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Wow! I found a Quilt Site with Fabrics Similar to Wmart at Less Than a Million a Yard!

Updated on July 30, 2010
Sublime Green Paisley
Sublime Green Paisley
Sublime Stripe
Sublime Stripe

On Sale! $2.75 per yard!

Only a sewer, a quilter, a hobbyist can get excited about material.

Especially paisley

What is it about paisley even green that excites the normal person?

Look what happened in the fabric shop the other day:

"She must be bonkers

And she left her colour wheel at home as well didn’t she?"

"Look she’s buying them! Together at the same time, same yardage!"

"Now we know she's completely daft!"

"Let's go tell Mum!"

Perhaps it is as well the WMart store is going out of the material business

Did I say that? I must be daft!

Who needs them anyway? I am finding most of what I need is on the net at any rate. Look at the advertisement I found next to my Facebook page! My Facebook already knew what to program my eyes to see...course Facebook has no idea I am also so broke but one of these days! POW Right in the recession kisser!

Once I started to look I found many others as well and they have daily specials to rotate their stock so the five dollar fabric is cut in half (now should I reverse my near expletive and say thanks recession?) (NO) OK moving right along...

This shop/website address is: and that is its name as well...nothing-fancy just pictures of the fabric in big detail and the prices before and after the pricing gun got to it. I know you can’t touch it but it is certainly pretty and a good price as well.

Besides its 100% cotton! What a relief! Let’s find another one.

Well of course, I landed right on eBay and tons of different fabric but not really, what I want. I want an online store like stitchsteals...makes me feel more as if I’m shopping and not wandering the isles at the swap meet you know?

Although I forgot, the swap meet is a great place to find fabric...on bolts and in clothing...especially if they sell it by the pound so there’s another idea.

Sorry no website address for that one

Here’s another Quilting Fantastic and 2% off and its address is

Still not as good as stitch steals though. Well all I mean is you don't have to go all over town and you don't have to listen to the looks coming your way when you buy all sorts of colours together at the Hancock or Jo Anne’s fabric shop! They have o idea that when I search for fabric it’s because my fabric stash is like so low I can’t stand it and I want 5 preferable ten yards at a time of a good cotton fabric and it turns out to be a hodpog of on sale items when I finally wheel up to the cutting line...lots of time for everyone to discreetly pass judgment on my taste in fabrics.

Well mine is eclectic and cheap. I still think all fabric should be made and sold in this country to keep the costs down and give people work and I still think any material over 3 bucks is too much unless it’s for a formal affair then OK maybe $5.00 per yard..



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    • RNMSN profile image

      Barbara Bethard 7 years ago from Tucson, Az

      hello Rebecca E thanks for stopping by...yes this was fun to write I had a good time at midnight enjoying a huge thank you monsoon storm and smelling the rain and writing this hub glad you enjoyed the humour!love to you bb

    • Rebecca E. profile image

      Rebecca E. 7 years ago from Canada

      ha ha, great hub, yep maybe that is why they are going out of the material business... never knew about these sites... thanks.