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XBox360 Kinect Review

Updated on February 23, 2011
The Kinect comes with a free copy of Kinect Adventures
The Kinect comes with a free copy of Kinect Adventures

The Future is Upon us

Microsoft has been developing the Kinect for years (it was called Project Natal) and it's now upon us. It's been out a few months, now so we finally have a full chance to get our hands dirty and play with it a bit.


Before we get to the features, I'd like to first show you what the Kinect has to offer other than just video games, starting with the video chat. The video chat is a cool little feature that I really haven't toyed with very much, but while I did, it was, for lack of a better word- F***ing. Sweet. Here I was lounging on my couch when my neighbor sent me a video chat invite. I accepted, and there he stood. Standing there. Talking to me. With video chat. As he paced around the room, the camera followed him automatically. When his wife stepped into the picture, it zoomed out so I could see them both. Seeing as this is the first piece of technology that I have ever been exposed to that does something like this, I expected glitches. There were none. It was smooth as ever.

If you want to sign in to your profile, all you do is stand in front of the sensor and wave. The camera will recognize your face and log you into the profile that you own. If your friends or family have a gamertag on your system, it will do the same for them.

The sensor has 4 microphones inside of it doing lord knows what, but it can listen to you and follow voice commands easily. Again, I was expecting it to have a few defects, but it worked very well. I could just see myself screaming "XBOX, TURN THE HELL ON!" while it would just stare at me with it's evil robot eyes, but it works just fine.

The gameplay works exceptionally well, minus a couple minor issues. The reaction time is fine, I can always get my character to do what I want it to do rather easily. The only problem is when there are little children running around at your feet, and the sensor will sometimes pick them up as a 3rd leg, or something, and things get jenky. Usually the sensor won't even bother to pick them up, but sometimes it does.

The only real flaw to the kinect is that you need room to play it. The thing about most living rooms is that, you don't have the room to do this without moving furniture. I've been fortunate to have a room just big enough (I have a studio apartment) where everything works out fine, and I've only had to rearrange a couple minor things to get everything set.

The Price at Amazon is $139.99

In summary

I can't wait to see what is in store for me. The games that are out for it now are fine for large parties. The fitness games are really fun if you're playing by yourself, but those are really the only fun games to play to pass time. For more information, check out Amazon's Kinect Sensor review.

The sky is the limit for this new technology, and we'll be seeing in the near future what it has in store for years to come.


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