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World of Warcraft | Worst PC Game Of All Time

Updated on November 15, 2009

Having played to level 80, I can honestly say that World of Warcraft is perhaps the most awful majorly successful game ever to darken the doors of PC gaming. Here's why I'd rather allow termites to eat my feet off than renew my World of Warcraft subscription.

The game play is entirely carrot and stick. You work to get rewards which will allow you to work to get more rewards. The actual game play itself, ie, the reason why you play the game is very rarely rewarding, and hardly interesting. The lore is there, but it's in the small print and I've met very few people who even pretend to care about it. Overall, in spite of some pretty nice environments and even some passably mood inspiring music, the game has the atmosphere of a limp fish.

Nothing aside from your face, race and body is customizable. Gear is all standard, which means that everyone pretty well looks like everyone else. All you can hope for is the fact that the higher level you are, the more bulky and shiny you are and the more outlandishly large swords, staffs and other such accouterments you carry with you. I'm assuming that in a few years, top players will just be giant spiky flashing spheres.

NPC's may as well be wooden sticks with signs on them. They're useless. Text dialog makes them out to have some sort of agenda and feelings, but because it is so difficult to interact with them in any way other than the game designers intended, they are nothing but props. It's not possible to attack many NPC's even if you wanted to (and trust me, on one of the many 'escort' quests, when you have to escort an NPC from one place to another, an NPC who will invariably saunter directly into the path of every mob within a five mile radius, you're going to want to run them through with a rusty spoon very quickly.)

There is no reward in Warcraft simply for enjoying the game. If you play on a PvP server, expect to be fairly regularly killed for no reason by higher level players from about level 15 onwards. This will quickly become frustrating and you will dream of the day that you become level 80 and free from ganking, or at least, able to fight back. Bad news though, when you hit 80, you realize that everyone who hit 80 before you (and given the sheer numbers of players who have been playing for years, that's several hundred thousand people,) can kill you just as easily as when you were a puny level 20. Seriously.

People say that leveling is not really the game, that the end game is where all the fun is. It's not. The end game is where you're forced to play with other people in order to advance. It is possible to level to 80 alone, but after 80 you have to play nice. If you're a new 80, you probably suck, which means that you'll be unceremoniously be kicked from most groups you join simply because a better player comes along.

The solution to this is to join a guild, however any guild worth getting into doesn't want you, and the guilds that accept new 80s and whatnot are very rarely up and running to the point where you'll actually get to play the game. In other words, unless you're prepared to suck up to people, you're done for. If you do get into a good guild, be prepared for drama, lots of it. People good enough to play in good guilds take the game very seriously, and that means you better not screw up too often.

On top of all of this, World of Warcraft costs almost $180.00 per year if you pay monthly. Seriously, on top of the cost of the game, you have to pay $180.00 just to kill x number of y over and over again. If you hate yourself enough to pay $180 per year to play a game that spends most of the time punishing you, why not roll your money up, set it on fire, and burn yourself with it?

It actually stuns me that World of Warcraft breaks every basic rule of game design (variety, interaction, rewards which actually mean something,) and yet has people coming back month after month, year after year. They're not necessarily enjoying themselves either, most of them are just angling for the next carrot, hoping that this will be it. It won't be, because WoW is less a game than a slow torturous way to send you towards your grave without ever having achieved anything of any real consequence. World of Warcraft is a vortex that sucks players in and ultimately leaves them hollow and unfulfilled. Stay away.


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    • Cactrot profile image


      8 years ago


      The only nice thing I can say about WoW is that it's pretty. Lost quite a few friends to addictions to games like this :(

    • profile image

      WoW Veteran 

      8 years ago

      G'day folks

      Having played WoW for 5 years It was the best MMORPG ou-there for me by far...until my account was compromised. As I was waiting for Blizz to resolve the issue (in their 'very' efficient manner) I decided to try out over 6 different MMORPGS that seemed to be popular. That is when my eyes were finally opened...

      Having now regained my account access, I realised that the game no longer has any appeal. Granted it seemed worthwhile for 5 years and I do not regret that time, it is time to move on to greener pastures and up-dated titles.

      Just my 2 cents

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      The only people who can tell you that WoW is the best game out there are people who never played anything else , period.

