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X-Files The Board Game Review

Updated on April 15, 2015

X-Files The Board Game Review

I want to believe! Some of you will have fond memories of the very popular X-Files TV show. The Chemistry between Agent Fox Mulder, and Agent Dana Scully, is what kept many of its viewers at home late on a Friday night. Clubbing for some of us, who where fanatics didn't start till after ten pm, and that's only if there wasn't a major development in the show that needed to be discussed, or clarified at great length in the chat rooms.

This just goes to show how much of an impact one TV series can have on its fans. Currently there are rumors floating about the internet that the X-Files might be pick up for six more episodes with the two original main characters Mulder and Scully. I certainly hope that the Truth is Out There regarding these rumors, okay bad pun, but I had to do it. Till then, I will have to settle for re living these fond memories in any format available to me DVD's, board games, PC games. what have you!

X-Files the Board Game

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X-Files The Board Game Page summary:

  • What is X-Files the Board Game?
  • How to play X-Files the Board Game ?
  • Game Components.
  • Final Thoughts.

The X-Files Game Review

What is X-Files the Board Game?

X-Files the Board Game is a one against up to four player game. The one player who plays the Cigarette Smoking Man for the syndicate is tasked in hindering the other teams four agents from solving case files. This is done trough various syndicate cards, and cigarette tokens that player has in its arsenal. If the syndicate gathers enough evidence by slowing down the other agents they win the game.

The other four agents which can be played as one of the beloved TV series characters, Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, Walter Skinner, and Alex Krycek are task in solving the X-Files cases and collecting the nine pieces of the poster puzzle. Once all the nine pieces of the puzzle are gathered the agents win the game.

Some of you may feel put off by X-Files Board Game theme, thinking it might be to complex,or too long a game to play, but although the TV series had very intricate stories, and plot twist the X-Files Board Game is a very simple, and quick game to learn. I think the only conflict this game will provide is deciding who gets to play Agent Mulder, and Agent Scully.

X-Files the Board Game Contents

  • 1 Game Board
  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Evidence Bag
  • 1 Pentagon Warehouse Screen
  • 4 Agent Markers
  • 4 Agent Passports
  • 9 Puzzle Card
  • 65 X-Files Cards
  • 50 Agent Cards
  • 50 Syndicate Cards
  • 20 Red Wound Cubes
  • 40 Yellow Influence Cubes
  • 40 Black Progress Cubes
  • 40 Evidence Tokens
  • 20 Cigarette Token

The X-Files Board Game

How to Play X-Files The Board Game ?

X- Files the Board Game is played by two teams one team consist of the Cigarette Smoking Man who plays for the Syndicate, and the other team consist of one or any of the four FBI agent described above.

The role of the Syndicate player: is to hinder, or stop the other agents from solving cases. This is done through the use of syndicate cards or cigarette tokens.. The syndicate cards placed on the board have various affects from stopping investigations, to wounding agents, to hindering investigations. The cigarette tokens are placed in the evidence bag to replace the evidence token taken by the syndicate. This in effect slows the progress of the other agents. Once twenty five evidence tokens are gathered by the syndicate, that team wins.

The role of the FBI Agents: agents must work together using the strength, weaknesses, special abilities, and agents deck cards to gather enough investigate cubes to solve the requirements of the various cases on the board. Solving these cases results in gaining evidence tokens, which can be turned in to purchase one of the nine puzzle pieces. Once the agents acquire the nine pieces of the puzzle they wins the game.

Game Components

The Badges

One of the cool features of the X-Files Board Game is that the four agents come with there very own badges. These badges look very similar to FBI identification badges, however they display details about the agents needed for the game. Every agents badge tells you there strength, weaknesses, and also there special ability.

The Cubes

The Wound Cubes

At some point during the game, and true in life your agents are going to get hurt, it is inevitable. The wound cubes are used to keep track of the number of wounds your agent has. Wounds are caused either from the agent cards, but will occur more commonly from the player playing the syndicate deck. Every wound an agent has counts negatively towards the amount of invistigate cubes he or she can use during the turn.

The Investigate Cubes

The investigate cubes are used to solve the opened case x-files. The agents must work together to accumulate enough investigate cubes in order to solve the x-files cases. Solving x-file cases allows you to gain evidence tokens, these tokens are needed to win the game.


The Tokens

The Evidence Tokens

The Evidence tokens are the currency needed to win the game. Evidence tokens are gained when an agent solves an open case. Evidence token have a value of one or two, and be traded in to gain puzzle pieces. The syndicate player get to draw evidence token as well. For each X-Files cases still open on the board the Cigarette smoking man get to draw from the bag one evidence token.

The Cigarette Tokens

The cigarette tokens are used by the Syndicate player to hinder the success of the other agents. Every time the Cigarette Smoking Man pulls an evidence token from the bag, that player replaces it with cigarette tokens. If the Syndicate player pull cigarette tokens, he or she is allowed to put it back in the bag, and gets to draw more till he reaches the allotted amount to be pulled for that round.When other agents pull cigarette token from the bag, that counts towards the allotted tokens allowed for that round.

X-Files the Board Game

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The Decks

The X-Files Deck

The X-Files deck contains all the case files the agents have to solve. These flavored text card depicting cases from the TV Series are placed in different regions of the board. The FBI Agents are tasked to investigate these cases. In order to solve these cases the agent must work together using there strength,weaknesses, and special abilities to help progress the cases. Only then can you find enough evidence to possibly win the game.

The Agent Deck

The agent deck contains ally cards, and cards that will help you in investigating the X-Files cases. Ally cards are placed on the board , and are there to help you throughout the game, while investigate cards can be used, or they can be traded with other agents in order to meet the requirements needed to solve the particular open cases.

The Syndicate Deck

The Syndicate deck contains cards that help the Cigarette Smoking Man slow the progress of the other agents in solving cases files, such cards include stop investigations, and wound cards. Much like the TV series the Syndicate will use any thing in its arsenal to cover up the truth.


The Nine Puzzle Pieces

Many fans of the show will remember the iconic I want to Believe poster Agent Fox Mulder had in his office. Well for this game they added this poster in a nine piece puzzle which, you must complete in order to win the game. Although not actually necessary, the puzzle does adds some flavor to the game.

Final Thoughts.

Although the X-Files Board Game shares a theme with the late, and popular hit TV show, much like any other game it doesn't have the feel of the show. I supposed this can be said about any board game that tries to capture the theme of its TV series. Despite that, it doesn't take away the enjoyment of the board game. It is a remarkably quick, and simple game to learn. Some times the role of the Cigarette Smoking Man can feel rather limited. The badges, the puzzle poster piece, and cards adds a lot of flavor the the game. Also who would not like to play the role of Agents Mulder, or Scully. All in all I really enjoyed playing this game, an I think many of its fans will too. I am also hoping to see a Lone Gunman Expansion in the very near future.

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