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Xbox One Digital TV Tuner Review

Updated on April 4, 2015

The Product

It is exactly what it says it is! Released in October 2014, it sold out so quickly Microsoft couldn't keep up with the mass demand and it has taken six months for it to come into stock again.

We managed to find ours on Amazon for around £25. Don't get me wrong there were ones for sale on Ebay before now but people were asking for £60 plus!

Setting up

It comes with a long cable, and it is as simple as plugging one end into the Xbox One and the other into the aerial. You then have to set it up on the Xbox itself, if it doesn't come up automatically click on tv and the instructions are simple and easy to follow.


What you get

Once fully installed, you should have more:

  • Extra channels than your standard Freeview
  • Pause live tv for up to 30 minutes - bear in mind it will take up 4 GB of your Hard-drive
  • Snap - so you catch up on tv programmes without missing out on any online gaming
  • It loads with Xbox Videos, Xbox Movies and Youtube - for quick and easy access
  • Add channels to your favourites

With time, I'm sure there will be new features added. For now it works very well, and with your tablet, phone or what ever device you have the Xbox One Smartglass installed you can view the Oneguide!


Customer Satisfaction

As my husband is the Xbox and general tech guy I asked him several questions about the product.

  1. How do you feel about the Hard-Drive usage as we've discovered the Xbox One has not got enough space for everything.

    "I don't mind that, will just need to get another HD for games etc"

  2. Likes and Dislikes?

    "I like the fact it's compact, easy to set up and works very well with all of my devices. There is nothing I dislike, at the moment"

  3. Was it good value for money?

    "Yes, I wouldn't pay any more for it"

  4. Would you recommend this product to other Xbox One Owners? Why?

    "Yes, because you can watch TV without switching channels, especially for those who don't have a subscription to Sky, BT or Virgin"

Where can you get one?

Your local gaming stores may have them in stock, however Microsoft themselves state it is still currently out of stock (04/04/2015). I am not sure where this product is available (countries), as I am in the UK and we can only view digital tv channels; the product works here. Check on the Microsoft website for availabilities in your area.

Check on your usual Xbox Accessories websites as well as Amazon, Ebay, and Play; keep in mind you may need to back order!

Have you got one already? Or plan on getting one?

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