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Xbox Minecraft Gold Farm

Updated on June 25, 2015
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Deric Anthony is a Semi Professional Long Distance runner attending the University of Toledo majoring in Pre-Med Bio-engineering.

Zombie Pigmen

Gold Farm Basics

All gold farms in Minecraft operate on the basics of a few principles:

  1. Zombie Pigmen drop gold nuggets when they are killed
  2. Zombie Pigmen will spawn in the regular game world (Overworld) when a nether portal is active.
  3. The more nether portals, the better output from the farm in the amount of gold.

Zombie Pigmen will drop between zero and one useless rotten flesh and either one or zero gold nuggets.

Zombie pigmen also have a two and a half percent chance to drop a gold ingot and an eight and a half chance to drop their sword when their death is registered as a player kill and not killed by the farm. That chances of each can be increased by one percent per level of Looting used, up to a five and a half percent chance for a gold ingot and a eleven and a half pecent chance for a golden sword at Looting III.

A Ton of Obisidian
Flint an Steel
Water Buckets
Trap Doors
Building Blocks
A Sword for Defence

A Typical Gold Farm

Gold Farm Video

Building The Farm

Because it takes nine gold nuggets to make a single piece of gold ingot it would make sense that there would be a good reason to make the farm super efficient in order to make a lot of gold block which require nine gold ingots. So to create a sidle gold block the farm has to kill eighty-one zombie pigmen.

To build a farm in the Overworld in minecraft, one can first construct a rectangular prism of interlocking Nether Portals (to save time from having to mine less obsidian) and put open wooden trapdoors on the edges of the two bottom Obsidian blocks so that the Zombie Pigmen, thinking that they can walk on the trap doors, will walk over and then walk off the edge. After you have the spawned pigmen you can collect them directly underneath the spawning area in a water area that pushes them into the center and drops them a height of around forty blocks. In the four by four drop area you can place four hoppers facing into an array of chests so that the drops will all be collected and deposited into the chests.

Optimization of the Farm

In order to create a farm that yields more gold an hour there are a few things you can do:

  • Increase the amount of portals: By increasing the amount of portals you will increase the amount of zombie pigmen spawn inside and the amount that fall down. A small farm can have as little as ten portals which will yield you a good amount to collect every couple of hours while a larger farm with nearly 200 portals will create a steady flow of gold which would make even the richest Minecrafters happy.
  • Create an AFK (Away From Keyboard) Platform: By creating a platform for the player to stand on above the gold farm the amount of spawning pigmen will increase by a fairly good amount. This platform can be as simple as a four by four cobblestone floor to rest on while you leave your computer running.
  • Make the Pigmen Hostile To You: By striking a pigmen it will cause the others to attack making them run towards you and resulting in them falling to their death. To do this grab a bow and an arrow and shoot one from the top of the platform and watch the amount of gold skyrocket.
  • Light Up The Surrounding Area: By lighting up the area around the farm the game will realize that it cannot spawn any other mobs other than zombie pigmen, because of this and the way the game code is written it will soon spawn nothing other than more zombie pigmen in the farm you have made increasing production.
  • Kill The Pigmen Fast: Make sure that the drop is far enough down to kill the zombie pigmen, if the drop is not far enough and some survive more will not spawn in your farm ceasing production of gold. Because of this many farms could completely break down.

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