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World of Warcraft - Fel Iron Ore Mining Guide

Updated on June 23, 2011

Fel iron ore is a mineral vein that can be mined in the game of World of Warcraft. It’s used in various ways and is a reagent in many blacksmithing recipes. One of the main gripes about this unique mineral vein is that its spawn rate is a little jumpy. Some areas may be dense with fel iron ore at one time, and at another time, there may be none in sight. This leaves people like you to search the ‘net in hopes of finding a pretty consistent spot to mine this green mineral.


It’s a good idea to go ahead and grab the Gathermate2 and Gathermate2_data addons for World of Warcraft. These will help your mining routes by showing you common places on the map where ores spawn.

Hellfire Peninsula

Hellfire Peninsula is probably the zone that’s most abundant with fel iron ore. The only downfall of mining in Hellfire Peninsula is that it has the tendency to be heavily farmed which can affect the amount of fel iron ore you come away with. Run the following route and by the time you start over, the fel iron ore should have already respawned in that area. You can even check rocky places in the center of the zone for more fel iron deposits. Fel iron is pretty rich in this zone, so you shouldn’t have a problem just running the zone without a route and finding a good amount of fel iron.

On the other hand, if you like routes, try the one out below. You can even go for the section in the top left cortner with the elites (to the left of Temple of Telhamat) if you feel comfortable soloing them.

Fel iron ore mining route in Hellfire Peninsula
Fel iron ore mining route in Hellfire Peninsula


The fel iron ore can also be found in plentiful amounts in Zangarmarsh. It’s not quite as rich here as it is in Hellfire Peninsula, but it’s definitely a good alternative if there’s too much competition in HP. There are plenty of spots where fel iron ore spawns underwater and you can take advantage of these, too. However, swimming isn’t exactly exciting in this game, so that may not be desirable.

Try the cave out to the top left of the screen, as well.

Fel iron ore mining route in Zangarmarsh
Fel iron ore mining route in Zangarmarsh

Terokkar Forest

Terokkar Forest is another alternative to HP if you’re looking for another place to get your fel iron ore. This zone is probably the least dense out of the four for mining fel iron ore, but it can still serve as a solid option if the other two aren’t working out. You’ll probably find that the most populated part of this map happens to be the ridge to the lower right of the Bone Wastes and Auchindoun.

Fel iron ore mining route in Terokkar Forest
Fel iron ore mining route in Terokkar Forest

Shadownmoon Valley

Lastly, Shadowmoon Valley can bring a nice amount of fel iron ore to your netherweave bags, but the strongest of the mobs lie here as well. You can really find a lot of Adamantite ores here as well if you’re looking for that, too. Legion Hold can contain quite a bit of fel iron at certain times as well as Deathforge. If you’re lucky, you’ll even find a bit of Khorium throughout the zone as well. You shouldn’t really go anywhere near the the Black Temple, as there’s really nothing to offer there if you’re solely interested in mining.

Fel iron ore mining route in Shadowmoon Valley
Fel iron ore mining route in Shadowmoon Valley


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    • Arioch profile image

      Gordon D Easingwood 

      6 years ago from Wakefield, United Kingdom

      Cool hub, the Hellfire map almost resembles some kind of dragon head looking to the left. Probably a decent route for herbalism too.

    • mynameisnotpaul profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Kentuckeh'

      It does. I imagine because it's farmed a lot on my server which makes it sort of difficult to mine it.

    • Wobblestub profile image


      7 years ago from Philadelphia, PA

      Interesting guide. I'm curious, does Fel Iron sell consistently on your server?


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