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Xbox 360 2010 Games

Updated on May 1, 2010


The publisher of the game is THQ, the game developer is Vigil Games. It's a one player game, genre is Action, Adventure, and Mature rating so sucks for 15 year old's who have strict parents. The game takes place on earth after post apocolpyto. The description is simple you are one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and you find yourself in the middle of Hell and Heaven. The game is an open world type of game like Fallout 3, but a differnet publisher and developer made the game so might not be as good. You also unlock new weapons, attacks, and abilites to defeat your enemys while playing. It sounds okay not sure if graphics or story is up to date, so we will find out when it is relased Jan 5, 2010.

Army of Two: The 40th Day

 The publisher is Electronic Arts, game developer is EA Games. It's geners are 3rd person, and shooter, it's M for mature so again it sucks for me. You get to custimize your weapons like you did in the first Army of Two. The title is Army of Two so it's a 1-2 player game. The game story is that Rios and Salem are the army of two and are found in Shangi, China where disaters strike Shangi and they are found right in the middle of it. They will fight together through the disircts of the city and uncover the secert of the 40th day. I loved the first one which i 'll like the new one, but we'll find out when relased 15/01/2010

Dark Void

The publisher is Capcom, developer is Airtight Games it's rated t for teen so BOO YA! The game that takes place in mid air (Airtight Games) and ground combat as well. Soposaly there's something that is consuming our universe, some ancientforce of something, and millions of years ago the minions of the power found our world and the race they made came to call their masters "The Watchers". We knew them as gods and then some humans came to develop extraordinary powers. They came to be called Adepts and banished The Watchers into a parallel universe, and they have manipulated from afar. There are a lot of goofy games coming out, but the release date is 15/01/2010.

Mass Effect 2

 Publisher is Electronic Arts and developer is Bioware. It's rated M+ so sucks for me, but it looks like a good game, didn't play the first one. The story takes place in space where you play the leading role of Commander Shepard. Players assemble their squad of the galaxy's most powerful mystics, geniuses, and convictsand go on a suicide mission. The mission is to show them why humans are disappearing from the galaxy, and the succes of the game is relied on the cooperation of the squad, and it's up to Commande Shepard to do that. Release date 29/01/2010.

Aliens vs. Predator

The publisher is SEGA developer is Rebillion, and the genre of the game is action. It's rating is still being defined, and it's a 3rd person action game. You are playing from 3 perspectives, and the game is set to about 30 years after the movie Alien 3. You can either play as Colonial Marines, Predators or the Aliens and each character has it's own story. The game is set on planet BG-386, and a team of human colonialists was sent from earth to mine, but they discover an ancient temple under ground. The Predators are looking after the temple, and when they are alerted of the humans they send a hunter team to make sure that the temple is to be sealed and not opened. Then i guess the Aliens are awoken and are looking for new prey. Release date February 16, 2010.


 Publisher- Sega, developer- Plantiumgames, it's rated M, and the genre is action. Pretty much it's a game about a witch with powers and some scary hair, but the funny part is that she looks like Sarah Paline. She's pretty much attacking her enemy's with her powers. I really don't have much to say about this game but  if you have some news on the game then email me or leave a comment. Release date 1/5/2010.

2010 Games

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    • profile image

      bart 7 years ago

      these games look so boring

    • profile image

      justin  7 years ago

      i agree it does suck for you.the game looks good

    • profile image

      Free Live Codes 7 years ago

      I'm gonna say I like Mass Effect 2 best out of your list.

    • ripplemaker profile image

      Michelle Simtoco 8 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Happy new year Eddy! Congratulations to your Hubnugget nomination. Check this out:

      And be sure to vote and promote your hub. :)

      I am always amazed at how people create games such as these. I never get the chance to play so maybe one day I will. LOL

      Happy New Year as you enjoy life and having fun with games! Cheers from ripplemaker and the Hubnuggets Team!

    • Eddy2106 profile image

      Eddy2106 8 years ago from Chicago Suburb, IL

      Thx for the info, but i still have to add more to it, but this is how it's going to far, and for some reason my mom would never allow those types of games.

    • d-b-ggaming profile image

      David 8 years ago from The land of the living

      Heh, kinda sucks for you, when i was a kid my mom let me get mature games all the time fallout 1 and 2 diablo 1 and 2 it was realy great, in any case Bayonetta the hair, it makes her suit and when she uses a special power she ends up almost naked cause she uses her hair, its also made by the same people who made Devil may cry if you liked that game in any case i voted Darksiders on the poll haha, it looks great!