      Its a game for people who loves no challenge, have no gaming skills and want instant gratification. That's it .

      If you ever played UO or EQ 1, take the 10 day WOW free trial, level to 15 and then use the group finder tool to get into a group , you re gonna see what terrible MMO it is .

      There is no tactics involved, people have absolutely no freaking idea how to play their class , Im not even talking about those who drop their group in the middle of a fight once they got the loot they wanted, i'ts a total zergfest.

      Ive got no idea why people are addicted to this trash of a game seriously, there is nothing entertaining about it, just mindless instance grinding, each one of them as dumb as the next one.

      I m ready to bet anything that if you put your average WOW raiding guild in an 10 years old EQ dungeon, these idiots would be trashed in less than 5 minutes .

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      It's okay I guess, I play every week or so

    • JoePa82 profile image


      8 years ago from Indiana

      ILoveLingerie: You're comparing WOW to much more epic games like Mass Effect and Fallout 3 and Deus EX (awesome game, btw, try it if you haven't). That's like comparing checkers to risk. WOW, while enjoyable to me, as I do play it, is nothing like Fallout 3 and Deus EX and all those others. You have little to no control over the outcome of ANYTHING in WOW, and that is what seperates MMO's to rpg's. Anyone who is an old school gamer like me will appreciate the difference three little letters will make in the rpg genre.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I've never understood why people like to play WoW. I tried it once but was bored by it extremely.

      I don't like RPGs too much, that's probalby the reason. I do like some though, like Mass Effect, Fallout 3, Deus Ex and Omikron.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I have played this shit game for long and i mean,i play in high ratings and so on. still they cant balance the game, when like elemental shamans do normal crits at 12K :S:S.S

      I play Ret,u cant even manage to bubble in right time,you need to bubble even before the cast if you got 60% hp :S

      So weird. i mean guys dont start play it,theres no point then they just ruining you.

      Like Rdruids never go oom and even how hard you hit them in 2v2 you dont kill them since their partner has one survability Cd on himself,and the games just keep going.

      Is it fun to play in like 30 min with knowing a noob drood that just keeps hotting himself and never die and never go oom. and still if u like play with a priest he goes oom much faster since he arent that op as droods.

      P12 atm can reach 2.3 rating easy if they just play a class thats carried by the damn fucking game.

      Warlock just immolate,shadowfury and yes CHAOS bolt and ur done to 30% from 100% :S Sick sick.

    • asipple profile image


      8 years ago from South Jersey

      It is definitely an addiction that I was happy to break from.

      I played WoW for like 3 years. It was a huge waste of time.

    • The Grey Wolf profile image

      The Grey Wolf 

      8 years ago

      Honestly, I don't find MMORPG's all that good. I am a hard core RPG gamer and MMO's dont seem to lend themselves to RPG's all that well. The acronym is Role Playing Game. You're supposed to place yourself in the shoes of another person in another world and live out a segment of that life. MMORPG's don't really capture that well. Originaly I think that was the idea but now I think it has devolved into a kind of miasmic convoluted game of "keeping up with the Jonses". The drama and suspense of Blizzard's pitiful attempt at a story is overshadowed by the drama, memes, and petty desputes of the internet.

      Oh, and just because the drooling masses like something does not mean it's good. Popularity does not equal quality.





    • profile image

      Lucid Dream 

      8 years ago

      I used to play WoW a lot, and I totally agree with what you're saying. Let me list what I consider to be pros and cons of the game.


      - It seems easy to grasp at first.

      - The world seemed beautiful and enchanting.

      - The story of the warcraft series was extended slightly.

      - The auction house is one of the better trade mechanics I have seen.

      - Addons!

      - Mounts are fun and cool (especially bird form!)

      - Brings a wide array of people together.


      - The game becomes far more complicated in a sneaky sort of way.

      - Items define your character.

      - Unscheduled maintenance and prolonged scheduled maintenance.

      - Instances require too many players.

      - no unique appearance, not even semi-unique.

      - Constant "rebalancing" of races and classes... (More a problem for some friends of mine than me)

      - An attribute's effectiveness dwindles as you level up

      I'm sure I'm missing some things in both the pro and con areas, but this is what I can think of off the top of my head.

