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Xbox FIFA12 Good or Bad?

Updated on April 15, 2012
The Cover
The Cover | Source

FIFA 12 For Xbox 360

Fifa 12 revolutionizes the beutiful game with the groundbreaking player impact engine. Take on real-world scenario challenges in the all-new ea-sports football club. Make critical descisons that affect your teams's success with all-new storylines in career mode. Build your dream team of footballers and compete in exciting tournaments and competitions with FIFA ultimate team-now-disc!

Well, thats what it says on the back. But how good is FIFA12 for xbox really? Is it worth the money? You can now buy it brand new for around £25 on amazon. I will include the pros and cons of the game, share some tips and see if you can still enjoy it without xbox live.

The Good Stuff

The first thing i noticed is the graphics. They are excellent! The players faces look extremely realistic and the kits even more so. You can see clearly the ball design even when moving at speed, and the pitch always look brilliant, even when its snowing! The only slight let down is the crowd. They look like tissue paper. Maybe this is to add to the effect of being a player.

The next great thing is the music. As with every fifa game ever sold, the music is very good. You can turn off songs you dont like with ease in the main menu, and even change the chants that are sung in matches.

There are many different modes. You can play career, and take your team to the top of the premiership or go in virtual pro and play as yourself for any team- Liverpool for example :) However, in my opinion, the best mode is "Fifa Ultimate Team" (or FUT for short). You start off with a few bronze players, and as you play matches and earn coins, you can buy silver players and eventually gold. When you buy enough gold packs, you sometimes come across "in form players". These are very rare and appear as a shiny black card. You can also spend money on microsoft points and buy packs without even playing a match.

Another good thing is the commentary. In most old fifa games, after you play a while you start to notice that the commentators are saying the same things all the time. In fifa12 though, you dont get this so much. Also, they (you can change the commantary team in settings) comment on the teams you are playing, making the game ever more realistic.

The Bad Stuff

The difficulty settings. On every difficulty, (there is amatuer, semi-pro, proffesional, world class, legendary and ultimate) apart from amatuer and semi-pro, when the computer decides it is time to score, it scores. This makes the game hard, and this wouldnt be a problem if you could develop your skills to beat the computer, but as i said: when it wants to score, it scores.

Can you enjoy it without xbox live?

Yes! You can still play games, and enjoy most of the game modes.


+The graphics are great

+The music is great

+There are lots of different modes

+The commentary

-The difficulty settings

So in conclusion, yes it is worth the money. And when you get bored with it, or FIFA13 comes out, you can trade it in at gamestation or a similar shop.

Buy FIFA12 for Xbox 360!

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    • profile image

      freezbay 6 years ago

      Hey, great review there! And, About the audience, I've never seen "Realistic Audience" in any of those Sports Games. I dunno why these games don't take the same effort as in making the players to create the Audience. But, the main reason why you buy these games is to play with the Football, not to stare at beautiful girls in the Audience. Just kidding, don't mind. BTW, any idea about FIFA 12 on PS3???