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World Of Tanks: New MMORPG! Not Worth The Download?

Updated on November 5, 2013

WOT - background


Tank in my pocket

Everyday I see a new online computer game available for play and ready to download. There is just no way to keep up with the growing market of freelance video game designers throwing out everything they can to earn a few advertising bucks and perhaps a shot at getting their new game on the market. Along with all the hundreds of social media games like facebooks "Farmville", the competitor world has unleashed more hardcore titles to really draw in the crowd for the taste of something new. Many of the bored gamers that surf the net for these games have probably already had their hands on a few titles such as Evony, Dragon Soul, Adventure Quest, and War 2 Glory just to name a few. Of course every game you wish to try is free of charge but not free of memory. Nobody really cares about memory on their computer because a quick un-install and boom you get it back if you don't like the game. However not always is it only the game itself you get suckered into downloading, you may end up installing a toolbar or two and a search engine littered with ads. Gamers tend to pay attention for the most part and refuse to download most of this excess software which can be dismissed with the simple click of a check box upon installation. However this hub is intended to give you the out look on the new MMORPG World of Tanks, so that you can decided if its worth the download.

I Got Destroyed


Beta or not, game lacks interest.

In WOT (World of Tanks) I would love to tell you that you're gonna start off with a half decent tank and plenty of tutorial learning to really get the hang of the game. Unfortunately you get 3 tanks and one of them is the "Tin Can" T1 Cunningham in the photo to the right. As for learning the game its called good luck, and naturally trial and error. The other two tanks are from the faction of Germany and USSR which gives you the MS-1 (USSR) and the Leichttraktor (Germany) good luck saying it. The T1 is the only USA tank to start with if you had not guessed already, along with a small amount of gold and nothing to spend it on. You essentially play the game for one purpose to earn experience and gold in order to strengthen your force and upgrade your tank army. Although don't get excited you only get to use one tank per battle, on the plus side you can battle as much as you want and rarely cost you anything in repairs. That's because in WOT you earn experience even when you lose, or I should say when your team loses. Probably a good thing considering you might die within about 30 seconds or less if you see another player, after you wait the 5 Min's just to actual get into the battle. Think of it as the slowest paced game of Call of Duty, and the whole time all you get to do is move a tank around and hope you figure out how to fire in time. Don't get me wrong I did not spend nearly enough time playing it to consider myself a knowledgeable player. Though I did spend enough frustration and time to become a critic, my wasted energy on the game is simply to give you a heads up for what you're in for. AHH! what the heck its free anyway right?

Your Garage, well actually its mine


How do I move and shoot?

Here is a quick run down of the game to the point that I understand, hopefully these few basics I was able to figure out will give you a little insight as to what to expect should you chose to play WOT. First off there are little tip boxes in most every area you can click, just hover over it or right click your mouse in order to find out what something is for. Although most of the tips are vague and lack the actually detail as what to do.


1.Your main screen (like the photo to the right) is all you will ever see to make any changes to anything in the game. The only other screens you see is the actual game play worlds and the loading screens.

2. Check your options menu by pressing ESC button and check out the controls to function your tank during battle, these are important to set to the easiest way you can handle it or you will be blown to pieces quite rapidly.

3. You gain a certain amount of experience per game and its dependent upon your kills, your life and whether or not your team wins. Also you have different types of experience you can earn which are credits, free experience and research points.

4.Each research point is used to learn new designs for your tanks or military personnel. Each gold (use to be credits) is used to buy the actual parts of your tank or a new tank assuming you have done enough research to earn it.

5.Honestly I know very little about how the different military personnel work in this game, however I do know you earn the chance to upgrade their skills so they can perform better in battle. Also stronger tanks generally carry more guys.

6.You can use things known as consumables in the game if purchased at your garage before entry to the game. Things like fire extinguishers and toolboxes, along with stealth items. To be fair with you, I can almost guarantee in the beginning of this game they will do you absolutely no good.


