Bay Area, California

      k@ri and Proud Mom:

      Thanks for the comments. And it is true, that the Wii DOES have some games that are "fun", but as a full time unemployed gamer, the Wii doesn't do it for me. (I'm sticking with my PC games.) ^^

    • Proud Mom profile image

      Proud Mom 8 years ago from USA

      Oooooh! I LOVE mine, too. Have controller issues, as well, but we muster through.

      Ethanol, don't let ANYONE shove a stick down your throat. :-)))) Your opinion is as important as anyone's!

    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 8 years ago from Ohio

      I love my Wii, but then I have 2 kids to play it with :) I agree the controllers can be pretty finicky, glad to know it's now just me! I still think it is a fun system and more active than board games.

      But then, I never met a game system I didn't like. Guess I just love to play!