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Xbox 360 12V Fan Modification- Keep Your System Running Longer!

Updated on May 31, 2010

Today we'll be showing you how to perform the 12V fan modification on your Xbox 360 console.

**Please note this will void your Xbox 360 warranty!**

Stock fans in the Xbox 360 are inadequate. Microsoft has a heat sensor that will increase the power going to the fans as the console heats up. The problem with this is that by the time the power to the fans increase the console is already much too hot. We are going to bypass that sensor, causing the fans to run at 12V all the time. This causes the system to run an average of almost 23 degrees cooler!

A temperature increase of over 45 degrees celsius has been observed on the GPU chip after just 15 minutes of gaming! This is a major factor in most of the problems with the Xbox 360.

I will be assuming you know how to get the Xbox 360 console open.

Once the console is open; remove the disc drive, fan shroud and the fan.

You should be looking at something like this:

You will want to unplug the fan from the motherboard and pull it out of the aluminum case.

The red and brown fan wires are the positive leads.

You will want to snip these two wires, strip them and twist them together.

The blue and black wires are the ground, we can just leave those connected. Just make sure you plug the fan back in once you are done! The ground wires must be connected otherwise the fan will not work!

Now for the fun part!

What we need now is a 12V power source.

If you are not to good at soldering or if the thought of soldering to your Xbox 360 motherboard makes you sick; we can draw power from the DVD drive by splicing the positive leads from the fan into the corresponding wire shown to the right.

I prefer to use the motherboard power source, but I have seen many systems that draw power from the DVD drive for years with no problems whatsoever.

If you are feeling a bit more daring or don't like the idea of drawing power from the disc drive we can tap into one of many 12V power sources on the motherboard.

This is the preferred spot for the fan modification.

This is on the bottom of the Xbox 360 motherboard.

Once you have selected a power source and connected the fan wire, be sure to test the fans to make sure they are connected properly before putting the 360 back together!

Questions or comments are more than welcome! I've tried to make this as clear as possible in addition to showing the many options available for modding the fans.

Sorry everybody, but it's time for my shameless plug! I own GATpro in Tustin, California. If you need Xbox 360 repair or have any questions give us a call or check out our website!

GATpro Repair Service


14661 Myford Ste C200

Tustin, CA 92780


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    • profile image

      Good Solution for my problem 2 years ago

      I was playing around trying to mod my xbox 360 (tried to add a small extra fan by tapping it to the default fan plug) but i shorted something. Now the xbox runs fine but the fans are not. Any Idea what part of the mobo is shorted ? (Voltages go crazy from the fan wires)

      Thank you for any help

    • profile image

      bmartin1979 5 years ago

      i have a rrod as soon as i start up the box i did the screw and washer fix a while back it ran great for a long time so i put more on and it still has the same problem . the fan will not come on and the battery cable blinks green but turns yellow when i press the power button . any ideas?

    • profile image

      Mr Qualified SMD Electronics Technician 6 years ago

      If you have RROD that occurs after the system gets hot then increasing the fan speeds isn't going to fix the problem, it's just trying to reduce the amount it happens.

      You need to sort out why the systrem is RROD in the first place, which is usually expired thermal compound between the CPU/GPU and heatsinks causing an overheat.

      If you ignore it and just try and increase the fan speed to compensate then eventually the solder joints on the CPU/GPU will fracture and you'll have a constant RROD from startup.

      At the first sign of RROD remove the heatsink, renew the thermal compound with a quality type (not cheap white stuff) and refit the heatsinks properly using the original x-clamps or suitable M5 10mm bolts with nylon washers and don't overtighten!

      Increasing the fan speeds is more of a preventitive measure to try and stop RROD from happening, and isn't a cure for the problem once it's happening.

    • profile image

      dinan 6 years ago

      can this mod repair rrod?

    • profile image

      Leeroy 6 years ago

      If it red lights instantly it it can that heat sinks arent touching gpu etc. Have you've being trying clamp fix or messing with heatsinks?I'm only saying coz I did exactly same thing.I removed one washer off heatsinks side and reattached heatsinks and tightened screws. Not too tight and it booted up fine.

    • profile image

      Brandan 7 years ago

      Very nice...worked great. Thanks for the help

    • 360repairoc profile image

      360repairoc 7 years ago from Orange County, California

      If the three red rings happens instantly than there is a good chance there is a short circuit on the 360 motherboard. It could also be caused by a blown MOSFET.

    • profile image

      nate 7 years ago

      hey all can anyone e-mail me and help me with this i hitched uo the fans to 12v power supply fron the connecter from disk drive and now my xbox turns on for a split second with the fan whitch is good cause dident work before but instantly turns off and has 3 red blinking lights what can i do to fix this and why did it happen was it because i did the 12v fan thing? plz email me anyone who can help my email is thanx guys

    • profile image

      t3chno1983 (gamertag) 7 years ago

      Heya Rob... I have not modded my fan on the xbox, but I did have the same issue of my DVD drive not working... there are many wonderful sites saying you twist some small screws near the laser to make it work.... but this is dangerous info.

      Those small screws are actually the key to making that laser work correctly. Those screws are called potentiometers and control the resistance to the laser. By making *SMALL* adjustments to one of the "pots", you can repair and prolong your DVD drive.

      If you are brave enough to try, you will need a precision screwdriver, a multimeter or "Fluke" meter that can read both the 2000 ohm and 20 k ohm settings, and info from a NON-Bullshit site about adjusting the settings. Try Google: Xbox 360 pot calibration.

      And above all, Good luck.... the first time (and system) I repaired took well over a 4 hr. span. The next one I repaired only took about 10 or 15 minutes... Patience is key.

    • profile image

      rob 7 years ago

      I did the 12v fan mod and now my DVD drive wont work ant ideas?

    • profile image

      Eman 8 years ago

      How do you splice the wire?

    • 360repairoc profile image

      360repairoc 8 years ago from Orange County, California

      Thanks for the compliments Casey & Syed. Sorry I did not respond right away, business has picked up dramatically this week. If any part is unclear, or if anyone has any questions about Xbox 360 repairs, 12v fan mods, or any type of repairs; just let me know.

    • profile image

      Syed 8 years ago

      Thank you for great tutorial! I followed yesterday and do disc drive method. It not loud, Call of Duty very loud! Hahaha.

    • profile image

      Casey 8 years ago

      This worked great. I had an xbox 360 that the fans wouldn't turn on, so I tried your tutorial and it worked great. It is a little bit louder but if it helps keep it from overheating, that is fine.

      Thanks again!

    • 360repairoc profile image

      360repairoc 8 years ago from Orange County, California

      Thanks a lot for the feedback Joe! Glad we could help a few people out.

      I'm always available for any questions or problems you may have with your pc, Xbox 360, or any other gaming console. Just let me know; I'll see what I can do to help.

    • profile image

      Joe 8 years ago

      Thanks a lot guys! I did this mod on my Xbox last night and everything went great! I can't believe how much cooler the system is running. It does make the fans a little bit louder, but I play my video games loud anyway.