After choosing which tank you will use, simply clicking the top button on the screen titled "BATTLE" will enter you into the loading screen of setting you up with an active game. Of course after that you will get placed on a team and then just have to wait for everyone to load up. Maybe its not that long of a wait but it definitely will get annoying fast. Once your in battle the first thing you will wanna do is move and move fast, a fast and protected tank is a tank that survives a slow tank better be a good shooter or your "dead in the water" so to speak.

For those who have ever experienced a cheater on call of duty then you will instantly feel that incredibly angering feeling within a minute of playing. Unfortunately you don't have to be super skilled to play this in fact you don't even have to win to be an elite. You build up experience from dozens of battles and in no time you are sporting out a super tank and picking off the little newbs, causing the cycle of frustration all over again. Well you do have to learn to shoot right but I am sure after about your 20th game you will kill something (like me :( ). After all you have all the time in the world to spend figuring out a game that can barely figure itself out right? Good luck if you do intend to download it and play, just remember pay attention to the clock if you haven't figured it out in a few hours then I would just bag it.


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    • XactScienZ profile image

      XactScienZ 5 years ago from UTAH

      Ding Ding!! Correct, at the time this came out, and I started playing, I instantly sucked at this game. Therefore, emotion got in the way of judgement and I wrote this review in the aspect of exactly how you said it. However, this review is still useful in pointing out the difficulties to watch for in the game, therefore providing a small window of insight to new gamers. Thanks for the blunt post! haha

    • profile image

      aaa 5 years ago

      What i got from this review: I AM BAD AT THIS GAME, THEREFORE THIS GAME IS BAD

    • profile image

      Cedric 5 years ago

      While I completely disagree with your view of the game, and in fact find it very fun, I appreciate how well thought out this review was. It was not too biased, and actually was well-written. Well done.


    • profile image

      TheBadDragon 5 years ago

      It never ceases to amaze me that the most overated franchise of call of duty gets compared with every single game. I admit this game may not be for anyone who has the attention span of a goldfish and lack any kind of team play or strategy. This game has the easiest controls. The only thing that can be frustrating about it is when a lot of people within your same tank level aren't playing and you get thrown in with the big boys. I would suggest this game to anyone. Its free!

    • XactScienZ profile image

      XactScienZ 6 years ago from UTAH

      Thanks MadBadger for the comment.

      Try to understand, that my intention of writing this was to be biased because its my opinion. I think it was a nice attempt at making a fun game but I personally feel it lacks a lot of potential to be worth paying for. Not everyone agrees with my point of view and most have better understanding of the game. Which is exactly what I have this up for, is to allow those people to express the good or bad knowledge of the game that I missed.

      Please try not to get so emotionally attached to comments that are meant to express opinions, to allow others to express their own.

    • profile image

      MadBadger 6 years ago

      Poor review. Battles normally take about 5 seconds to get into not 5 minutes. The starter tanks work fine since they only go up against OTHER starter tanks or at worst, the next tier up.

      It is fairly to earn enough credits and exp to move into a better tank or upgrade your current tanks.

      Reviewer seems quite biased since he is making fun of the names, and that you 'only' get one American tank to start, and seems to get an incredibly angered feeling within one minute of startup even though he is a newbie player who says himself he didn't bother to learn the game very well.

      As in any game, there are still some problems with it, it has just been released after all. However it is fun, fast, easy action that is free. Quite simple to learn the basics, and after that you can spend a long time being a 'pro tanker' or just tool around blasting things as an amateur.

      As in any game though, if you play it as an amateur, don't be surprised when the more skilled players blow your tank out from under you. And no, it doesn't take a 'cheater' to do that...

    • profile image

      ClammyLammy 6 years ago

      I think you're being a bit harsh on the game. Sure it's got a learning curve but essentially the controls couldn't be simpler - WASD for movement, shift for gunner view, mouse moves turret, left click fires and right click locks target for tracking. You just have to remember to A) Lead your shot, it's a shell not a laser, and B) use gunner view otherwise you end up shooting team mates.

      It's hard to get kills, I think this is part of the joy. Walk away with two and you really feel like you've done something. I'm not convinced I'll get it when it comes out, but at the moment it's providing me with a fair bit of free fun.