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XBox Kinect Gaming System

Updated on September 20, 2012

Are you thinking about purchasing an X Box or wanting to know what the newest games for 2012? I bought an X Box and will let you know what I thought in the article below. I will also have reviews of the hottest games for 2012!

I took the plunge today, I bought a top of the line gaming system. Now I am not really a gamer per say , but I do like to play video games occasionally. Today I entered the Toys R us with a full intention of purchasing a Sony PlayStation Move. I had done a hub on it before and decided that this might be the best one. That was until i talked with the "kid " who was helping me with making my mind up on my purchase. He told me about how the game works and that there are currently 15 games out for the Kinect right now. The Playstation is limited and has a game coming out every so often. The thing that sold me the most about this system is that I will not have to purchase any controllers, guns or exercise mats. All I need is my body. Wow, no extra devices to purchase and no extra things to get lost or chewed up by the dog ? Cool! That sold me right there.

I took my bundle home and set it up. Did you know this thing has wireless capabilities? Once I figure out my password to my other wireless I'm in! Need less to say I had to by pass all of the Internet connection because I couldn't figure out my password. I can come back to that later.

The directions took me right through. It was easy to understand and soon ( with a wave of my hand) I was playing the game.

The demo game that comes with it is pretty cool. It takes you through all sorts of adventure games. Before I knew it I was white water rafting! It is pretty amazing how tired you can become from playing this active game. ( it is also pretty amazing how out of shape I am). There are several more adventures to go through such as rally ball and the dreaded reflex game. (I still have to master it)

The game takes pics of you while you are moving all round the living room.. You get to see the snapshots right after you complete the level.   Of course the camera clicks right when you are doing the most difficult move. All the pics are saved for viewing later!

You can choose your xbox Kinect with 4.0 gig or 2.5 gig memory. (thus the difference in price) As I mentioned before you can fill up the memory with playing games with people over the Internet. Also you can store information about your progress on it. I chose the 2.5 gig. The kid at the counter told me I could just as easy purchase a additional memory if needed.

The sensor is very cool.  Just like a robot it scans you up and down so the game can recognize you the next time you play.  Wave your hands to activate it.  In the bottom screen it shows a miniature picture of you.  When your hands glow purple, it means the sensor has calibrated with you and you can control the hand on the screen. It is pretty easy to navigate through game.  Although you might have to practice precise hand control at first.  You have to hold your hand on the cursor, game or whatever for a short period of time to indicate that is what you chose.

 I will only review the games I have played so far.  Of course I have played the demo Kinect Adventures and it is really fun. There are several active games on it.  You start out rafting, then you go underwater to plug up holes.  After that you go on a ride at the track  and dodge  and jump obstacles.  I have to tell you my avatar was seeing stars! I have only made it to the intermediate level, so we will see what else is in store for me.

Your Shape Fitness Evolved

The next game I have purchased is the Your Shape, Fitness Evolved, workout video. Well it is not a workout video, it is actually better! The Your Shape gaming system is brought to you by Men's Health. There are several types of games to play on this system. First of all the sensor scans your body and makes measurements based on your scan and what you input for data. After that is complete your data is saved.

Your avatar looks like you too. You can't totally see your face but the silhouette is an orange hue with some depth. Pretty Cool!

You can opt to play some games. You can hula hoop, you can punch virtual blocks, and even play a virtual game of simon :). I admit I got a little frustrated with the virtual games because at the end of the session the narrator comes on and says you can do better. Needless to say I played this game five times until the narrator said I did good. Sneaky motivation eh?

You can also choose to learn Tia Chi. Follow the movements of the virtual trainer with a peacful background and back ground music. The sensor show your pin points when you are striking a pose.

You can also choose personal workout. You go through a series of tests that feel like a workout. After it calculates how you did and asks you a few questions about what you want, it comes up with a number activities for you to do. There are cardio work outs, toning work outs and even The Skinny Jeans workout. You have a virtual trainer and you have to keep up with her movements to stay in sync. If you are out of sync then your box goes grey and the narrator urges you to keep up. I did a series of lunges as much as I despise them and even worked up a sweat. I also was not able to keep up all the time, but it is OK. I am in my home and no one but my family can make fun of me!

Get in Shape by Having Fun!

Yet another cool feature about the Your Shape Fitness Evolved game is that you can check your progress on line. Once you connect your system to the Internet you will be able to access Uplay and see all the cool thigs you have accomplished. This link is also a great link to see more on how the game works! If you think yo will like it come on back to my hub. I notice Amazon's prices on this game are considerably lower.

 I could go on and on about this system, but maybe in another hub.  I have yet to try the Sports video I bought.  I do plan on purchasing a dance game and a Kinects animal game for my son.  Check on the games below to see if there is one you would like to try...

New for 2012

Here are some of the newer games for the XBox 360 in 2012. Right now a hot item is the Batman, Arkham City. The one featured here is the game of the year edition. Customers are raving how this game is worth every cent. It comes with two disks. One disk includes the regular game while the other disk includes two hours of extra bundle packs, allowing you to play different adventures. Read the Reviews for yourself!

Black Ops II the call of Duty is due out in November of 2012. The hype is big and promises bigger and badder Special Strike Force Mission. Take a look for yourself!

Which is better?

Which Gaming system do you prefer?

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    • suejanet profile image

      suejanet 7 years ago

      Sounds so great. Can't wait to get one and take it for a test drive.

    • dallas93444 profile image

      Dallas W Thompson 7 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      I hope our computers migrate to this format. Where we simple communicate with our computer by moving our bodies and hands... or talking.

    • ezmobile profile image

      ezmobile 7 years ago from London

      Great, looking forward to the Kinect.