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World of Warcraft: How to create and manage a guild: Several helpful tips to guide you on your way.

Updated on July 22, 2011

World of Warcraft: How to create a Guild

In the massive multiplayer game of World of Warcraft you simply cannot solo the entire game, unless maybe your Chuck Norris. But for the rest of us mortals, we have to join a guild. The problem is, so many guilds have certain rules and regulations. This article will help you build your own guild, from the bottom up.

Acquire a guild. Option 1.

You can acquire a guild in Warcraft one of two ways. The first way is you can buy a guild from someone who doesn’t to be the guild master of their anymore. This is usually costly, as I have seen guild’s sell for over 10k gold. The benefits to this are quite obvious. You can start at a higher guild level and thus have more guild perks (instantly), and items available to the guild members. You might also have guild tabs unlocked, which can be quite costly if you are building your guild up from scratch. However, this option isn’t the best; here’s why.

-Older guilds can have a negative stigma with them. Say the guild that you bought had a lot of ninja’s (people who steal loot), bad players, or be geared to more goofing off then playing serious. This negative stigma can be hard to shake off. Many players might not know that the guild is under new management, and other will simply not care.

-You don’t get to pick the name. It might sound stupid but a good guild name can actually make or break a guild at times.

-You don’t have the satisfaction that you created this guild from day one.

Basically an old guild can carry a lot of benefits and a few negatives. Mainly, the negative being a bad reputation which can mean a lot if you are trying to create/build a core number of guildies.

Acquire a guild. Option 2.

You can build your own guild. This ultimately means a lot of hard work. You have to start from scratch, but you get the satisfaction of creating something from nothing.

***To build a guild you need to go to the Visitor’s Center of any major city. Buy a guild charter, name the guild and get 10 people to sign it.

-You also get to start fresh. A totally new reputation to either build a good reputation or a bad one.

-You can create your own guild name. This is really important. If the guild name is too long people might have a hard time remembering it. Something short usually works best. You can decide if you want to make it a funny guild name IE “Naga Stole my Bike,” “Your Mom is my Epic Mount”, etc or something more serious IE “Soul Society,” “Pineapple Express” “Redux.” I highly recommend not naming your guild after something written in latin/greek/ foreign language. These guild names are hard to remember, hard to type, and many people think these guild names are kinda stupid (besides are you 100% sure that the online translator that said “dinviticus” meant “truth,” wasn’t messing with you and the word actually means “Bed Wetter?.”)

So now you have a guild….now what?

Now you get to figure out what type of a guild do you want. Do you want it to be a social/leveling guild? A player vs player guild? Or a raiding guild? You can either focus on one thing specifically IE PvP or you can offer to do everything. Usually people want the ability to both do PvP(player vs player) and PvE(raiding) in a guild. So go ahead and pick (remember you can also add things that your guild is planning on doing later). But understand that if you decide to have a guild that does everything and you recruit for everything you have to actively make an attempt to do everything.

Guild Recruitment

This is where the fun begins. You get to recruit and build up your guild population. If you are interested in recruiting I suggest creating a macro to save you time. To create a macro please refer to my macro creating article. This will save your recruitment pitch and allow you to just press a single button to advertise. You are going to want to advertise in trade, so it will spam your advertisement pitch over all the major cities.

Here’s a tip: If I wanted to advertise for recruitment I would put a message up like this:

“<The Lollipop Guild> lvl 1 is recruiting. We are a newly formed friendly guild. We are laid back and easy going. Focused on social and leveing for now. But with future plans of starting a 10 man core raiding group. We also plan on doing RBG’s and arenas endgame. We have a vent. Pst for more info.

The above advertisement has all the information you are going to want to include when recruiting.

-You have your name the “Lollipop Guild.”
-Your guild level
-The fact that your guild is new
-Laid back and easy going, unless you want to create a REALLY serious guild
-You are looking for level 85s for a 10 man core raiding group (this will attract a lot of people, especially if you already have a tank or healer).
-You endgame goals.

Guild Level

Guild Level can play a huge roll in recruitment. The higher the guild the more people will want to join. You can get some very nice perks with a high guild.
-The ability to mass resurrect
-To summon anyone in the party
-10 cheaper venders
-15 minute hearths.
-10 bonus to experience
-Ability to buy heirlooms
-Faster Mount speed
-Free Repairs
-Many more things

When you are starting out, you are going to want to include some of your guild perks when you advertise; IE let them know that if they join your guild they get a 10 percent bonus to experience (if you’re a high enough level to have this perk) or the ability to have free repairs.


Also known as Vent. This program will allow you to talk over the computer using headphone and microphone. If you are planning on doing rated battlegrounds or raids having some way to talk to everyone is a must. Now there are other programs out there that act like Vent. They have all the same ability and functions, but I am telling you now. Do not use them; even if you have prior experience using that program. 95% of the people on WoW have vent, they know how to use it and they don’t want to have to learn some new program. If you want your own personal guild vent you are going to have to rent a sever. They are cheap. I think you can get a 25 man vent for 10 dollars a month. Or you can use a public server. You just need to find out the information for the server (I believe elitist jerks has a 300 man server for public use). But be aware if you have a public server, anyone can use it. So if it fills out, you are SOL ($hit out of luck). Or if someone decided to spam your channel with music or a sound board you are also SOL.

