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World Cup Stadium Horn Review

Updated on July 24, 2010

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“The vuvuzela is loud, entertaining, and full of spirit!”

“I love how the horn can collapse and is so loud! It is a great toy and I will continue to use it.”

“The Stadium Horn is very very sturdy and performs just as well as I thought it would!”

“The vuvuzela is great and easy for me to play. I love it!”

"I bought this on Amazon and the shipping was perfect. The horn was very loud, exactly how I expected it would be."

"I'll be using these again next time the World Cup occurs."

"I bought these for myself and my friends. They were inexpensive and they provided for some entertainment."

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The clock is ticking into overtime, and neither team has scored. You cheering with all your might, but it doesn’t feel like enough to help your team score. You would get an air horn, but they are too loud and expensive. Well then you should get yourself World Cup Stadium Horn, which is the instrument of choice for fans of the 2010 Soccer World Cup. Best of all, it requires no batteries, just the power of your voice. The horn is made of a durable plastic, and it is very lightweight and easy to carry.

Originally, the Stadium Horn measures 29 ½ inches long by 41/2 inches wide. However, the horn has the ability to collapse in on itself for easier storage. (It becomes15 ½ long after it is collapsed) The horn itself has a very simple design, which is similar to a trumpet, making it easy for anyone to play it. Best of all, the horn (or vuvuzela) requires absolutely no batteries to play it, just the power of your voice. The sound that it produces is very much like a swarm of bees. This unique sound is exactly what makes the World Cup Stadium Horn so easily distinguishable and recognizable. It comes in 9 different colors.


  • The World Cup Stadium Horn requires no batteries
  • The horn can collapse in on itself in order to make it easier to transport
  • Comes in 9 different colors
  • Made of a durable plastic
  • Its simple design makes it easy for everyone to play it
  • Great for sporting events
  • Has a unique and distinguishable buzzing sound


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