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World of Warcraft and Elite Attitudes

Updated on June 30, 2014

Are People Playing WOW Ruining the Game?

Playing Chracters Ruin Online Games

Has World of Warcraft become a game you loved, and now Playing Characters have ruined it?

I remember first playing WOW and loving the graphics which I still do and can say from what I see of other games they still have the best graphics and story-lines. Yet when I first played the game the worst thing people could call you was a ninja and everyone was aware if you stole an item you didn’t need, just to sell it you would be labeled a ninja on the server you played on, which stopped most anyone from doing it.

It was great fun, you won gear and it was nice looking gear not all purple with tapestries, but gear people are still looking for to transmog their newer gear into. Old school they call it, yes the days you went with friends and didn’t bring them to the practice dummies to see what their gear score was before taking them. The game was fun to learn, the skills of how to beat a fight, not on watching a dps meter, to see who was doing the most dps.

Beware now if your dps reads low that is a green light for players in your group to be utterly rude to you, and call you a noob or much much worse, I am trying to be polite here *ahem*. But saying all this it has left a very thick tarnish on WOW and to no fault of theirs.

Friends all enjoyed playing, there were no guild wars where one person crept into your guild to pull your members to theirs, but guilds all mingled and helped each other. Now if you want to raid with a guild and are a good player some guilds say you must join them. Where is the comradely anymore?

WOW has adventures, quests, and dungeons, but a little more of those puzzle quests would be nice. Quests where you have to solve something rather than kill, which can be fun. Maybe that is just a girlie thought I know some male players who cringe doing them, no sword or armor needed just their brains...boring.

Now the Pandoras are coming soon, oh dear why does that seem so youth oriented to me, do I want to be a chubby female panda, probably not. Pretty Please WOW make your female boomkins have hair or a lace collar even, not something so large you hardly can see around them…ugh... not huge animals. The artists on your staff must get many requests from female players to slenderize them, give them a little frilly flare.

Worgens loved the introduction story of them, it was so interesting but after level 20 they became one of the slice and dicers, and they run with their backs bent, I kid a friend who plays he has a broken back. Still very cool mind you and their plusses to stats are nice too, but no pandas please with a cherry on top.

Will it revert the game to more of a child’s game... perhaps, and will that be bad, yeah for me but it might also make the playing more enjoyable where the elitist jerks will leave and the people who just enjoy playing will stay.

I have noticed even on a server that is rpg, pvp is becoming popular and I think it has to do with the escape of equipment surveying and refusing players to come with you, plus the dps meter is not used as much.

The heart of this article is directed to those who play; remember people can ruin a good game, and it’s all about playing with friends, Not about being the best player with the most gear, and the biggest insulter in the game.

Remember soon level 100 is coming so all that elite gear and the dps you are doing will be for naught and you will begin over again to level. With that in mind, enjoy the game, not the pleasure of being the best player with the most repulsive insults to those in your group. I cringe seeing now we can kick players, especially knowing someone just leveling to 85 has to start out like we all did to gear up.

It’s all about fun!

Adults Acting Like Babies

WOW Used to Be Fun! Whaaaa Crying Elites Now!

Well remember the days you'd go into a dungeon or a raid and we would TRY and prevail, there was no name calling, no immediate level 90 characters bought with money you don't know where your character came from, or how to play them.

Well those good old times are hard to find now, but I must say the Looking For Raid factor makes raiding easy, and there isn't hours of searching for healers in trade. So maybe it will all balance out.

The new game coming out December 2014 proves to be interesting from what I hear, there will be more additions, even a different look for your characters.

So Yes I guess I will keep my subscription to WOW, its the most well lit game to both role-play and adventure with.

Written opinion by (c) B. A. Williams

All Rights Reserved


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    • B. A. Williams profile imageAUTHOR

      B. A. Williams 

      6 years ago from USA

      There are a lot of good perks to the expansion and the game is fun, just wish more people forgot about gear score and thought more about fun. The elitist are spoiling it. Thanks for reading and commenting!

    • mygameguides profile image


      6 years ago from The Internet... ;)

      I'm in two minds regarding the new WOW expansion. It seemed a bit silly at first but it could be fun.

      I can't see me giving up my main toon though.


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