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Xbox Could Finally Be Giving Playstation a Run for Their Money

Updated on June 12, 2017

Could Xbox have taken the lead in the console wars

Xbox is finally giving Playstation a run for their money with Xbox One X... Which means, Xbox may have taken the lead in the console war... More power, more graphics, backwards compatibility, more bluray!

Microsoft's introduction of the Xbox One X in this year's E3 is Microsoft's first ever push to becoming Playstation's thorn since 2002. You can a agree or disagree, but as a gamer who has played on all platforms since the late 70s, I can say that this is the most exciting time for the Xbox team at Microsoft and the entire gaming community.

When Xbox One and Playstation 4 were respectively introduced in 2013, I was really disappointed in their decision to not allow backwards compatibility... What a major slap in the face that was to the gaming community! That meant we could not play the games we love playing on their previous console; games these new consoles didn't yet have in their new format... We were basically being told (not asked) to start over! Worse part was the speed in which Xbox was churning new compatible games, which was at the speed of a snail while Playstation was churning like crazy.

Even though both consoles decided to go the same way in 2013, Playstation still had the lead with more games, not to mention the fix for Remote Play, which was a Godsend to all mobile gamers. I particularly don't care for PS Vita-made games, but I certainly appreciate the ability to being able to play PS 4 game on my PS Vita via remote. The one snag is that you MUST have the console hardwired to your router as opposed to using WiFi - it's the only way it'll truly work without hangups. In addition to more games and the remote play fix, Playstation also entered the Virtual Reality zone, which is FANTASTIC! Mature games such as Until Dawn Rush of Blood, Resident Evil, and Resident Evil Kitchen Demo take you to a whole new different level in gaming, making you believe that you are there in the thick of things... What the eyes see and the ears hear, the mind believes!

Now what does this all mean for Xbox One X? Well, for one, the Xbox team totally ignored VR in their Xbox One X Event at E3, which in my opinion was a mistake... Yes, I realize that Playstation didn't bring up VR in 2013, but they have it now, and don't you think it was something for Xbox to discuss? HK Graphics is awesome and so is Bluray, but Playstation has had Bluray for years and if you want to be number one, you need to be toe to toe, which they're not (yet). Now, this decision could be strategic or it could be bust as by the time Xbox gets VR, it could mean Playstation having dozens of titles to Xbox's few. The only way I would reinvest in another VR Unit would be if I could play Marcus Fenix in Gears of War 1, 2, 3, and his son JD in 4.

In conclusion, I feel Xbox has made their BIGGEST jump forward, but not big enough unless they have something great up their sleeve (like VR) for when the console becomes available. Now that doesn't mean I won't be in line at Best Buy this November to pick up my console, it means it'll be second to my PS4 until it's not.

Xbox One X – E3 2017 – World Premiere 4K Trailer

Is Xbox One X To Be Or Not To Be?

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