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Writing in my diary

Updated on March 17, 2012

Dear Diary

I don’t remember from where I got the idea first, but I know I started writing in a diary back in Class 6th. I wrote in my diary every now and then for the next four years. I know they are still kept tucked somewhere back at mum’s place and maybe someday it might be nice to read them. It must be all about school experiences like exam tension, teachers, crushes, sports day et al! A bit of the excitement came from the diary in itself, the smooth cover, the pages and the font or styles...


I recently started writing again after like fifteen years and it is indeed nice. It is like having this friend or go-to person with whom you can share your joys, your sorrows, apprehensions without any expectation or any reaction. Non judgmental, non reactive, cold maybe. Is it an escape? Does it mean I am lonely or is a good vent ? I am not sure.

I guess it would depend on what you intend to record and document and for what purpose?

Somebody once mentioned what fun is it to read about your teen years? Or about how was the weather on some random date? So this time I decided I will make my diary entries more purposeful, maybe just like a writer who matures over time, a diary recording can also be classified as amateur to mature. (I just noticed, how the two words are almost made up of similar letters positioned differently and mean just the opposite!)

Anyhow, so now I focus on significant events, a change that matters, moments of despair and moments of great happiness, achievements, celebrations and hobbies. Focussing more of what is worth writing than just writing mundane stuff for the heck of it each day.

Hope I can keep it up and now when I look back at some of the past years, I wish I had written about so many events and significant milestones in my life. Something maybe my child would like to read about and understand the lives we lead and things we did, our trials and tribulations.

Well, better late than never!


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    • Winsome profile image

      Winsome 5 years ago from Southern California by way of Texas

      I'm glad you are going to write in your journal--it will be fun to monitor your thoughts like a HP cerebral reality show. You have an advantage, you can pick and choose what you share...although it would be fun to reveal whatever happens. Oh you weren't going to share it with us? Hmmmmm.

      That is funny about the two words. Maybe it's like moral and amoral--the a in front negates the word. =:)

    • Riverfish24 profile image

      Riverfish24 5 years ago from United States

      :) glad to hear..Go for it stestifie!

    • stestifie profile image

      Stephanie Pyper 5 years ago from Sin City

      I always wanted to write in a diary when I was younger but never could stick to it. Then when I got older I figured it was too late. Thanks for reminding me that it really is better late than never!