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Worlds Most Addicting Game?

Updated on February 23, 2011
Travian is a massive online war game where activity and time is essential to building a successful account
Travian is a massive online war game where activity and time is essential to building a successful account

Most Addicting Game EVER?

Some of you may be out looking for an addictive game to play just to pass the time. Some play flash games, some play facebook games. The most addicting game I've ever played is a massively online game called Travian.

How it works

You start off with a small village, in which you must upgrade buildings, build troops, and raid for resources to try and build the largest, most powerful account on a server. The servers last about 9 months long, but some will only last around 3-5 months as well. The object of the game is to survive for 9 long, tiresome months, build as many troops as possible, and win a World Wonder with your alliance.

This is your village. Upgrading it to it's maximum potential for full effectiveness. Note that this photo is from the older version of the game, and villages look a bit nicer now.
This is your village. Upgrading it to it's maximum potential for full effectiveness. Note that this photo is from the older version of the game, and villages look a bit nicer now.

Starting Off

You will begin with selecting a tribe. There are Romans, Gauls, and Teutons. Romans are known to be the strongest of the 3, but resources tend to be more expensive. Teutons are cheap, but weak. You can build many more troops with them, but they are recommended for more experienced players. Gauls are defensive, usually, and have the fastest troops in the game.

So after you select your tribe, the game will begin. You (on the newer versions of the game) will start off with just a hero and your village. The hero can go on adventures and find upgrades, including horses, weapons, resources, troops, etc. You will also have your very first village. There are 4 different types of resources: Wood, Iron, Clay, and Wheat. Wheat is probably the most essential resource, as your troops will eat it, and you must always have a supply or your troops will starve. You can upgrade each of the resource fields to get more, and essentially build your account up faster.

Another part of your village includes buildings. These buildings all have unique jobs that will help you grow larger, or more powerful. The most important of these are barracks for troop training, an academy for troop research, a granary to store wheat, a warehouse to store all the other resources, and smithy to upgrade weaponry, and many others.


Ok, so now you can start building your villages. Now it's time to learn what the game is about. You will start building troops which take time to do. You will learn that waiting around forever for resources gets boring and tiresome, so what do you do? You raid the people around you who are trying to do the exact same thing. You can steal their resources and use them as your own, but you also have to try to avoid them attacking you as well. When you attack someone, or someone attacks you, a timer will start to count down when attacks will land. You have to decide whether or not to dodge the attacks and risk losing your troops, or to defend to send a message that you are not a person to mess with.

Since the game is 9 months long, you can imagine the size of the armies that begin getting tossed around. Activity is key to survival. You constantly have to watch for attacks and send attacks out enough to where you're making good loot. Attacking neighbors and keeping a leg up on the competition will ensure you are the top player in your area.

You can also join alliances. An alliance can have 60 people in it, and many many more with confederacies between other alliances and non-aggressive pacts. Alliances may work together to take out common enemies and strike fear in any other alliance nearby.

The game takes a lot of learning, and a lot of times will frustrate newer players. Luckily, they do have forums, and most players will help younger, less experienced players. There is a lot more to it than upgrading your villages and building troops. It's a massive, 9 month game of chess. At first glance, the game doesn't look too exciting. However, give it a few days. Check in on your account for about a week. If you don't like it, you can always quit.

Other tidbits

As I said before, the game is way too in depth to describe every tiny detail, but there are a few other tidbits I'd like to add. The first thing is gold.

The game is free. But- you can purchase gold to add certain bonus. For example, you can add 25% production bonuses to your resources. It's not necessary if you raid a lot, but it helps.

Another thing is that there are so many servers, you can always play even if you don't speak English well. There are Spanish servers, German servers, french, African, Australian, China, Japan, Egypt, and probably about 40 more to choose from. The have a forum with far farm more information than I have provided, so I suggest giving it a read.

As far as playing, you can visit (if you're in the United States) or just google Travian and whatever country you're playing from.


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