      The game is very simple when you start. You have an an ability or two, and a melee attack. The quest line teaches you a bit about your class and race. The starting areas were incredibly beautiful and enchanting in my opinion. The Night Elf and Undead areas were my favorite. I had always had a special liking for Alleria and Sylvanas in Warcraft 2 and 3. I'm quite fond of archery in real life, and I make my way to the archery range once a month. I started the game as a hunter, but the concept of a hunter really didn't pan out to how I had imagined Alleria and Sylvanas to be, more like archers. I ended up playing my undead priest and finding Lady Sylvanas along with details of what had become of her as the leader of the forsaken. Later, when Blood Elves were introduced to the game, you could find out more about her past too. The auction house was fun for me to use, I bought and sold on a daily basis, and I think I even had a little bit of fun doing it. I think I should be giving more thanks to the author of "Auctioneer" than Blizzard though, auctioneer removed a lot of the tediousness of posting large quantities of items, and remembering what things on average were worth. The mounts in the game were really neat, and one of the few ways to make your character slightly different than others.. sometimes. The only aspect of this game that mattered to me, however, was the social one. I met sooo many people who I formed close relationships with while playing. People from across the country who have become my friends outside of the game, and even someone special who became more than even that.

      I like to think I would have met these people even if WoW had not existed, but thats probably just an illusion. I do have WoW to thank for drawing the people it did.

      As far as the cons go, my main problem with the game was the feeling of being utterly trapped by Blizzard. As you level up, your stats or attributes become less effective. For example, at level 1, 10 agility might give you 5% crit, and at level 80, 10 agility gives you roughly .15% crit (see for real numbers). This is true for the effects of most stats, with the exception of stamina and intellect to a degree. No one tells you about this, there is no in game tool-tip explaining it. It is a hidden aspect (from casual players) that can only be offset by acquiring better items--which I jokingly refer to as WoW's version of pokemon. Which leads me to my next issue, my character looks TERRIBLE throughout a large majority of the game. You are forced to upgrade items as a result of leveling up in order to simply maintain your effectiveness. A lot of the times, that means putting on blue tights with turquiose lace with a green vest armor with a leafy appearance... ew. I feel like a fashion disaster sometimes. This may only be me, but in other MMO's and some other multi player RPG's I have played, I have had more option as far as my appearance. Like NWN (on any server that had CRP installed properly), City of Heroes, Champions Online, and a few others. If I equip only items that appear the way I like, I would be unable to continue playing the game on my own at times, even in single quests (I've tried it... -_-). My boss at my current work still plays, and every time a major slew of changes to classes and races comes out.. he dreads it. He has 6 level 80 characters, and has to respec them all whenever something like that happens, which is quite often with Blizzard (usually every 6-8 months with major content patches). WoW's scheduled maintenance window is a joke among other games. 8 hours of scheduled downtime a week, "WoW" indeed! Not only that, but there have been many issues with battlegroups having persisting problems that will keep 10-12 realms down far beyond that time. I have personally experienced downtime with my battle group which kept it down for 10 hours on 4 seperate occasions in the same month. When I read the forums about it, other users mentioned it had happened before on other battlegroups. Instances are arguably one of the most fun aspect of the game, however, you can't run one with less than 4-5 people. When I am with a friend and want to run a fun instance, why not have a mode tailored to 2 people? Drop the nice reward items and let the casual players at least experience some of your best content, please!

      I'm sorry for the long rant, there is a lot to say about this game, and I have 2-3 years of experience with it. There is still much to be said to properly judge the game, a lot of it relies on personal opinions. Popularity certainly is a factor, but not a good enough one, I think, to justify the numerous flaws in both the game and Blizzard's policies. Unfortunately, I have little time to continue discussing it, as I am sure the readers have little time to continue reading it.

      However, if you actually read all of my babbling, Thanks, I appreciate it!

    • Hope Alexander profile imageAUTHOR

      Hope Alexander 

      9 years ago

      Mr.T, Ozzy Osbourne,and William Shatner do not play WoW, they are paid to advertise it. Please don't tell me you're so naive as to believe they are all hardcore players. Thanks for that comment though, it totally made my day :D

    • GamerGal profile image

      Ashley Miller 

      9 years ago from Duncannon, Pa

      I don't see what you're problem is. Yeah there are aspects of the game that are unfavorable. But say what what you want to say,it doesn't change the fact that WOW is the most popular MMORPG in the world. If it was as bad as you put it,Mr.T, Ozzy Osbourne,and William Shatner(as well as the millions of players worldwide) would not be playing it.