Individual Recruitment.

When you are spamming trade you are not going to be able to reach everyone in WoW. So you need to create a macro to reach the people who are not in trade channel. You can do this one of two ways. One you can spam the general chat of whatever zone you are in. But this seems tacky. Or you can create another macro and whisper this macro to individuals. Again if you are interested please visit my Macro Article.

Your macro for whispering should sound like this.

“Hello, sorry to bother you but I noticed you weren’t in a guild. I was wondering if you might want to join <Lollipop Guild> we are level 12, so you get the bonus to XP (10 percent), which helps a lot in leveling. We also have vent, and plan to do a variety of things endgame. We would like to have you. If your not interested, good luck leveling and have a good day.”

Make it sound personal. Don’t make it sound like a generic macro. Make it sound like you are actually whispering this person with a guild invite.

***DON’T DO THIS: Some people will automatically send a guild invite to people who are guild-less. This is considered rude, and some people will become annoyed with it. Send the whisper and save your reputation. Plus sometimes people will join only to gquit a few minutes later. Having people Gquit is bad. It shows to everyone in the guild that someone left, which might make other people want to leave.

***DO THIS: Any easy way to find people who are guild-less is to type “/who 1-4 . This will show you all the player levels that are 1 through 4. From there click to see what guild they are in and then whisper the ones who don’t have a guild (should be the ability to sort them into guild and guild-less). The reason I have you type 1 - 4 instead of 1 - 85. Is that there are a lot of people on the server, if you typed 1 - 85 you would get a random selection of people but if you type a lower number of 1 - 4 or 1 - 8 it will give you all the players in the level bracket.

Officers and member rank.

As the guild master. You can create rank and officers. You set how much access they have. I highly suggest having a few officers in your guild. Usually these are people you know, or people ingame who you can more or less trust. If you guild has 25 members, having 5 officers are a good item. These should be people who are on fairly often. This way if you not on and a problem arises these officers have the power to kick people out of the guild or make a big decision.

-Your lowest rank, should have hardly any guild access…maybe just the ability to talk in guild and that’s it. This way if a problem arises someone can be demoted to bottom rank where they wont do any damage until you can workout what's going on.

-Don’t create too many officers, if you guild is too officer heavy its looks kinda funny. Also think carefully on who you want to make an officer

--Having ranks like: Novice, Member: Veteran. etc or you can name each rank something silly: Bootlicker, Scrub, Lollipop holder

-Other Guild roles of Assistant GM, Banker, Raid leader, Rated Battle Grounds Leader

Why inviting noobies or lowbies is good.

If your guild is just starting out, many people want to recruit just level 85’s. They don’t want to have to bother with low level characters, but this strategy is kinda stupid. Why? The guild player cap is 999. Those lowbies are not going to take up a spot for a high level character, but they are going to help bring in guild experience (which levels up the guild), they are going to be 85 one day (and very loyal to the guild who helped them). And they are additional players to socialize in the guild. They might not bring in much guild experience at their low levels but everything helps plus the quests after level 70 really increase guild XP fast.

A random selection of various tips

-Start creating guild events right away. Get the guild active, and encourage social interaction in guild chat.
-If you are going to demote/ gkick someone try to do it when less people are on
-Reward players who have been in the guild for a longer period of time with officer or veteran spots.

-If someone in your guild is caught ninja'ing loot, using a bot, etc you must take swift and harsh action. Don't Sacrifice your guilds reputation because of one player

- Try not to have fun with promoting or demoting IE I’ve seen guild leaders or Officers kick players or promote or demote them just because they are horsing around. Some people are okay with this but some view it as being very immature and unprofessional.
-Try to have fun in the guild
-Constantly recruit: Do the searches that I told you every day.


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    • RandallJonas profile image

      Randall Jonas 

      4 years ago from Canada

      Inviting people at low levels is important. I think it is a great point you bring up. These people remember that you invited them when they were new and that your guild helped them on their way up when most would not invite them. It really is weird how many guild do NOT recruit low levels - good for us! lol

    • Seth Winter profile imageAUTHOR

      Seth Winter 

      6 years ago from Shingletown, California

      One final thing. If you have enough gold and enough people in the guild a very fast way to level your guild is the create a reward for the person who gets the guild the most XP. Instead of gold you can buy a mount and present that..

    • Seth Winter profile imageAUTHOR

      Seth Winter 

      6 years ago from Shingletown, California

      Try the recruitment macro suggest under Individual Recruitment. Recruiting in trade only works to a point, where you will draw the majority of your new recruits will be from typing /who 1-9 which will display everyone on your server that is lvl 1 through 9 ( you can enter any lvl to replace the 1-9).

      From there you can see who is in a guild and who isn't. Send them a whisper and see if they want to join. Once your guild starts to level, you will gain guild perks which help recruit people.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I just started a guild and trying to get more people... but no one will join.


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