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Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 Which Next Gen Console Should You Buy for Your Kids this Christmas?

Updated on December 3, 2013

What is different?

Something that has been up for debate amongst many parents is what exactly do the new consoles bring their children this time around. Of course the changes from the PlayStation 2 to the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox to Xbox 360 were clear and astronomical by any regard. The change was not only the main system that the games ran on, but also the introduction of HD from a previously SD world. Now, we have adjusted to the HD world of gaming and now we are looking for the next big leap in graphics, playability and of course the removal of limitations that we have seen in the current generation consoles.

For those of you who are not particularly knowledgeable in the technology sector, you may not see many differences between the current and next generation consoles, however they are there and they have the potential to be well worth the investment.

PlayStation 4 Controller.

The Sony PlayStation 4 Controller.
The Sony PlayStation 4 Controller.

The PlayStation 4

After their amazing performance at E3 and the massive amount of press regarding the console the PlayStation 4 is certainly the more appealing console of the two. Not only does the console have the capacity to out perform the Xbox One on many different levels, it is also an incredible £100 cheaper which will certainly put a smile on your wallet. In terms of fan base it is fair to say that this time around Sony have stolen the show, and Microsoft have almost initiated a suicide mission by imposing limitations that will ultimately lose them customers.

Something else that the PlayStation 4 is offering is a huge ballpark for gaming companies to produce games at standards we have yet to even imagine. Even the current line of games available for the system look fantastic to say the least, and we are yet to see even the baseline of what this new technology can handle. Already we are seeing the development of VR devices such as the Oculus Rift coming into play with our games, which will make them far more reactive than once presumed possible. It is safe to say that with the introduction of the PlayStation 4 there is a lot to look forward to.

The Xbox One Controller.

This image is the property of Mack Male via.
This image is the property of Mack Male via. | Source

The Xbox One

The Xbox One had and still has a lot of potential to be a great system - so far it has lacked in many aspects. The first major area where Microsoft seem to have gone wrong is by requiring users to have their Kinnect 2.0 systems constantly on and watching the users every move. This has been reported as a huge invasion of person privacy in the home, and adds an extra £50+ to the overall cost of the console. This move by Microsoft has certainly bewildered many previous fans of the system, and have induced a large debate as to whom the Xbox One was targeted at.

Another rather significant factor that will influence your decision on which console to purchase is the need for a constant internet connection. This DRM means that you can no longer play games offline and in order to play even single player games it is a necessity to have an internet connection.

With these factors in consideration alongside the rather extravagant price point of £429, you are looking at a system that cannot even run Call of Duty:Ghosts at 1080p!

The Microsoft Xbox One console.
The Microsoft Xbox One console. | Source

Comparison between PS4 and Xbox One

Which one is better?

When it comes down to it the main differences between the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One are Minor at best. The only real defining factor is whether you are able to spend the extra £100 for a console that requires a constant Internet connection, or if you are looking for the cheaper alternative. You may also take into consideration the fact that the PlayStation 4 is slightly more powerful, and runs all of the current release titles at 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second.

It would be understandable if you were to consider this review of both systems as biased, however there are some genuine strong points that the Xbox one has over the PlayStation 4. For instance, the Xbox One has the better launch titles of the two systems and would be a brilliant home entertainment system as it has everything you need... all in one.

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