    • jfrench623 profile image

      Justin French 

      9 years ago from NY

      Wow can be a very great game if given the attention and dedication a game of its quality desires. Check out my hubs for alot of different wow related stuff.

    • JoePa82 profile image


      9 years ago from Indiana

      Well, personally, having tried many mmorpg's in my day, I actually think WOW is one of the best mmorpg's out there. Granted, I say this with the fact that I no longer play it. After getting 80's, after redoing the same quests, seeing the same people, and doing the same things so many times just lost it's appeal. I loved the game, loved the graphics, loved the vast and huge ability lists. I loved how every class had it's place and ability to play a part in a party. I love the community (when you found a good one/guild), I love the gameplay, and I loved the story lore. I've been a fan of warcraft since orcs & humans, and I have played nearly all warcraft games since. I will probably play again once cataclysm comes out again, because in many places it will be an entire game revamp. Right now, though, I don't want to do fed ex and kill this many things, and find this thing the same way I've done them all hundreds of times again. Give me new faces and new things to slay and new npc's to slay them for for a while, and I'll jump back on for as long as that entertains me.

    • Hope Alexander profile imageAUTHOR

      Hope Alexander 

      9 years ago

      Fair enough, though what I was really comparing WoW to was a scale of all games based on how engaging it really is and how good the game play is. I consider a great game to be one with a story line that makes you actually care about the characters and game play that is challenging and varied.

      I personally found WoW lacking in these two areas, but that's because WoW isn't about an engaging story line or varied game play, it is about getting really good at rotations and playing long enough and hard enough to get gear which gives you a slight edge over other players.

      I found that to be a fairly hollow experience, but there are hundreds of thousands who disagree, I will grant you that. As I mentioned, this article is entirely my own opinion and I am sure that most people take it as that. My cult is not yet strong enough to stand up to the might of Activision Blizzard. One day though, one day.

    • AgentMarvel profile image


      9 years ago

      Puffy harem pants aren't popular anymore? Oh no! Time for a new wardrobe. "Popularity just means that it appeals to the lowest common denominator." Really? While WoW certainly appeals to large number of people because it is fairly easy to play, it is exceptionally unfair to attempt to liken it to Hannah Montana, which is popular among one (impressionable)segment of our society. WoW's player base, from my own experience, is incredibly diverse. I've played with kids, teens, twenty-somethings, parents, grandparents, conservatives, liberals, well, pretty much every segment of the population. That kind of widespread popularity is seldom, if ever, seen.

      Also, I apologize for misreading the first commenter's post. Folks who are not fans of MMORPGs should definitely steer clear of WoW.

      What I was trying to convey (and it didn't come out the right way) was that it appeared as if you graded WoW based on a single player RPG grading scale and it isn't a single player RPG. Just out of sincere curiosity, are there any MMORPGs that you are a fan of? I tried at least 5 other MMORPGs since WoW came out and all of them were pretty lousy in comparison. Thanks.

    • Hope Alexander profile imageAUTHOR

      Hope Alexander 

      9 years ago

      Aww snokums Agent Marvel, the person who decided not to play decided because they don't like MMORPG's either. And need I remind you that popularity doesn't mean that things are good. Hannah Montana is popular. Puffy harem pants were popular in the 80's. Popularity just means that it appeals to the lowest common denominator.

      Not everyone wants to have to play with other people in order to unlock game content. My boyfriend is a high end raider in an excellent guild so I actually had it much easier than your average bear in terms of finding people to help me. I still found the enforced team play extremely lame however.

      I think everyone who reads this is aware that this is my opinion. It's not written on stone tablets on a mountain top and I am not censoring those who disagree.

      Feel free to write your own WoW praising hub :) I'm sure Blizzard would appreciate the added publicity (as if they need it.)

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      I dislike WOW because of the way I have seen people play it for days and thus neglecting their infants and toddlers, or playing WOW instead of going to work to earn money to feed their infants and toddlers. Their house was a stigh, they didn't have enough money to pay their mortgage, their children were hungry and dirty and there they were playing a computer game.

