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World of Warcraft Addiction

Updated on December 12, 2012
World of Warcraft addiction
World of Warcraft addiction

WoW Addiction

World of Warcraft addiction has become the standard way to describe someone who is addicted to WoW and other massively multiplayer online role-playing games similar to WoW. It's important to note that many individuals enjoy playing online role playing games such as World of Warcraft in a responsible manner. They set limits for themselves and they use the game simply to relax and interact with like-minded individuals. For them, playing WoW is akin to watching a movie or sitting on the porch and having a nice conversation with a neighbor. It is a pleasant diversion and nothing more.

For those who have become addicted to World of Warcraft, "pleasant diversion" is replaced with "unhealthy obsession". Instead of watching one movie, getting a snack, and heading to bed, the addict watches three movies simultaneously, then watches three more simultaneously, and when he remembers that the boss doesn't come in until 10 AM on Friday mornings, he watches three more knowing that he doesn't have to slink into the office until 9:45 tomorrow morning.

Or, for the socially addicted gamer, instead of talking with the neighbor, she tromps around the neighborhood and helps Mr. Smith with his gardening, takes out the trash for old Mrs. Peterson, plays a game of hopscotch with Walt and Mary, rescues a cat from a tree on crazy Willy's property, and kills a rabid raccoon just waiting to infect a hapless passerby--all while gabbing with her gal pal Tiffany on her cell phone. And, amazingly, that rabid raccoon comes back to life every single night (Stephen King just smiled and he has no idea why).

The bizarre difference between a World of Warcraft addiction and other addictions most of us are more familiar with is that games like WoW are explicitly marketed as addictive. The highest praise for any game has always been "it is addictive", but somehow that never translated into an absolute addiction until games started to be made with the intention of keeping you playing forever.

It's important for gamers who might be teetering on the line of unhealthiness with their gaming to ask themselves a few questions: Am I a lifetime gamer? Is World of Warcraft enriching my life? Will I ever regret the time I spend playing the game? Am I asking others to take care of me so that I can play this game? What is the meaning of life?

If any of these questions tickled a nerve, you might want to consider planning an exit strategy, or at very least a containment strategy so that the game doesn't continue as an addiction.


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