      And if it is as uninteresting as you say, then that is even worse.

    • MrCheesefish profile image


      9 years ago

      I agree. Why does everyone love it? You have to pay about $30 for a month of a bad game! I personally hate it.

    • AgentMarvel profile image


      9 years ago

      "The end game is where you're forced to play with other people in order to advance. It is possible to level to 80 alone, but after 80 you have to play nice." It sounds as if you have no interest in playing an MMORPG, but would instead prefer a simple single-player RPG like the Elder Scrolls series or Dragon Age. The strength of any MMO is your ability to effectively play with others and WoW is a ton of fun in this regard. World of Warcraft is one of the most engrossing RPGs I've ever played. I played the game for well over 2 years and will probably return to Azeroth when the Cataclysm expansion comes out.

      For some unknown reason you seem to have only experienced the worst aspects of the game, or maybe that is all you wanted to cover so that you could make other games sound better. I was a part of several wonderful guilds and yes there is drama, but when people interact on a regular basis, how can there not be? When I first hit 70 (and then 80), I had established a long list of friends that I could run "Heroics" with and get the necessary gear to move up to "raids." I'm not sure why you had a problem with this part of the game.

      By most gaming standards, WoW is one of the best, if not the best, MMORPGs ever made... just ask any professional game player and/or reviewer. It's gameplay is a little simplistic, but that is part of the reason for its mass appeal. Oh yeah, and 11 million+ copies sold and millions upon millions of subscribers also say that you're wrong. If you would like, I can counter pretty much every one of your points... but I suppose that your opinion is just that, your opinion. It just makes me sad when the first commenter decided not to play this great game because of your extremely opinionated and somewhat short-sighted review.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      yeah well so what about all your comments, how can u not like wow ! seriously so what if your always chasing a carrot or whatever thats the point of the has awesome graphics.. the interaction with other people is the best part...sometimes i just take a break and have fun exploring with friends, kicking back talking to each other..i mean yeah you can do that on a chat or something...but its a break from have your character and you can just do things that you couldnt normally do in real life...its sad that you fell all you have to do it chase that carrot...there is so much more to do and see in wow...and so what if everyones kicking your ass dont go into a pvp server..sides big deal you res and come back into your hard..try asking them why and talking to them maybe youll make a new friend..its happened to me ...then youll have like a bodyguard ever think about that..duh

    • Hope Alexander profile imageAUTHOR

      Hope Alexander 

      9 years ago

      No charlie, ahem 'WyldeNinja', everyone who plays on a PVP server gets their ass kicked at some point and usually over and over again whilst they level, that is the point. Nobody is immune from that and even experienced players get annoyed about ganking.

      You've also managed to pick out the last two paragraphs and ignore the whole rest of the article, you know, the overwhelming pointlessness of it all, the wooden NPC's, the incredibly repetitive grinding to 80, the way you have to suck your way into a decent guild and then put up with more drama than your life is worth. But that's because you have no come back for that.

      As for your claim that $180 is not a lot of money, it's far more money the game is worth, that was my point. Yeah an XBox game costs $60, but most of them have replay value beyond two weeks and they don't charge you to replay them, unlike World of Warcraft which keeps bleeding you for years.

      Enjoying Warcraft makes you a money slave to Blizzard, if that's what does it for you, be my guest, just don't pretend that World of Warcraft is some awesome game, when by all gaming standards, it's pretty awful.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Sounds like you basically just played and got your ass kicked now your crying about dieing on a pvp server. Also wow $180 a year big deal that's nothing to anyone even working part time. Most games for PS3 or Xbox cost $60 a pop brand new and your finish them in a week or two. I personally think WoW is a great game but if you don't like it what ever play something else.

    • Hope Alexander profile imageAUTHOR

      Hope Alexander 

      9 years ago

      If you like RPG's, give the Elder Scrolls series ago. I am really enjoying Morrowind, and unlike WoW it'll only set you back $20. I wrote a hub about it here....

    • The_Boss profile image


      9 years ago from CyberSpace

      Thanks for turning me off of a game I was willing to try out. After playing other mmorpg's, I can say that they are a waste of life. Period. Thanks for the outstanding hub!


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